16 Sep

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with 5000mAh Power Bank – Hands On Review

One of the biggest issues with the smartphones these days is the battery backup. With the heavy usage of mobile devices, the battery hardly supports all the activity throughout the day.

But with Mini Bluetooth Keyboard, now you can charge all your mobile devices on the go whilst typing on your device with the Bluetooth Keyboard.

Thanks to www.mobilefun.com for giving us this product to review. You can check out more Apple iPad Mini Keyboards here.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing features of this product:

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with 5000mAh Power Bank (2)

A) Massive 5000 mAh battery:

The Mini Bluetooth Keyboard comes with a in-built massive 5000 mAh battery to give extra power to your smartphones and tablets. A normal smartphone like Apple has only 1440 mAh battery, so you can imagine what magic a ‘5000 mAh battery’ can do to charge your mobile devices during emergency.
The Bluetooth Keyboard is chargeable with Mini-USB cable that comes in the box.

B) Compatibility:

The Keyboard charger is compatible with all the mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets that support USB charging.

C) Slim and lightweight design:

The Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Charge weighs only 135g and strands at 17mm thick. So, it can be easily put into your pocket or bag.

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with 5000mAh Power Bank

D) Ultra-portable full-QWERTY keyboard:

This Bluetooth keyboard is a full fledged Ultra-portable QWERTY keyboard. It also has range of multimedia controls to make watching movies and listening to music on your devices simple and enriching. As it is also being compatible with larger devices, it is possible to control your laptop or PC from a distance.


Bluetooth v3.0 connection
FN lock change function
Built-in On/Off button
Built-in rechargeable 5,000mAh Lithium battery
Charge all 5V electronic devices, iPhone, iPod, iPad, cameras, MP3/MP4/MP5, GPS, etc
Dimension: 130 x 65 x 17mm (approx.)
Weight: 135g

So, Mini Bluetooth Keyboard is an amazing product with a massive 5000 mAh battery and Bluetooth keyboard capabilities that allows you to charge all your device whilst typing on your device. You can buy Mini Bluetooth Keyboard here.