12 Feb

Top 12 Funny & Awesome Google Tricks

google search funny tricks

1) Google Gravity: Enter “Google Gravity” in the Google search bar. Hit “I’m feeling lucky” . And watch your world falling down in front of you. [ If you have Google Instant enabled, it is on the right hand side of the suggested searches ]

2) Do a barrel roll: Type “Do a barrel roll” in Google and see the magic.

3) TILT: Type TILT in Google & see the magic. Or type “Askew” for similar magic. You might have to tilt your head to see everything.

4) Recursion: This is for the nerds & philosophy majors. Search for “recursion” and Google asks “did you mean recursion?”

5) Play Snake on a Youtube Video: Watching a boring youtube video?
Do you know you can play Snake Game on a youtube video?
Just click on the video and press the “Up+Left” arrows simultaneously to enjoy a game of “Snake” over the youtube video.
Note: This trick only works in YouTube’s new player, which is only available for videos that don’t include annotations or ads. It’s limited to the videos played on YouTube’s site & it doesn’t work for embedded videos.

6) Pacman: Getting bored on Internet?
You can play the all famous Pacman at http://www.google.com/pacman/ and enjoy your time.

7) Google Earth flight simulator: Google Earth allows its users to fly an F-16 fighter jet anywhere in the world.
Just press ‘Ctrl + Alt + A’ to activate the flight simulator and enjoy.

8 ) Answer to life, the universe, and everything: When you search “Answer to life, the universe, and everything”, it comes up with the result 42. When you ask the same question to ‘Siri’, it also comes up with the same answer.
The number has received attention in popular culture as a result of its central appearance in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”.

9) Epic Google: Type “Epic Google” in Google and Hit “I’m feeling lucky”. And enjoy the Epic Google.

10) Google Hacker: DO you want to see how the Google Homepage will look if it gets hacked?
Type “Google Hacker” in Google and Hit “I’m feeling lucky”.

11) Annoying Google: Type “Google Annoying” in Google and Hit “I’m feeling lucky”.

12) Heart (Valentines’ Day Special) : Just type
sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5
” in Google Search bar. And find a present for this valentines’ day. Or you can send the link to your loved ones.

13) New Trick: Type “Zerg Rush” into Google and get a pleasant surprise.

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Note: Some of the tricks might not work in some browsers.

19 Jul

8 Google Secrets you should know


google secrets and tricks

Google is the most popular search engine available today. Everyday we use google. It is a very important part of our lives now. But do you know that we are not using google to the best of its capability. There are so many hidden features of google which can easily ease and enhance your search. Here we have prepared a list of 8 google secrets which you can use and enhance your search:
1) To search within a website: Use [google:youngblah.com]. It will display all the results related to “Google’ but only from youngblah.com.

2) Linked pages: Use [link:http://www.youngblah.com] to find out which pages are linked to your website.

3) To exclude the terms: Use [ young -blah]. Now it will show results related to “young” only but will exclude terms related to “blah”

4) The ‘OR’ operator: Use [Youngblah 2011 OR 2012]. It will show results related to youngblah from either of these years. If we don’t use OR, then it will show results included from both the years.

5) Exact Search: Use double quotes [“Young Blah”]. It will show results related to “Young Blah” in the exact order and by exact name. But you will miss out search related to , for example, ‘Young H. Blah’.

6) Intitle: Use [ intitle:”Youngblah”]. It will restricts your results to the titles of the web pages only.

7) Intext: Use [ intext:youngblah]. It will search only the text of the articles and will ignore titles and links.

8 ) You can also use filters on the left side of the Google search page to narrow down your search results.

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