27 Mar

Google’s App Store Play Now on Toolbar

google play on toolbar

Google Play, until recently known as Android Market, is your one stop shop to buy from over 4,50,000 mobile apps, music, movies and books. It is accessible from the Web or any Android device.

google play on toolbar

Today, Google Play Store has been added to the Google Toolbar from where you access your GMail to YouTube to Google News.

To access the store, just visit Google.com and find ‘Google Play’ on the toolbar right between Maps and YouTube.

So the question comes: How this strategy will help Google?

It’s a free promotion for Android and its apps and users who used to visit Android App store occasionally will visit it more now to find new apps and content.
Now chances are that even Non- Android users would check the Android Store more often to see what kind of apps are there in the store.

So, it’s a great decision by Google to give massive boost to Google Play as millions of people from around the world visit Google everyday and considering the fact that the future of computing lies in Apps.