30 Jan

New StartUp: thewittyshit.com – Get paid for writing original lines!!


Facebook is the place where witty shit happens all the time. People posts witty statuses and comments on photos but they never get paid for their wittiness. But now with the help of a new startup started by two delhi IIT students Harsh Snehanshu and Apoorv Jain in 2009, thewittyshit.com, you can get paid and become famous for writing just one-lines.

Their tagline, ” You needn’t be Shakespeare to get quoted. All you need is a tinge of WIT.;)”, says it all about their aspiration behind the startup.

thewittyshit description

About the Founders:

Harsh Snehanshu is the author of the novel “Oops! ‘I’ fell in love!”, “Ouch! That ‘hearts’..” and his 3rd book, “”She is single, I’m taken!” and we’re committed” is expected to arrive very soon.
You can follow him here on his blog.

Apoorv Jain is an ex-IITian and CEO at thewittyshit.com.
You can connect with him here.

My Take– I am a regular follower and big fan of the thewittyshit.com from the almost beginning. Their “Sermon of the Day” quote is the best start to a day. The site is also gaining popularity very fast these days with more than 23,000 likes on their Facebook page and regular contests are being organized on the site.

Participate in the contests here.

We wish the team all the best for future.