20 Aug

5 Free Apps To Create GIFs on Your SmartPhone

Create Gif on iPhone and Android


An animated GIF file is like a small video clip of 1-5 seconds but it is much smaller than a video file. Creating animated GIFs images is lots of fun. Tumblr is the main hub to share GIFs on the internet.

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Create Gifs on iPhone and Android

Check out 5 Free Apps To Create GIFs on Your SmartPhone:

1) GifBoom iPhone App:

The most popular and best application to create and share your own GIFs. Just log in with Twitter, Facebook or an email address, create GIFs and share via MMS, Email or Social network. You can create GIFs from your camera photos, or your Photo Library, or Videos in 1 minute! You can even apply filters for cool effects, such as black & white, sepia and night-vision.
GifBoom is also a Social Network, where users from all over the world share GIFs.

2) GifBoom Android App:

The most popular GIFs app is also available on Google Play.

3) GifStitch Android App:

GifStitch also lets you quickly create your own animated GIFs on your android phones. You can use existing photos or quickly capture picture with the camera by just tapping the screen. You can also apply color effects.

4) Giffer! – The Animated GIF iPhone App:

Animate your life with this cool application. Giffer lets you create awesome animated GIFs right from your iOS device with cool filter effects.

5) Moquu – animated GIF creator for iPad:

If you want to create GIFs on your iPad, then Moquu is a great application to try.