24 May

Facebook Launches Stand Alone Camera App For iPhone

facebook camera app


Facebook has launched a new stand-alone camera iPhone app to help its users to share photos faster & easier on the largest social network, the company announced in its blog today.

facebook camera app

Though Facebook recently bought Instagram for $1 billion, but Facebook was building its own version of stand-alone photo sharing app even before its Instagram deal.

The Facebook Camera app is mainly focused on sharing multiple photos at once from your iPhone. You can also add a caption, your location & tag friends before you share.
Facebook has also added some editing tools in the app like the ability to crop, rotate & add filters to any photo in your camera roll.

Download the Facebook Camera app here.

Last week, Facebook also launched Facebook Pages Manager app for iPhone to manage multiple pages on Facebook easily.

15 May

Top 8 Free iPhone Apps For Social Media/Technology News


Check out the list of Top 8 Free iPhone Apps to stay updated with Social Media and Technology News.

mashable iphone app

1) Mashable

When we talk about Social Media, we can’t miss Mashable. Now get all the latest tech and social media news, web apps and detailed insights from the house of Mashable on the go.

2) Storyful

The Storyful iPhone app helps you separate the compelling news from the noise and lets you find trending on social platforms such as Twitter & YouTube.
Check out the Storyful website too.

3) The Next Web

TheNextWeb is a great source for technology & social news, business and culture.

The app provides a customizable home screen that lets you select just the channels, editions & regional blogs, just like the main website.

crave iphone app

4) Crave from CNET UK

The Crave app brings you the latest technology news, gadget news, photo galleries, social media updates, videos & podcasts from CNET UK, and covers everything from the latest mobile phones and tablets to amazing robots, handy apps & compelling Internet trends.

5) Tech News Tube

Tech News Tube aggregates the news from more than 30 media sources including Ars Technica, Mashable, Digg, Engadget, GigaOm, CNET, Tech Crunch, Slashdot, Techmeme,Business Insider, PC World, Wired & numerous others.

6) Alltop- Social Media

Alltop- Social Media app helps you to Stay up to date with popular topics on Social Media and marketing.

7) GeekWire

GeekWire is an amazing website for technology news. Now stay updated with this app, with capability to read news offline & share tthe news in multiple ways.

8 ) Technology Review

Technology Review is the authority on the future of technology which is published by MIT since 1899.

Apart from these, do you know any other good app for social media & technology news.

Share in comments.


03 Feb

Naukri.com launches Apps for iPhone, Blackberry & Android

naukri app

India’s number one Job portal Naukri.com launches free job search apps on mobile for all smart phone users. This includes special apps for Blackberry, iphone, and android devices & an exclusive HTML5 site.

The new app & the site is enriched with features which allow jobseekers to filter job openings by Location, Keywords, Functional Area, Experience Bracket & Minimum Expected Salary.
Also, users would be able to 5 custom job alerts on the basis of the search criterion defined by them. These job alerts are directly sent to the users’ inbox 3 times a week.

Though the apps definitely needs lot of improvement.

Download the iPhone App here.
Download the Blackberry App here.
Download the Android App here.

17 Oct

The Wisdom of Others – Share wisdom and turn it into a printed book

wisdom of others

The Wisdom of Others
is a new startup which allows you to create a hardcover book by sharing your wisdom and inviting others to contribute their wisdom too.

For instance, if someone you know is getting married or expecting a child, you could gather up all the advice you want to give and have it bind into a hardcover book.
You can also invite your friends, family and relatives to share their wisdom to “What is the secret for successful marriage” or “How to survive parenthood” and then gift this book it to that person.

That book can be used for the generations to come as an advice from the elders, friends, family and relatives.

wisdom of others

The binding of the book is same professional- quality hardcover binding and books are printed on hundred pound matte text FSC-certified archival papers. Black satin bookmarks, silver foil stamping, decorative headbands, fly sheets, and premium end papers are also provided in the book.

Pricing of the Book is as follows:

wisdom of others pricing

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17 Oct

Egobook: Turn your Facebook Profile into a awesome Printed book


EgoBook is a awesome Facebook app that lets you turn your Facebook profile into an actual printed book.

It is a personalized book which is created from your status updates, wall messages, published pictures & the comments from a Facebook profile. The idea is great and will definitely appeal to all the Facebook addicts.
EgoBook is created by Nicolas Cazelais.


How It Works:

Visit the Egobook App on Facebook.
Give the app permission to access your profile.
Select the options you want.
Preview the cover and edit the title text if you want to.
Buy your Egobook – price starts around US $22.45.

Check out this video to know more about Egobook:

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13 Oct

Twitter integration into iOS 5: Simple Sharing

twitter ios integration

Twitter is now fully integrated into new Apple’s iOS 5 mobile operating system.
Now you can easily share and read tweets on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Just enter your Twitter login information into device settings and you will always stay connected to your twitter account directly from iPhone apps like camera, safari, Youtube, maps, and also from third party apps.

Twitter has also launched new iPhone Twitter App which allows you to upload images directly to (pic.twitter.com) Twitter.

Download the updated iPhone Twitter App from here.

13 Oct

‘Fight Back’ phone app to protect women in India

fight back phone app

Very soon Delhi women would be able to fight off potential attackers with the help of an upcoming app.

Whypoll.org will launch “Fight Club” phone app in November to protect women in India. The app will work as as SOS alert device which will send a text message to 5 people on the basis of GPS location including police and will also post on Facebook and Twitter in case of any emergency.

This is a great step by WhyPoll.org to protect women in Delhi as 1 in every 4 rapes in India occurs in New Delhi, according to the reports of Police.

The “Fight Back” phone app will initially be available to download from http://www.whypoll.org/. for a nominal fee & will support mobile devices such as Nokia & BlackBerry.

The cost of SOS will be same as of SMS.

05 Oct

Monster India launched its app ‘BeKnown’ on Facebook


India’s leading online recruitment firm Monster India launched its app on Facebook, BeKnown, which will allow Facebook users to connect professionally on Facebook without mixing business & friends.

be known app

With BeKnown, facebook users will be able to identify and connect with friends & professional contacts from multiple sources & grow their professional network, can enhance their online professional identity & discover enriching career opportunities.
Visit the App now at http://apps.facebook.com/beknown
It is available in 19 different languages.

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It will also enable job seekers to follow a particular company in which they are interested.

03 Sep

Find cool apps on Facebook using AppFishing.com


Chennai Based startup gBoom launched a website through which you can discover interesting applications on facebook.
AppFishing.com is a Facebook Application founder where you can find cool applications based upon different categories.
It also has a taste recognition engine that identifies users’ tastes and suggests them apps which are relevant to the user.


The main idea behind the website is that to help people find apps which are according to their tastes instead of using the same apps which their friends are using.
This is where Appfishing comes into the picture and its advanced taste engine.
Do check it out and let us know your thoughts in comments.

22 Aug

LinkNotify- A Better Way to Discover content on Facebook


LinkNotify is a great website launched in February, 2011 which filter your Facebook News Feed and you can check out all the links which your friends and pages are posting without all the noise about what they are doing, eating, reading or watching on TV. It is a notification system for your facebook homepage.

linknotify newsfeed

It also sends out a regular email updating you on all the links your friends or pages are posting on their walls in newsletter style.
I believe it’s a great concept as it will help users to stay updated with current news and great content easily.
LinkNotify is content your friends think
YOU should care about.

You can also download the iPhone App here.


13 Aug

Ra.One launched its own game on Sony Playstation Platform



Shahrukh Khan’s Ra.One is leaving no stone unturned to make the movie a success. Recently, Red Chill Entertainment has announced a tie -up with the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe(SCEE) to develop a full game for Sony Playstation.
The game will be called “Ra.One – The Game” and will be available on PS 2 & PS 3 from September, 2011 before the release of the film.

raone game

raone game

Speaking about the new game, Shah Rukh Khan has said “It has been a dream since childhood to be somehow involved in videogame designing or making them as all kids dream of. So now many years down the line the dream is fulfilled! Double pleasure gaming and movies….Ra.One on PS 2 & PS3…feeling like a kid all over. Hope everyone enjoys the game and also the movie. The game is awesome fun…G.One looks cool…so does Ra.One and Kareena in an avatar which everyone will enjoy….too thrilled. Finally can play a game..be a gamer and the game itself…YAY!!!”

raone game

raone game

The storyline of the game is actually written by Shahrukh Khan himself and it will be interesting to see an innovative game based on a bollywood movie.


13 Aug

Now, Facebook will help you quit smoking


Nicorette- the leading provider of smoking cessation products, will launch a Facebook Application to help smokers quit the smoking. The application will aim at 120 million Indian smokers (Data as per Global Adult Tobacco Survey,2009] to help them quit smoking while surfing on the biggest social networking website.

facebook to help quit smoking

The application ‘Nicorette® Support will be launched on Independence day to help people to get independence from smoking.

With the launch of the application, the time spent by the users on facebook can actually be used for their own good.
The personalized approach Nicorette application will consider the factors like each individual’s quit timeline, reasons for quitting, smoking triggers & craving patterns. This information enables the application to perform the role of a supportive friend who understands the quitter’s needs and supports him accordingly.

The application will also help quitters to find a ‘quit buddy’ with a similar quit date or has kicked the butt around the same time to share experiences with. By considering the moments of temptation when the craving is at its peak, quitters will be able to track their temptation cycle, compare the where, how, when and use Facebook to make the whole process much more achievable, realistic and goal oriented.

Nicorette is the global leader for the treatment of tobacco dependence. Nicorette was the first medicinal preparation to facilitate smoking cessation. It was launched in India in Dec. 2010 by Johnson and Johnson Ltd. The company manufactures variety of products to help smokers to quit smoking.

It’s a great initiative by the company to use the power of social media for such a societal cause.