20 Feb

Apple iPad 3 Leaked Pics

Chinese blog Apple Daily leaked the pictures of the Apple iPad 3 yesterday.
The pictures of the Apple iPad 3 are quite similar to the iPad 2 but the blog reported that iPad 3 will have a quad-core Apple A6 processor & 4G.
Read the detailed Apple iPad 3 Specification and Features here.

The Apple iPad 3 will be officially revealed on March 7, 2012.

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30 Jan

Apple iPhone 5 – Rumored Specs & Features

apple iphone 5

People are still going crazy over iPhone4S and Siri, but rumors surrounding the next iphone 5 have already started. According to a report on 9to5mac.com, the sample production of the iPhone 5 have already started in China. According to the very reliable sources, various sample devices are being tested and manufactured in China.

Some of the specifications which are being found out common in all sample devices:

– 4+ inch display screen
– No teardrop-shaped devices, as rumored in the lead up to the iPhone 4S.All the samples are symmetrical & longer/wider in thickness,
– None of the sample devices have the iPhone 4/4S form factor.

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Some other features which are expected in Apple iPhone 5 are:

– 10 Megapixel Camera
– Improved version of Siri, not the Beta one.
– Aluminum backs (like the iPad 2)
– Thinner and Faster
– Better Battery Life

It is also rumored that Apple will launch iPhone 5 in summer unlike last year when they delayed the launch.

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21 Oct

Say Hello to the most amazing iPhone yet”- Apple iPhone 4S first TV Commercial [ Video]

iphone 4s advertisment

You speak. Siri helps. Say hello to the most amazing iPhone yet.”- Titled “Assistant’, Apple began the airing of its first commercial for iPhone 4S.
The entire ad focuses on the Siri- Apple new Virtual Persoanl Assistant.

Also check out the Viral Video on Siri creating sensation on Youtube:

What do you of this new ad by Apple?
Personally being an Apple fanatic, I just loved this advertisement.

08 Aug

Top 6 Photography Apps for iPhone


Check out Top 6 Photography Apps for iPhone

1) Instagram

With more than 7 million users, Instagram is the best app available on itunes store. The photo filters available in the app transform your photos into artistic piece. You can also share your photos with your friends in a simple photo stream with friends to see – and follow your friends’ photos with the click of a single button.
Price: Free

2) FX Photo Studio

This is another great available app available on itunes store. It is a one stop destination for photography with more than 194 filters and effects in it to make your photo look truly artistic.
Price: $0.99

3) TiltShift Generator – Fake Miniature

It is an great app which allows you to apply many ToyCamera effects on your pictures: from miniature pictures to vintage styles images. This is now available for iPhone which enables you to focus in on a small area of the photograph, making the surrounding area look blurred. It supports both portrait and landscape mode and now You can control width & height ratio of Ellipse Blur by 2finger pinch.
Price: $0.99

4) Hipstamatic

It is being awarded as the Apple App of the Year 2010. It not only gives you the shooting of old school but also gives you the ability to swap lenses, film, and flash settings all with the swipe of a finger. You can also share pictures on different social networking websites from within the app.
Price: $1.99

5) Adobe Photoshop Express

The official app launched by Adobe.With Photoshop Express, you can easily enhance your photos. The basic features includes artistic filters, frames, editing, sharing and also you can access photoshop.com from the app itself.
Price: Free

6) Camera+

One-stop app to crop your photos, use amazing effects, scene modes & flash, highest quality zoom, creative borders and lots more. Camera+ will help bring artistic creativity in you, with fun, innovative and beautiful design.
Price: $1.99

Additional Awesome Photography Apps:

7) Camera Awesome: Camera Awesome takes your photos to the next awesome level by shooting really fast & taking sharper, better-exposed shots.
Price: Free

8 ) DMD Panorama: DMD Panorama is the best iPhone app to take Panorama photos.
Price: $1.99

9) PicFrame: PicFrame helps you to combine multiple photos into amazing frames and share them with your friends via social networks.
Price: $0.99

10) Cinemagram: Cinemagram helps you to create a stunning hybrid between photo & video by Animating small portions of your photo to create a magical image that’s part-photo & part-video.
Price: Free

So, Which of these apps you use for Photography?
Share your thoughts in comments.


18 Jul

Essential Business Apps for iPhone


iphone business apps

We have prepared a list of top business apps for iphone to make your life and business transactions easy. As a diehard apple fan said “Apple iphone has completely rewrite the process of interacting with friends and customers. It has completely changed the scenario of what a phone can do. Before iphone, mobile phones are just used for sending & receiving calls and messages and multimedia purpose. But now with the help of iphone, you can really improve the efficiency of your work.” It is indeed one of the greatest inventions of 21st century. And with more than 3 lacks applications in the App store, it provides lot of options to the business users to get the best out of it.

1) Analytics App: Especially for website owners, Analytics App is a great way to access your Google Analytics data. You can create up to 50 reports which show data p to 100 rows. It also supports multiple logins and multiple accounts. So you can keep track of multiple websites in single application easily. It is available for iphone and ipad.

Price: $6.99

2) Evernote: Evernote turns the iphone and ipad into extension of your brain. It helps you to keep track of everything. From notes to ideas to snapshots to recording, put it all into Evernote and watch as it instantly synchronizes from your iphone to your Mac or windows.

Price: Free

3) Readdle Docs: It is a one stop document reader for iphone and ipod touch. You can open PDF, MS office, GIF & JPEG picture formats. You can also access your files stored at Readdle storage. You can also open websites in the build-in web browser.

Price: $4.99

4) Ego: Ego ia a all-in one app to check web statistics in Feed burner, Google analytics, Mint, Squares, vimeo, etc. It saves lot of time of visiting various websites. It is available for both iphone and ipad.

Price: $1.99

5) Abuzz- Social Media Monitoring: It is a great application to keep track of your brand reputation. Abuzz searches facebook, digg, twitter, and other websites to find out whats being said about your brand. It is a great brand monitoring application to analyse your performance and turn that into success.

Price: $4.99

6) Quick Office Pro: It is great application to view and edit documents (Office files). It also has new advanced powerpoint editor now.

Price: $14.99

7) Air Sharing: You can easily drag and drop files between iphone and your computers. You can also view different kind of files, send email attachments, zip & unzip files and download files from the web.

Price: $2.99

8 ) Dropbox: Dropbox is a free service to view & check your photos, documents, videos on the go anywhere.

Price: Free

9) Scanner Pro: It is a great app to scan multiple documents, business cards, receipts, notes, and whiteboards. With the built-in features, you can also create PDF files, upload to evernote and dropbox, protect documents with password, process image smartly and set custom page size.

Price: $6.99

10) Xpense Tracker: A great app and easy to use interface to track & manage your expensive. You can also sync all the receipts with the desktop.

Price: $4.99

11) WorldCard Mobile: It uses OCR (Optical Character Reader) technology to transfer information from the business cards to the user’s native contacts. No need to input information manually.

Price: $5.99

12) Credit Card Terminal: It is not available in India. But if you are in USA, it’s a great way to turn your iphone into a mobile card terminal & accept customer payments on the go. It’s simple and secure.

Price: Free

Suggestions are welcome regarding more good apps for entrepreneurs.