16 Nov

Ideas Apple Bought, Borrowed and Stole [INFOGRAPHIC]

Steve Jobs Stole Ideas

No doubt, Apple is one of the most successful tech company ever but how did it invent such beautiful and amazing products. Did it beg, buy, borrow and steal them?
The answer is, of course, all of the above. BestMastersPrograms.org, shared this amazing Infographic about how Apple evolved its amazing line of products over the years.
Steve Jobs always believed in the philosophy “Good Artists copy. Great Artists Steal”. He always bragged about how “Apple shamelessly stealing great ideas”. Whether it’s the mouse or touch screen ideas, Apple did not invent anything itself. But as they say, all ideas and inventions are worthless if you can’t implement and convert them into extraordinary products and Apple is really good at doing the latter.

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Apple Stole Ideas Infographic

13 Sep

Apple Unveils iPhone 5 – Complete Coverage

Apple iPhone 5 Screen


Apple finally unveiled its new iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is the most amazing and beautiful iPhone yet with larger screen(4-inch-1136*640 Pixels-Retina Display), faster chip, 8 MP iSight Camera and 4G LTE.
The all new iPhone 5, is made up of glass and aluminum and it’s just 7.6mm thin, (18% thinner than the iPhone 4S). It also weighs only 112 grams,(20% lighter than the 4S). Infact, iPhone 5 is the thinner and lightest iPhone ever.

Apple iPhone 5 Screen

The new model provides “ultrafast” wireless with its 5GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi.

It is powered by a new processor, the Apple A6. It is twice as fast as its predecessor, 22% smaller and more power efficient using less battery life.

iPhone 5 White

Talking about the iPhone’s camera, it is still an 8 MP sensor, but it’s 25% smaller with better features such as Dynamic low light mode, improved color & tone, spatial noise reduction, 40% Fast shooting response time and a smart filter.

Apple says there is also a built-in panorama mode for high resolution widescreen pictures.

As expected, Apple has also changed the dock connector of the iPhone with its new 80% smaller “Lightning” connector.

The new iPhone is packed with 3 separate microphones — on the bottom, on the front & on the back. Apple says the multiple microphones will help Siri’s performance, and will also improve noise cancellation.

Apple iPhone 5 Pricing

The iPhone 5 will be available starting September 21 at Apple Retail Stores in the United States, Japan, Canada, U.K., France, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore. Pre-order online starting September 14.


Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S 3 vs. Droid RAZR HD vs. Nokia Lumia 920

iPhone 5 Comparison with Samsung Galaxy, Nokie Lumia
Apple iPhone 5

Apple Unveils New iPod Touch and iPod Nano

iPod Touch

iPod Touch

iPod Nano

iPod Nano

Apple also unveiled new iPod Touch and iPod Nano at the event.

Both 5th Gen iPod touch and new iPod nano are 6.1mm thick. The iPod touch will feature the same iPhone 5′s new 4-inch retina-enabled display. It is powered by a dual-core A5 processor.

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The iPod touch has a 5 MP iSight camera having the same technology as the iPhone 5. Users would also be able to record videos in 1080p on the iPod touch. The new iPod Touch has dual-band 802.11n network, as well as Bluetooth 4.0.
Siri is also available on the iPod touch.

The iPod touch will be available starting October in multiple colors such as white, black, red, blue, and yellow.

iPod Touch Pricing

Image Courtesy: Mashable.com

05 Sep

5 Things To Expect From Apple Event on September 12

Apple iPhone 5 September 12 Event


Apple is holding an event at 1 PM ET on September 12,2012 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Apple has invited all members of the press to the event, and is expected to launch its next generation iPhone in this special event.

Apple iPhone 5 September 12 Event

iPhone 5 Event

Here are 5 Things To Expect From Apple Event on September 12:

1) The new iPhone will most probably be called iPhone 5. The press invitation sent across media features a giant number 5 in the shadow of the date 12. Although Apple has always proved media wrong in the past when everybody expected the iPhone 5 this time around last year but the device turned out to be iPhone 4S. Same thing happened in March this year with “The New iPad”.

2) The company is also expected to unveil “iPad Mini” ,smaller-screen version of its iPad tablet. The new tablet would be around 8 inches diagonally (rather than 9.7 inch), will offer a non-Retina plain display, & be priced in the $250 range (to directly compete with Google’s Nexus 7). But recent rumors also suggested that release of iPad Mini is delayed for few months.

3) The next-generation iPhone will look pretty similar to the iPhone 4S, but it will most probably have a larger screen(4-Inch instead of 3.5-Inch), slightly thinner & a two-tone body.
If rumors are to be believed, Apple iPhone 5 will also feature 1 GB RAM which is double of what it offers in iPhone 4S.
The next iPhone is also expected to use a smaller 19-pin port rather than the usual 30-in port used on all current iPhones, iPods & iPads.

4) Some other Features which are expected in the next iPhone includes:

– Improved version of Siri.
– 10 MP Camera.
– Better Battery Life.
– Aluminium Backs(Just like iPad 2).
– NFC(Near-Field Communications).

5) Check out Apple iPhone 5 – Top 5 Rumored Design and Specs (Pictures).

02 Sep

Top 7 ‘Apple Vs Samsung Lawsuit’ Tech Comics This Week

Apple Vs Samsung Lawsuit America


The recent verdict of the jury in favor of Apple in the “Apple Vs Samsung Patent Infringement lawsuit” flooded the Internet with comics targeting both companies.
Check out Top 7 ‘Apple Vs Samsung Lawsuit’ Tech Comics This Week:

Apple Vs Samsung Lawsuit America

Samsung Loses Lawsuit


Samsung Copies Apple iPhones


Micsosoft Vs Apple Tech Comics


Apple Asymetric Screws


Samsung Vs Apple Lawsuit

Apple Vs Samsung Vs Nokia

Apple Patents


02 Aug

Apple iPhone 5 – Rumored Design and Specs (Pictures)

Apple iPhone 5 Rumored Design

Every year we see constant flow of design rumors before iPhone is finally launched. This year is no different. Apple iPhone 5 is rumored to be launched in September this year but World wide web is already full of design rumors, speculating what the new offering by Apple could look like.

Here are Few Possible Apple iPhone 5 Concepts:

iPhone 5 Concept by iLab Factory

Apple iPhone 5 Rumored Design

– Smaller Dock Connector
– 16×9 screen
– Long form factor
– Metal back

( Via Mashable.)

iPhone 5 With Aluminium Body

iPhone 5

– 4-Inch Display
– No teardop shaped devices
– Aluminium Backs
– 10 MP Camera

(Via Youngblah)

LiquidMetal iPhone 5 Concept

iPhone 5 Liquid Metal Concept

– 4.14″ x 2.25″
– 7mm thick
– 10 MP Camera
– Quad Speakers.

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iPhone 5 Concept by Ciccarese Design

iPhone 5 Ciccarese Concept

iPhone 5 Retro Concept

iPhone 5 Retro Look

(Via Gizmodo)

iPhone 5 Transparent Concept by Dakota Adney

25 Jul

How Much Is Apple Worth?

Worth of Apple

Have you ever wondered how much is Apple worth? Apple market cap is around $600 billion in 2012. It is worth a lot of things in the world.
For example,
– 364 Space Shuttles.
– 257 Manchester Uniteds or 364 New York Yankees. Actually, Apple can buy all the sports team in the world.
– 73 London Olympics.

Take a look at this Inforgraphic to find out more:

Worth of Apple

Source: www.macformat.com

You can also check out this Tumblr Blog which states interesting facts about “Things Apple is worth more than” in the world.
For example,
– Apple is worth more than all the illegal drugs in the world.
– The Star Wars, Harry Potter, Twilight, Stephen King, and Star Trek Franchise Combined.
– Double the entire US Clothing Store Business.

In 2011, Apple’s total sales were $128 billion. That is, more than the GDP of 160 countries combined around the world.
Check out this Infographic to find out more fascinating facts about Apple.

worth of apple infographic

22 Jul

Sunday Special: Top 7 Tech Comics Shared This Week

Apple Vs Samsung Patent wars tech comics

Check out Top Seven Tech Comics shared this week on Social Media websites.

Apple Vs Samsung Patent wars tech comics

Apple Siri tech comics

Scams on Internet Tech Comics

Wall E Tech Comic

Apple Patent Comic

Making Friends in Social Media Comic

How To Lose a Geek in 10 Seconds


17 Jul

The Patent Wars: Apple Vs Samsung ( Infographic )

Apple Vs Samsung

The patent wars rages on between Apple & Samsung. It all started when Samsung launched its Galaxy devices and Apple believes that it infringed its design patents. But Samsung counter-attacked stating that Apple infringed on ten of its patents such as 3G and wireless technology. Courts from all over the world have taken upon this battle. There have been preliminary injunctions ordered in the past barring Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be sold in the market in Australia and Europe.
Read: Apple Bans Samsung From Selling Galaxy Tablet in EU
The recent decision by U.S. District Court in July to temporarily ban the sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus tablets and phones clearly indicates the growing conflict between Apple and Samsung.

Check out the Infographic below to learn more about the major events in this battle.

Apple Vs Samsung Patent Wars

13 Jul

Top 5 Best iPhone GPS Apps

iphone gps apps

GPS apps have completely revolutionise the navigation system and led to the decline of personal navigation devices (PNDs). Now whether you have to go to a new bar or find a cheap gas station, you always have directions in your hand with live traffic updates. Though iPhone GPS apps are not always cheap but they do get the job done and can get you out of tricky situations. Check out Top 5 Best iPhone GPS Apps:

iphone gps apps

1) MapQuest

One of the best free GPS apps for your iPhone that provides voice-guided and turn-by-turn, GPS navigation for iPhone. Now easily find and search for restaurants & other popular places with a single tap. You can even check live traffic updates. And it is completely free.


– Voice-guided and Turn-by-Turn Directions – Like a GPS, your phone speaks to you.
– Live Traffic Cameras and Updates
– Advanced Search – Find restaurants, and many other places with a single tap.
– Driving and Walking Directions – Either way, we’ll give you the best route, etc.

2) Waze social GPS traffic & gas

Community driven traffic and navigation app with more than 20 million users.


– Community generated real-time traffic & road alerts.
– Complete voice-guided turn by turn navigation.
– Search for the cheapest gas station on your route.
– Live maps, constantly edited and updatesd by Waze community map editors,etc.

3) GPS by TeleNav

Another great option people for your GPS needs. But most of TeleNav’s great features expire after 30 days of free use and then it is around $2.99/month or $21.00/year.

4) MotionX GPS Drive

MotionX GPS Drive is an amazing GPS app for your iPhone. It is free for 30 Days of use and then it is $2.99 per month or $9.99 per year.

5) TomTom U.S. & Canada

World class TomTom Navigation app is on iPhone too. Available for $59.99.

6) Navfree GPS Live India

For all Indian users who are looking for free iPhone GPS app, then Navfree GPS is perfect for you.

08 Jul

Top 5 iPhone Apps To Backup Your Contacts

iphone contacts backup

Check out these Top 5 iPhone Apps to backup and restore your contacts between multiple iOS devices and other devices too.

iphone contacts backup

1) My Contacts Backup

My Contacts Backup(Free) is the best and most easiest way to backup and restore your contacts all from your phone without even signing in. You can easily backup all your contacts with a single click.

Key Features:

– Offline Backup. No need to sign in. The app allows you to easily email the backup file to yourself.
– You can backup your contacts as VCF (VCard) or Export Contacts as CSV (Excel) file. Vcf is the most commonly used contact format and you can easily import your contacts to other mobiles too.
– Easily transfer contacts between different iOS Devices.
– Delete all your contacts on your iPhone.
– In the free version, VCF backup is limited to 500 contacts. Download the PRO version for unlimited contacts backup.

2) IDrive Lite

Idrive Lite allows you to backup and restore contacts from/to your iPhone/iPad for FREE. All you need to do is sign up for an account at iDrive and backup your contacts. The app is also available on Android and Blackberry devices. So, that means you can backup and restore contacts between these multiple devices.

3) Contacts Backup Over Dropbox

Contacts Backup Over Dropbox allows you to backup your contacts safely on Dropbox and then you can easily transfer your contacts between iPhones, iTouches and iPads.

4) Plaxo Address Book Backup

This app allows you to sync and backup your contacts in the cloud (like iDrive Lite) and it also supports multiple platforms such as Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Mac.

5) Apart from these apps, you can also try apps like Contacts Sync and Funambol to backup your contacts.

05 Jul

iPhone 4S’s Siri vs Voice Search On Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

siri vs jelly bean

Google recently introduced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at it’s I/O keynote in San Francisco. One of the best features of Jelly Bean is Google’s new Voice search to compete with Apple’s Siri.

siri vs jelly bean

A Google fan, Jean-Louis Nguyen got all of the goodies that Google gave to developers and tested Google’s Voice and posed 47 actions (questions,etc) to the software.
Check out this video:

Siri vs Google Voice Search!

You will notice that performance of Google’s voice search coupled with Knowledge Graph is on par with Siri and sometimes even exceeds. And you can also do stuff like “Do a barrel roll” with Google’s voice search for more fun. But I am sure that Apple is going to improve Siri with their new iPhone update later this year.

So, what do you think? Do you think this can compete with Siri?
Let us know your thoughts in comments.

20 Jun

Microsoft Surface Vs Apple iPad (Retina)

microsoft surface tablet

Microsoft officially announced its Surface Tablet to rival the Apple iPad. Though the price is yet to be announced but the product is capable to compete with high end tablets & even ultrabooks. The Surface tablet will be available in two versions: one that runs Windows RT and another version that runs Windows 8 Pro. That means the latter will be able to run all your windows programs.

microsoft surface tablet

Though not all the specifications are known yet but here’s a look at comparison of Microsoft Surface Vs Apple iPad(Retina):

Microsoft surface vs ipad

via DigitalTrends.