16 May

Top 5 Tools/Extensions To Expand Shortened URLs



URL Expanders are a great tool which helps you to avoid clicking malicious links. There are so many URL shorteners these days that spammers can easily target users to click on their spammy links. But with the help of following tools/extensions, you can easily avoid malicious and spammy links.



1) LongURL

LongURL expands the short URL to Long/Original URL and also shows the Title of the page. It is one of the most popular URL expander  tool.

2) Where Does This Link Go?

Where Does This Link Go? is a minimalist design tool which finds out the destination of the short URL. But it doesn’t show any other information.

For Google Chrome Users:

3) LongURL

LongURL replaces shortened links on any page to Page Title or long URL using LongURL API! You can also try LinkPeelr which shows the original URL when you hover the mouse on any shortened link.

4) Miniscurl Universal URL Shortener/Expander Extension

This Google Chrome Extension expand shortened URLs and also helps to shorten URLs with just one click from any shortening service of your choice.


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For Firefox Users:

5) Long URL Please

This Firefox Addon works great by transparently replacing any of short links to long URL or page title.