07 May

8 Little Known Features of Facebook

facebook features

facebook features

Facebook is leaving no stones unturned to stay as the leader in social networks by constantly adding new and exciting features.

Check out these 8 Little Known(Hidden) Features of Facebook to take your experience to a new level:

1) Login With Your Username

This is a great feature of Facebook which allows you to login using your username instead of E-Mail address. If you still do not have a username, Go to facebook.com/username and get it there.

2) Dots or Without Dots, It is Your Username

Facebook does not recognize dots as characters within a username.
It means that if your username is “Young.blah”, you can also login into Facebook using username, “Youngblah”.

3) Search Family on Facebook

Go to facebook.com/family, where you can search all Facebook profiles by surname.

4) Friend Lists Feature

Facebook has added this cool Friend List Feature. Now you can add your Facebook friends into various categories. If you include people in your Close Friends list, you will receive notifications whenever they update something so that you don’t miss anything from your close friends. You can also sort your News Feed to see only their updates.
If you include people in your Acquaintances” list, you will see lesser updates from them in your news feed. And if you include people in your Restricted List, these people will only see your public posts. So, you can add your boss in this list and hide all your updates from them. 8)
You can also post updates which will be seen specifically by people in these lists.
Visit here to know add people in these lists.

5) Interest Lists

Interest lists is a new feature introduced by Facebook recently which turn your Facebook news feed into your own personalized newspaper, with feeds from topics that matter to you.
Click here to know more about it.

6) Bookmark Your Favorite Pages, Apps and Groups

Go to any page, group or app you want to bookmark. Click on “Add To Favorites” and you’ll see that page, group or app in the Favorite List on the left side of the news feed right below your profile picture.

7) Check Other Messages

Though most of the people must be aware about this feature now. Visit facebook.com/messages/other/ to find out hundreds of unread messages in your inbox.

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8 ) Download Your Facebook Data

Visit facebook.com/settings to download a copy of your data on Facebook. Recently, Facebook announced to include more data from your Facebook account. It was first introduced in 2010, which lets you get a copy of what you have shared on Facebook, such as posts, photos, messages, a list of friends & chat conversations. Now you would also be able to download information including, previous names, friend requests you have made & IP addresses you’ve logged in from.


9) Hide What You Read

If you want to hide what you read from social apps like Washington Post Social Reader on Facebook, go to Account Settings – Apps and change the ‘Posts on your behalf’ setting to “Only Me”.

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