07 Aug

Top 5 Tools to Increase Brand Engagement on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most crucial part of Social Media Marketing. It provides a multi-rich media marketing ecosystem with a huge user base. There are large number of social media marketing tools available these days to help companies reach, target and engage with fans, run various promotions and contests, and implement social media strategies perfectly.

Facebook Marketing

Here are Five Tools To Enhance Brand Engagement on Facebook:

1) EdgeRank Checker

EdgeRank is an algorithm created by Facebook to rank stories in the Facebook News Feed. Posts with high EdgeRank Scores are most likely to show up in the news feed, than Posts with low EdgeRank Scores. It is based on three variables: Affinity, Time and Weight. Affinity is based on a user’s relationship with that post/object in the news feed. Time means older the object, lower its value. Weight is based on the type of object, such as a pictures/links/videos,etc.

EdgeRank Checker has created their own algorithm to help Page Admins find out how their Page interacts with the News Feed.

EdgeRank Checker allows you to check your “EdgeRank Score”, your best and worst days of the week. These services are free while the paid plan provides you more in-depth analysis & recommendations to increase your rank.

2) CrowdBooster

Crowdbooster provides you complete in-depth analysis of your Facebook page and Twitter account to help you achieve an effective presence on Social Media sites. The analytics aren’t based on just abstract scores but it provides detailed numbers that are connected to your social media strategies: impressions, engagement, total reach, & more. It also provides various recommendations to improve each one of these metrics.

3) Alerti

Alerti is a complete social media monitoring & management service to manage your brand online. It is based on a search engine that continuously scans different types of sources online (online press, forums, blogs, videos, microblogs, photos, social networks, etc.) to let you know and follow what is being said about you, your brand, or your competitors on the world wide web. It helps to measure the engagement of your brand, communities & to interact with them.

4) Pagelever

Advanced Analytics tool for your Facebook Brand pages. It helps to measure engagement on your pages and increase newsfeed visibility. The tool is used by 4 of the top 10 Facebook Brand Pages. It shows from where your fans are coming and which ones are leaving, along with the gender & location of the users who are interacting with your content.
Now Understand your audience, measure your success, & optimize your content with PageLever in a much better way.

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5) Lujure

Lujure helps you to build and customize tabs easily without any knowledge of coding. Another tool you can try is Pagemodo.

19 Jul

Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions For Facebook

Google-Chrome-Extensions for Facebook

Everyday we spend most of our time on Facebook to stay updated about our friends, family and world news. Check out these Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions to make your experience on Facebook more enjoyable and friction-less.

Google-Chrome-Extensions for Facebook

1) Unsocialize: The Link Unsocializer

In the last few months, we have seen an increase in the number of social reader apps that asks for your install permission before you can read the articles. The permission grants access to your personal information & post on your Facebook timeline.
But with Unsocialize extension, you can bypass the install request with just a right-click menu option: “Unsocialize”, which will open the linked article in a new tab.
Highly recommended.
For firefox users – Unsocialiaze

2) FB Photo Zoom

The best way to view pictures on Facebook!
Just hover the mouse on any image and check out the larger images of photo albums on Facebook.
Highly recommended.

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3) Hide Facebook SideBar Ticker

Don’t like Sidebar Ticker?
Try this extension to remove it.

4) Revert FB Photo Viewer

Don’t like the new Theatre mode on Facebook to view photos. This extension will revert FB Photo Viewer to old version.

5) Facebook Notifications

Keep up with your family and friends, even when you are not on Facebook.

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Top 10 Best Google Chrome Security Extensions

6) Pretty Facebook Chat

This extensions makes your Facebook chat pretty. Now enjoy Bigger size chat window with more animation and large number of emoticons to choose from.
Just love this.

7) Facebook Unseen

This extension protects your privacy by preventing your friends from knowing when you’ve “seen” their messages.


8 ) Time spend on Facebook

Find out how much time you spend on Facebook everyday.

03 Jul

How to Change Your Facebook Username


Facebook has added a great new feature which allows you to change your username or Facebook E-Mail address. You can even change the username of your Facebook page.

Note: You can only change your username once if you have not exercised this option yet.


How To Change Facebook Username:

1) Go To Account Settings in the right-hand corner of your Facebook page and choose General Account Settings.

2) Click on edit on the same line of username.

change facebook username

3) Now enter your new preferred username. If it is available, save the changes.

Update: Facebook recently also made some unwanted changes to users’ individual profile pages. Many users complained that Facebook has changed their personal email address which is being displayed on an individual user’s profile pages and replaced it with a @facebook.com address.
To change it back to your personal Email address, Go to About section of your Facebook Profile. Click Edit where your Contact Info is displayed. Click on the circle along with your Email Addresses. And change the setting from “Hidden From Timeline’ to “Shown on Timeline” and save the changes.

20 Jun

Most-Social Landmarks in the World ( Infographic )

facebook check-ins social landmarks

Facebook releases the list of most social landmarks in the world yesterday. The list is based on the number of check-ins made on Facebook in 25 cities around the world.

Among the Number 1 ranked Social landmarks across the 25 cities:
– Seven are sports stadiums/arenas
– Two are concert arenas
– Six are public areas such as squares, parks, avenues and gardens
– Two are shopping-centric such as shopping centers and malls
– Two are amusement parks

facebook check-ins social landmarks

13 Jun

Overview: Facebook Official WordPress Plugin

facebook wordpress plugin social publishing


Facebook finally announced its official WordPress plugin to simplify integration of Facebook into your WordPress website. The plugin allows you to easily cross publish content on your profile and Facebook page. You can also choose to mention your Facebook friends as a part of the post which means more distribution of the website.

facebook wordpress plugin social publishing

In addition, you can use the Recommendations Bar, which allows the users to click and authenticate to enable social reading.

The following social plugins are also available as WordPress widgets:

1) Activity Feed: Shows readers their friends’ activity on a particular website.

2) Recommendations: Personalized suggestions to the readers for pages on a website.

3) Comments Box: SEO enabled comments. It means now search engines can index your comments. But this comment system will hijack your default comment system such as Disqus or WordPress.

The plugin will support internationalization and will also work on mobile devices. It’s a great move by Facebook as WordPress powers 16.6 percent of the web with more than 600 million unique visitors per month. Now you don’t need multiple third party plugins as this plugin completely make your website social in a couple of clicks only.

Download the Facebook WordPress Plugin here.

Do give it a try and share your thoughts in comments.

01 Jun

Facebook New Updates: Schedule Posts, Real Time Insights and Promoted Posts

facebook schedule posts for brand pages


facebook schedule posts for brand pages

Check out Top Facebook Updates for this Week:

Schedule Posts on Facebook Pages

Finally, it has happened. Now you can easily schedule posts on your pages on Facebook for up to 6 months in future at 15-minute intervals. Read more about this on Facebook help center.

schedule posts on facebook pages

Apart from that, Facebook has also added a feature which allows brand pages to give specific duties to multiple page admins. It was a much needed change required for a very long time and you can say is adopted from Google Brand pages.


Promoted Posts for Facebook Brand Pages

Now Click “Promote” below any post on Facebook brand pages to reach more number of people. The more money you’re ready to spend, the more would be reach of that post. It is quite an interesting move by Facebook to earn more revenue via advertising and can really help Brands to reach more people.

promote posts for pages on facebook

Real Time Insights on Facebook Brand Pages

real time insights for facebook brand pages

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Now you can check real time insights below any post on Facebook brand pages. You will see the number of people a post has reached and the percentage of total likes of your page. If you click on the insights, you can also find out the organic views and viral views on that post.

24 May

Facebook Launches Stand Alone Camera App For iPhone

facebook camera app


Facebook has launched a new stand-alone camera iPhone app to help its users to share photos faster & easier on the largest social network, the company announced in its blog today.

facebook camera app

Though Facebook recently bought Instagram for $1 billion, but Facebook was building its own version of stand-alone photo sharing app even before its Instagram deal.

The Facebook Camera app is mainly focused on sharing multiple photos at once from your iPhone. You can also add a caption, your location & tag friends before you share.
Facebook has also added some editing tools in the app like the ability to crop, rotate & add filters to any photo in your camera roll.

Download the Facebook Camera app here.

Last week, Facebook also launched Facebook Pages Manager app for iPhone to manage multiple pages on Facebook easily.

23 May

Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads ( Infographic )


Facebook released its IPO last week and there’s been a lot of debate about the performance of Facebook ads since then. Two days before IPO, GM pulled its advertising campaigns from Facebook, saying that their paid advertisements had very little effect on the customers.
Though the social networking site is growing in popularity but the Click Through Rate was only .05% in 2010 compared to Google’s .4%.

In the first quarter of 2012, it is reported that advertising rates by Facebook increased by 40% while CTR fell by 8%.

Check out more details in this amazing Infographic by Wordstream:

facebook ads vs google ads

21 May

Microsoft Quietly Launches Social Network So.cl

so.cl home page


Microsoft quietly launched a new social network last night – So.Cl.

The new social network, which was leaked out last year, is developed to give students the ability to network and share information with their peers. It was tested by many students at selected universities since last year.

so.cl home page


“So.cl (pronounced ‘Social’) combines search and social networking for the purpose of learning and research & it is the latest experiment from FUSE Labs,” Microsoft said in a description of the social network.

Users can log in to So.cl with their Facebook or Windows Live accounts. Once logged in, users can choose their areas of Interest, and follow their friends and other people. Just like Facebook’s share button, So.cl also has a “Share on So.cl” button, allowing users to share interesting Web sites with other So.cl users.

In addition to basic features such as sharing, tagging and commenting on posts, Microsoft has added a new feature – “Riff” on the post – that Microsoft describes as “a new way to interact & improvise with content.”

Another great feature in So.cl is the ability to create “video parties” that allows users to view YouTube videos and chat with their friends simultaneously.

Microsoft refers to the So.cl as “an experiment in open search,” that means your searches will be viewable to other So.cl users and public. But Microsoft also said it will not automatically post users’ So.cl activity and searches unless they opt in.

Do give it a try and let us know your thoughts in comments. Though the So.cl is completely different from Facebook or Google Plus but I find some of its features really cool and overall its pretty interesting, atleast better than Google Plus.

19 May

Top 11 Funny Reactions To Facebook IPO

funny twitter reaction facebook ipo


Facebook’s first day as a public company was quite dramatic as it opened at $42.05 in the morning and closed at $38.23, only up by 23 cents, after Facebook fixed the offering price at $38 per share on Thursday night. The Facebook IPO was quite a popular topic on Twitter and other social networks. According to a study by Topsy, there were more than 4,00,000 tweets on Twitter about Facebook IPO in the last few days.

Check out 11 Funny Reactions from around the web To Facebook IPO:

funny twitter reaction facebook ipo

17 May

Who Owns Facebook?

owner owns facebook


Facebook is expected to start Nasdaq trading this week in what could be the largest-ever Internet IPO ( Initial Public Offering ) to value it at more than $100 billion. Reuters put an interesting visualization which shows Facebook stakes and in the event if Facebook’s IPO valuation stands at $100 billion, this percentage stake translates as units of billion dollars.

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Mark Zuckerberg with 28.4% stake in Facebook will become one of the top ten wealthiest Americans after the IPO. And a long list of Facebook employees, Co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and venture capital firms with stakes in Facebook also stands to make more millions and billions.

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owner owns facebook

According to a report on USA Today, Facebook IPO could add an additional $2 billion into state’s treasury by 2013, mostly for personal income taxes. Real estate prices near Facebook’s headquarters are also rising.

But the billion dollar question is how much effective are Facebook ads after GM pulls advertising from Facebook? Because you can’t survive for very long without a good revenue model.

13 May

Facebook Updates: App Store, File Sharing, Highlighted Posts, And Policies

facebook app center


facebook app center

Facebook Introduces App Center

Facebook announced in its blog that it is working on its own app center which will give developers more ways to grow their apps & creates opportunities to be successful. The app center would be similar like Apple’s App Store or Google Play and users would be able to find great apps very easily. The app center would be accessible on the web and in the iOS and Android apps in the coming weeks.
It will also allow developers to publish paid Facebook apps for the first time.

Facebook is rolling out File Sharing for groups

According to a report on Mashable, all Groups on Facebook will now offer the ability to send and share files. Initially the update is rolled out to few groups but will be rolled out to all the groups very soon.
Users would be able to upload files up to 25 MB of all file types except music files and executable files.

Facebook rolled out ‘Facebook Terms and Policies Hub”

Now read the aggregated terms and policies of Facebook under one roof.

As Facebook explained “Everything you need to know, all in one place.” Check out facebook.com/policies.

Facebook is testing Paid ‘Highlighted Posts’

Facebook is testing a new feature called ‘Highlighted Posts’ targeted at the end users by which your statuses updates will reach more of your friends. The fee for using Highlighted Posts, starts from zero to “a couple of US dollars.”
Read the full report here.

Facebook Messenger Reveal Locations and Introduces Read Receipts

Facebook is rolling out a new feature – read confirmations(read receipts), that will allow Facebook users to know when someone’s read their message. Another feature that has been added is that Facebook Messenger would now reveal the location of the sender if the location feature has been enabled by the Facebook user. Both the updates will arrive initially for mobiles, & then later on will be added to the web interface as well.
It is a big alarming bell for some users who like to keep things private.