24 Aug

The Power of Facebook Advertising (Infographic)


There’s been a lot of debate lately about the performance of Facebook Ads. Prior to IPO, GM ended their US $10 million advertising campaign with Facebook saying that paid ads had a very little effect on the customers. Falling Stock price is also a result of weak ad revenue model of Facebook.
Facebook just released this Infographic to explain the effectiveness of their Ads. There are 955 million monthly active users on Facebook. On an average, every user spend 6:35 hours on Facebook per month. Facebook also explains how you can target the right customers with better targeting.

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10 Helpful Resources on Facebook Marketing

The Power of Facebook Advertising

24 Aug

10 Helpful Resources on Facebook Marketing

Facebook For Business


“People share, read & generally engage more with any type of content when it’s surfaced through friends and people they know and trust.”
– Malorie Lucich, Facebook Spokesperson, February 2011

Marketing on Facebook is all about engagement with customers, maintaining a conversation & gradually building interest in your brand. Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to create engaging content and interact with fans but many do not know about the pool of resources Facebook provides to marketers to make the most of their Facebook presence.

Facebook For Business

Here are 10 Helpful Marketing resources From Facebook to learn about the best practices and tips to promote your Business on Facebook.

1) Facebook Studio Edge:

Facebook Studio consists of many 10-15 minute courses on relevant topics such as Brand Pages, apps, or Facebook Ads to learn more about Facebook Marketing.As a Marketer or Agency, you can also submit your success stories that helped you drive growth on Facebook.
Like the Facebook Studio Page here.

2) Facebook Marketing Page:

Official Page run by Facebook employees to share news and best practices for marketing on Facebook. Facebook Marketing Solutions helps marketers reach their customers on Facebook by providing educational materials on marketing on Facebook.

3) Start To Success Program:

Want to start advertising on Facebook for the first time?
The Start to Success program is only for new Facebook advertisers & requires a minimum daily budget of US $25 for the first 30 days. By joining this program, your will get Free Phone Support from Facebook experts for 1 week, Free US $50 coupon to get you started and customized solutions for your business marketing on Facebook.

4) Facebook Success Stories:

Facebook Success provides in-depth multimedia case studies of successful marketing campaigns on Facebook. Visit the Facebook Success Stories Application here.

5) Facebook Demo Tool:

The Facebook Demo Tool lets you create a mockup of Premium Ads on Facebook and view it as people on Facebook would see it.

6) Preferred Marketing Developers:

This PMD directory helps you to find the PMDs that match your needs, as well as agencies that are currently building on the Ads API from all over the world.

7) Brand Permissions Center:

This section explains Facebook guidelines regarding the use of Facebook’s logos & other trademarks clearly and effectively.

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8) Marketing Classroom:

Schedule of Live learning events on Facebook Marketing. Learn the key steps for building your presence on Facebook with livestream events, video courses, and worksheets.

9) Facebook Product Guides:

Learn how to create Sponsored Stories, how to optimize your ads, best practices, Facebook Pages guide and many more useful guides related to Facebook Marketing.

10) Facebook for Business:

If you’re still not on Facebook or want to know everything about Facebook for Business, then this is the right place to start with.

22 Aug

Facebook Studio Edge Launched To Educate Agencies On Facebook Marketing

Facebook Studio Edge

Facebook launched its Facebook Studio Edge program to marketers and Agencies worldwide today. Announced in Mid-June, Facebook Studio Edge is a resource to learn more about Facebook Marketing. The program consists of various 10-15 minute courses on relevant Facebook topics, such as Brand Pages, Ads and Apps.

Facebook Studio Edge

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As a Marketer or Agency, you can submit your work that helped you drive business growth with Facebook. How you used Brand Pages to connect with audience, or Facebook Ads to reach new user group, or apps to enhance engagement. Submissions should be creative & effective examples of Facebook Marketing. Once your submission is published, you may be promoted to the Spotlight and your work will be eligible for awards consideration.

Users also earn recognition badges when they complete their courses which would be displayed alongside their case study submissions.

Facebook Studio Edge is a great place to get recognized for your work, be inspired by other successful campaigns from around the world and learn how to improve your Facebook strategies. It is a one big community about Facebook Marketing.

Access Facebook Studio Edge Program at Facebook-studio.com.

07 Aug

Top 5 Tools to Increase Brand Engagement on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most crucial part of Social Media Marketing. It provides a multi-rich media marketing ecosystem with a huge user base. There are large number of social media marketing tools available these days to help companies reach, target and engage with fans, run various promotions and contests, and implement social media strategies perfectly.

Facebook Marketing

Here are Five Tools To Enhance Brand Engagement on Facebook:

1) EdgeRank Checker

EdgeRank is an algorithm created by Facebook to rank stories in the Facebook News Feed. Posts with high EdgeRank Scores are most likely to show up in the news feed, than Posts with low EdgeRank Scores. It is based on three variables: Affinity, Time and Weight. Affinity is based on a user’s relationship with that post/object in the news feed. Time means older the object, lower its value. Weight is based on the type of object, such as a pictures/links/videos,etc.

EdgeRank Checker has created their own algorithm to help Page Admins find out how their Page interacts with the News Feed.

EdgeRank Checker allows you to check your “EdgeRank Score”, your best and worst days of the week. These services are free while the paid plan provides you more in-depth analysis & recommendations to increase your rank.

2) CrowdBooster

Crowdbooster provides you complete in-depth analysis of your Facebook page and Twitter account to help you achieve an effective presence on Social Media sites. The analytics aren’t based on just abstract scores but it provides detailed numbers that are connected to your social media strategies: impressions, engagement, total reach, & more. It also provides various recommendations to improve each one of these metrics.

3) Alerti

Alerti is a complete social media monitoring & management service to manage your brand online. It is based on a search engine that continuously scans different types of sources online (online press, forums, blogs, videos, microblogs, photos, social networks, etc.) to let you know and follow what is being said about you, your brand, or your competitors on the world wide web. It helps to measure the engagement of your brand, communities & to interact with them.

4) Pagelever

Advanced Analytics tool for your Facebook Brand pages. It helps to measure engagement on your pages and increase newsfeed visibility. The tool is used by 4 of the top 10 Facebook Brand Pages. It shows from where your fans are coming and which ones are leaving, along with the gender & location of the users who are interacting with your content.
Now Understand your audience, measure your success, & optimize your content with PageLever in a much better way.

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5) Lujure

Lujure helps you to build and customize tabs easily without any knowledge of coding. Another tool you can try is Pagemodo.

24 Apr

5 Tips To Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Page

facebook pages


It is always better to have 500 people who like your Facebook page and revisit your blog more often when your post something new than 2000 people who never visit your blog again. But getting engagement on Facebook pages is not easy these days.
Every user on Facebook has liked so many pages that it is very hard for your page to get noticed in their News feed. Facebook uses an algorithm – EdgeRank, to determine the importance of a status update. The more comments and likes a status update receives, the higher its EdgeRank. The higher its EdgeRank, the higher that update will be placed in news feeds of more people. This means getting comments, likes and shares should be the goal with your each status update.

facebook pages

So, today I’ll discuss five simple and effective tips to increase engagement on your Facebook Fan pages:

1) Post Variety of Content: If you are a regular Facebook user, you might be aware that funny pics and statuses gets the maximum number of likes and comments these days. There are so many pages on Facebook with more than 1 Lac likes which just post these rage comics, memes and other funny pictures.
So, provide a variety of content for your fans in different media like posts, photos, videos, & surveys and do it consistently. But remember to post content related to your niche only.
Also, don’t just limit yourself to sharing your blog posts, share valuable articles from other websites in your niche too.

2) Install the Top Fan App: This is not a new technique, but one of the best method to increase user engagement. People like to get rewarded. This app chooses the Top Fan based on number of likes, comments and shares.
You can also organize weekly giveaways and contests to drive more engagement from fans.

Install Top Fan App here.

3) Find The Best Time To Publish Your Posts: Timing is very important while sharing content on any social network. The best time to post on Facebook is normally early morning, evening and night when people are not very busy with their work. You can also use Google Analytics to find out at which time you’re getting more clicks from Facebook shares.

4) Facebook Posting Habits:
– Post breaking updates/news in real-time.
– Post content daily or on a regular basis.
– Ask questions at the end of posts. This will encourage engagement & feedback on your Facebook fanpage.
– Encourage others to like, comment or share your posts by using tactics such as “Like this Post If you ….”
– Ask Questions Using Facebook Questions.Every time a user answers, it will be shown in the news feed of all their friends which increases the chances for others to visit your page to answer the question.

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5) Participate in Conversations: Many brands are still doing mistake of not replying to comments. Always reply to comments on your posts. A recent research shows that 49.5% people said that if their questions on Facebook/Twitter went unanswered, they would no longer do business with the company. Participation in conversations will also encourage users to keep posting more comments.