08 Feb

Zapak launches a Social Cricket Game, ‘Cricville’ on Facebook

Zapak, a gaming company owned by Reliance Entertainment launched a social cricket, ‘Cricville’ on Facebook. The game follows a similar pattern like IPL where the users can own a cricket club and work towards its success.

The user in the game can work as a club manager where he builds the club’s stadium and city. The user can hire coaches, upgrade players, compete with friends, and win trophies.
The game also allows users to upgrade their players by improving their batting, fitness & bowling to score over their friends.

When the team comes to play a game, the user has 2 options: a practice match against a computer-controlled team, or a social match against either a friend or another worldwide player.

Play the Game here.

31 Jan

Timeline Movie Maker turns your Facebook Timeline Profile Into a Movie [ Facebook App ]

timeline movie maker

With the launch of Timeline, it offers many opportunities to developers to build apps to enhance the use of this over hyped profile of Facebook.
The all new “Timeline Movie Maker” takes your pictures, status updates & other activity to create a 60-second video chronicling your activity on the site. The finished product is worth a watch.

I gave it a try. First, it took most of the pictures from different applications in which my friends tagged me and I wasn’t even there in the pictures. But the best part of the app is that you can actually swap bad or useless pictures with the good ones to make it a perfect 60-second video.
You can also change the background music with 5 options available to you.

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Unfortunately, you can’t save your video and can only share it on Facebook.

Do give it a try once. It’s worth your time.

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25 Jan

Likes! App – Find Out What Your Facebook Friends Like [ iPhone, Android & Facebook ]


WillowTree Apps launched a new app ‘Likes!’ which takes the concept of using Facebook likes to drive recommendations for you.

Likes! app helps you to find restaurants,movies, bars, books plumbers, or just about anything else that your friends have Liked on Facebook.

likes app

After a short scan of your friends’ Facebook likes, this app gives you a sortable directory of recommendations by category & distance. And as more of your friends begin using the app, it gives you even better recommendations based on what their friend’s like.

This new app is available for Facebook, as well as the iPhone, Android, & other mobile devices. The app is receiving 5 -star ratings and very good reviews on the iTunes store.

17 Oct

Egobook: Turn your Facebook Profile into a awesome Printed book


EgoBook is a awesome Facebook app that lets you turn your Facebook profile into an actual printed book.

It is a personalized book which is created from your status updates, wall messages, published pictures & the comments from a Facebook profile. The idea is great and will definitely appeal to all the Facebook addicts.
EgoBook is created by Nicolas Cazelais.


How It Works:

Visit the Egobook App on Facebook.
Give the app permission to access your profile.
Select the options you want.
Preview the cover and edit the title text if you want to.
Buy your Egobook – price starts around US $22.45.

Check out this video to know more about Egobook:

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11 Oct

Facebook launched Mobile App Platform – Awesome Update to Mobile app

facebook iphone app

Facebook launched its Mobile App platform, bringing all the social channels that have helped apps and games reach millions of users on the Web to mobile apps.
Now you can easily reach the 350 million people who use Facebook every month on a mobile device, including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, & our mobile web site (m.facebook.com).
The mobile platform for Android will be in the near future.

The features are still under development but it will give a richer experience to users on mobile devices.

Features in Updated Mobile App:

Games & Apps: Play games & access your favorite apps on your mobile now.
Navigation: Send a message or see your notifications from any screen, & swipe to browse Facebook without losing your place in News Feed.

facebook app

Bookmarks: Your groups,apps and pages all will appear in your left-hand menu, & the ones you use most are right on top

facebook app update

Search: Search for anything on Facebook— apps, people, pages & that is also without having to click around or switch views.
Security: We’ve added a few updates to make the app more secure.
– But the speed of the updated app is really slow and many users complaint that it crashes.

Overall, this is a great news for the HTML5 based app developers.
You can try out some HTML5 based apps by visiting fb.me/mobileappshowcase on your phone or tablet.

See mobile documentation for more information.

Facebook also launched its awesome iPad app yesterday with the Mobile app platform.

05 Oct

Monster India launched its app ‘BeKnown’ on Facebook


India’s leading online recruitment firm Monster India launched its app on Facebook, BeKnown, which will allow Facebook users to connect professionally on Facebook without mixing business & friends.

be known app

With BeKnown, facebook users will be able to identify and connect with friends & professional contacts from multiple sources & grow their professional network, can enhance their online professional identity & discover enriching career opportunities.
Visit the App now at http://apps.facebook.com/beknown
It is available in 19 different languages.

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It will also enable job seekers to follow a particular company in which they are interested.

13 Aug

Now, Facebook will help you quit smoking


Nicorette- the leading provider of smoking cessation products, will launch a Facebook Application to help smokers quit the smoking. The application will aim at 120 million Indian smokers (Data as per Global Adult Tobacco Survey,2009] to help them quit smoking while surfing on the biggest social networking website.

facebook to help quit smoking

The application ‘Nicorette® Support will be launched on Independence day to help people to get independence from smoking.

With the launch of the application, the time spent by the users on facebook can actually be used for their own good.
The personalized approach Nicorette application will consider the factors like each individual’s quit timeline, reasons for quitting, smoking triggers & craving patterns. This information enables the application to perform the role of a supportive friend who understands the quitter’s needs and supports him accordingly.

The application will also help quitters to find a ‘quit buddy’ with a similar quit date or has kicked the butt around the same time to share experiences with. By considering the moments of temptation when the craving is at its peak, quitters will be able to track their temptation cycle, compare the where, how, when and use Facebook to make the whole process much more achievable, realistic and goal oriented.

Nicorette is the global leader for the treatment of tobacco dependence. Nicorette was the first medicinal preparation to facilitate smoking cessation. It was launched in India in Dec. 2010 by Johnson and Johnson Ltd. The company manufactures variety of products to help smokers to quit smoking.

It’s a great initiative by the company to use the power of social media for such a societal cause.