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5 Things To Expect From Apple Event on September 12

Apple iPhone 5 September 12 Event


Apple is holding an event at 1 PM ET on September 12,2012 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Apple has invited all members of the press to the event, and is expected to launch its next generation iPhone in this special event.

Apple iPhone 5 September 12 Event

iPhone 5 Event

Here are 5 Things To Expect From Apple Event on September 12:

1) The new iPhone will most probably be called iPhone 5. The press invitation sent across media features a giant number 5 in the shadow of the date 12. Although Apple has always proved media wrong in the past when everybody expected the iPhone 5 this time around last year but the device turned out to be iPhone 4S. Same thing happened in March this year with “The New iPad”.

2) The company is also expected to unveil “iPad Mini” ,smaller-screen version of its iPad tablet. The new tablet would be around 8 inches diagonally (rather than 9.7 inch), will offer a non-Retina plain display, & be priced in the $250 range (to directly compete with Google’s Nexus 7). But recent rumors also suggested that release of iPad Mini is delayed for few months.

3) The next-generation iPhone will look pretty similar to the iPhone 4S, but it will most probably have a larger screen(4-Inch instead of 3.5-Inch), slightly thinner & a two-tone body.
If rumors are to be believed, Apple iPhone 5 will also feature 1 GB RAM which is double of what it offers in iPhone 4S.
The next iPhone is also expected to use a smaller 19-pin port rather than the usual 30-in port used on all current iPhones, iPods & iPads.

4) Some other Features which are expected in the next iPhone includes:

– Improved version of Siri.
– 10 MP Camera.
– Better Battery Life.
– Aluminium Backs(Just like iPad 2).
– NFC(Near-Field Communications).

5) Check out Apple iPhone 5 – Top 5 Rumored Design and Specs (Pictures).

30 Jan

Apple iPhone 5 – Rumored Specs & Features

apple iphone 5

People are still going crazy over iPhone4S and Siri, but rumors surrounding the next iphone 5 have already started. According to a report on 9to5mac.com, the sample production of the iPhone 5 have already started in China. According to the very reliable sources, various sample devices are being tested and manufactured in China.

Some of the specifications which are being found out common in all sample devices:

– 4+ inch display screen
– No teardrop-shaped devices, as rumored in the lead up to the iPhone 4S.All the samples are symmetrical & longer/wider in thickness,
– None of the sample devices have the iPhone 4/4S form factor.

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5 Things To Expect From Apple Event on September 12,2012

Some other features which are expected in Apple iPhone 5 are:

– 10 Megapixel Camera
– Improved version of Siri, not the Beta one.
– Aluminum backs (like the iPad 2)
– Thinner and Faster
– Better Battery Life

It is also rumored that Apple will launch iPhone 5 in summer unlike last year when they delayed the launch.

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