15 Jun

Carat: Now Increase Your Battery Life Intelligently (iPhone And Android)

carat app


Carat is an intelligent and very useful free app for iPhone and Android that will help you to improve your device battery life by providing you personalized recommendations.

“Restart Evernote” – Expected Improvement: 5 hours 40 minutes.
Kill Skype. Expected Improvement: 1 hour 30 minutes. These kind of recommendations you will receive once you install Carat.

carat app

How It Works

Just install Carat, and Carat will quietly take measurements from your device and send them to their backend servers in the cloud. Check the app after every few days, and it will suggest you what steps you need to take to use less energy. All these suggestions are provided after applying cutting-edge algorithms on the data collected from your device.

Carat does not even need to run continuously in the background as it collects the data occasionally.

The main aim of Carat is to detect energy bugs-app behavior that is consuming unnecessarily energy from devices.

Features of Carat:

– List of actions to improve your battery life.
– Exact details about the information what Carat is recording from your device.
– Reports apps that are using lots of energy & whether that is happening on other devices, too.
– Detail information about the graphs of energy use.
– J-Score information which tells you about your battery efficiency compares to other users.
– Sharing features to share your experience on all the major social networks.

Carat is developed by a team of researchers in the AMP Lab at UC Berkele.

Download the app for iPhone and Android.