04 Oct

Sticky: Take Notes Within Gmail Chat


As a blogger, you always need something to capture and write down your thoughts and ideas that keeps coming through out the day. Sticky is a new web app that helps you to capture your thoughts when they happen right into your Gmail chat. I’ve tried many applications to write down the notes but the best thing I liked about Sticky is that it allows you to take notes from GChat(where I’m always online).


How It Works

1) Go to Sticky.io.
2) Sign in with your Google Account.
3) Give permission access to Sticky.
4) Sticky will send you a friend request on your GChat.
5) Start taking notes by chatting with Sticky.
6) Use tags, notebooks, etc. to better organize your ideas and concepts.
7) You can access all your notes by visiting Sticky.io anytime.

Take notes online with Sticky

Overall, Sticky is a useful application with amazing UI that simplify the experience of taking notes. If you’re on Gmail constantly and need a good application to take notes, do try Sticky.

13 Apr

Top 10 Awesome Gmail Tips and Tricks



Gmail is the most popular email service that exists today. It has completely simplified the way how we manage our emails.


Let’s take a look at Top 10 Awesome Gmail Tips and Tricks to improve your productivity:

1) Access Gmail Offline:

Google has launched its official Google Chrome Plugin – Gmail Offline Beta, which is a Gmail app built to support offline access, allowing you to read mails responded to, searched & archived.
All your offline data will be stored on your computer, so don’t store this on a public computer.

2) Access Multiple Accounts At Once in the Same Browser:

To enable this feature, visit google.com/accounts & click the link next to “Multiple sign-in.”
After you sign into your 1st account, you can sign in with multiple additional accounts from the new accounts menu in the upper right hand corner of Gmail, then easily toggle back & forth between them.
You can even open multiple Gmail tabs — one for each of your accounts.

3) View All your Google Products associated with your Gmail account at one place:

Visit google.com/dashboard which offers a simple view into all the data associated with your Google Account.

4) Two -Step Verification:

This feature add an extra layer of security to your Google account. Learn more about it here.

See Also: How To Customize Strong Passwords For Each Website

5) Remote Sign-out:

With this new added security feature, you can now track your recent sessions. We all access our email from multiple computers, like at home or at work, this feature allows you to sign out remotely.
So in case, if you forget to log out of your email on your work computer, you could sign yourself out of it from your home computer.
Learn more about it here.

6) Hide Chat Box from Gmail:

gmail chat

If you want to hide Chat Box, just click on the button shown in the picture.

7) Filters:

Using filters, you can allow your mails to go to directly to inbox, spam, label, archive, delete, star, or you can even forward your mail.
Learn more about it here.

8) Dots or without dots, it’s your username:

Do you know that Gmail doesn’t recognize dots as characters within a username?
It means that if your e-mail address is username@gmail.com, or user.name@gmail.com or u.s.e.r.n.a.m.e@gmail.com, all are yours. Even Facebook doesn’t recognize dots within a username.

9) Consolidate all your email accounts:

If you have more than one email account, you can consolidate them all under one Gmail account for sending & receiving.
Just Go to Gmail Settings -> Accounts -> And Add another mail account.

10) Keyboard Shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcuts saves your time by allowing you to never take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse.
Learn all about Keyboard Shortcuts here.

03 Feb

How To Find Out If Your Email Has Been Read By The Recipient



Now you can easily find out when your email has been read by the recipient! No more guessing: “Has he or she read my email yet?”

SpyPig is a simple email tracking system that sends you a notification by email when the recipient opens your message. It works on Gmail , Yahoo Mail , Rediff Mail, or all the other email services.

The process is also very simple. Just enter your email address (where you want to receive the notification) & they will provide you a small tracking graphic image that you have to embed in your outgoing Gmail message.
These tracking images tell you when these messages have been opened. The read receipt will also have other details like the IP address of the recipient & the exactly number of times he or she read your email.

Limitations: SpyPig works on the principle of a tracking image (a SpyPig image) whose address to its remote location on Spypig servers is embedded into your email message.
When the recipient opens your email, the tracking image is downloaded from Spypig server, sending you “email opened” alert instantly.
So, both the sender & the recipient must use an HTML-formatted email, not a plain-text or rich-text formatted email. If the image is not downloaded on the recipient email, Spypig servers will not be able to detect whether the email has been read or not.

21 Oct

Gmail to get a makeover ( Video )


A revamped version of Gmail is coming up very soon. The video explaining the new update was accidentally posted on Youtube before being made private by Gmail. But not before it was already re-posted.

Update: The video has been blocked by Google. As you can see in your Gmail, the new updates are live now and they are pretty impressive.

02 Aug

Facebook launched its own E-Mail Address for users


To give Google, yahoo and other E-Mail companies a serious competition, Facebook has finally launched its own E-Mail address. Now you can create your own E-Mail address at username@facebook.com and can receive & send e-mails like yahoo, Gmail, etc.
To set up a free@facebook.com address, go to your Messages view and click the “Claim your Facebook email” link.
Before setting up your E-Mail address, you need to claim your username first at http://www.facebook.com/username/ if you don’t have one.
You can also choose your username when you create your email address.

facebook email

facebook email

Your email address will match your public username, for example:

Profile: facebook.com/youngblah
Email: youngblah@facebook.com

The next step is to “Turn on Text Messaging” to help exchanging mobile texts also with friends.

Once you set up your email address at facebook, people can email you using any traditional email system (e.g., rediffmail, Yahoo mail or Gmail), and the emails will be delivered to your Facebook Messages. When you send messages to external email addresses, the emails will be formatted to look like Facebook messages, including your name, your profile picture and your message. But the biggest issue with this is that all your chats is also automatically saving in your messages which causes irritation to the users.

Facebook is rolling out this to everyone gradually. If your account is still not upgraded to new facebook messages, ask your friends to send you an invitation.
So what do you think guys; with more than 700 million users on Facebook, is it a real threat to Google and yahoo?


02 Aug

Google launched 2-step verification in 40 launguages to enhance the security



In a move to enhance the security, Google launched a security feature called 2-step verification to protect your account from theft and password compromise. In this feature, you will require to enter a one-time verification code from your mobile after typing your password which makes tougher for anyone to gain unauthorized access to your account.

The feature which is now launched in 40 languages and more than 150 countries, reports Google on their Official Blog. Using this feature, it reduces the risks of theft significantly and you can control the access to your account easily.


Watch this video to know how to activate this feature:

31 Jul

New Gmail Apps to make your life easy


Google is that company which has come a long way since its inception. From being a search engine to being a part of almost every activity online, Google is leaving no stone unturned to stay the market leader.
Recently, Google has launched some exciting features in Gmail and in other of their services.

New look for Gmail and Google Calendar

Google launched this look recently which is quite refreshing and the new interface is implemented to bring you an experience that’s more focused, elastic, and effortless across all of our products.

gmail apps

And in the Conversation View:


Now you can pick your favorite inbox style

Now you can also choose your favorite inbox style apart from the Gmail new look.


Make Multiple calls in Gmail

After adding the facility of making calls free of cost or at a reasonable cost from the Gmail bworser window, now you can also make multiple calls while keeping one call on hold.

gmail apps

Phishing detection

Gmail has also started keeping you safer by displaying more information about the origin of certain messages. Email coming from senders who aren’t in your contact list will display the sender’s full email address. We’ll also show you when messages come from an email-sending service (like a news site’s article sharing system) and display a warning when it looks like the sender may have spoofed a Gmail address.

gmail apps

View ZIP and RAR contents from Gmail attachments
Now you can view all the ZIP or RAR contents from the Gmail itself. You don’t need to download the attachments first to view the contents.

gmail apps

Read receipts for Business houses

Companies who are using Gmail for internal communication, now can get to know whether a important Email has been opened or not by activating receipts from control panel. Administrators can control which users can request or return read receipts, and whether receipts are issued automatically or manually by recipients.

gmail apps