28 Oct

How to Verify Your Website/Tumblr Blog on Pinterest

Social Media Updates on Pinterest

Just like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, Pinterest also introduced a feature for profile pages that allows you to verify your website on Pinterest. The new feature will highlight your full site URL on your Pinterest profile pages. “When your site is verified, users will see a checkmark next to your domain name in search results. They will also see the full site URL & checkmark on your profile.”

This feature will be available to all the profiles within a week or so, so it is possible that you won’t see the verify website option in your settings immediately.

Social Media Updates on Pinterest

How to Verify Your Website on Pinterest

1) Log in to your account and go to Pinterest.com/settings.

2) If the verified option is available to you, then choose “Verify Website”(Positioned next to the field where you fill your website information).

Pinterest Verification

3) Download the HTML Verification file.

4) Log in to your Hosting account. Select “File Manager” under Files section. Then select “Home Directory” and click on “Go”. There, open the “public_html” folder and upload the HTML file you’ve downloaded from Pinterest.

5) Click on “Click here” on the Pinterest verification page to complete the process. You can later delete the HTML file from your public_html folder.

For now, the verified option is only for “top-level” domains such as youngblah.com, and not youngblah.wordpress.com. Most blogging platforms (such as Blogger or WordPress) and eCommerce sites (such as Etsy, eBay) do not allow you to upload HTML files. Tumblr is an exception; step by step process for verifying a Tumblr blog can be found here.

It’s a great step by Pinterest to increase the visibility of official content creators and brand profiles. Also, the link from Pinterest to your website is “Dofollow”, so I’m sure it will also benefit webmasters in their SEO efforts.

So, what do you think of this move by Pinterest? Have you verified your website yet?
Leave a comment if you’re having any problem verifying your website.

16 May

Top 5 Tools/Extensions To Expand Shortened URLs



URL Expanders are a great tool which helps you to avoid clicking malicious links. There are so many URL shorteners these days that spammers can easily target users to click on their spammy links. But with the help of following tools/extensions, you can easily avoid malicious and spammy links.



1) LongURL

LongURL expands the short URL to Long/Original URL and also shows the Title of the page. It is one of the most popular URL expander  tool.

2) Where Does This Link Go?

Where Does This Link Go? is a minimalist design tool which finds out the destination of the short URL. But it doesn’t show any other information.

For Google Chrome Users:

3) LongURL

LongURL replaces shortened links on any page to Page Title or long URL using LongURL API! You can also try LinkPeelr which shows the original URL when you hover the mouse on any shortened link.

4) Miniscurl Universal URL Shortener/Expander Extension

This Google Chrome Extension expand shortened URLs and also helps to shorten URLs with just one click from any shortening service of your choice.


7 Best URL Shorteners of 2012 And Their Benefits

For Firefox Users:

5) Long URL Please

This Firefox Addon works great by transparently replacing any of short links to long URL or page title.


07 Apr

Top 10 Tools To Generate Fake Screenshots of Any Thing

autocorrect iphone


You may have seen lot of funny screenshots all over the web these days such as iPhone Auto Correct, Facebook Wall or Twitter statuses. But let me tell you that 99% of the time, these screenshots are fake. All these screenshots are made with the help of various tools available on the Internet.

autocorrect iphone


Here are Top 10 Best Tools To Generate Fake Screenshots:

The Wall Machine

The Wall Machine is a WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) tool for creating Funny Fake Facebook Walls, news feeds & conversations.
You can also create fake profile pages just for fun to entertain your friends. Create it, and share it on Facebook!
Another tool you can try is Fake Convos.

Fake Tweet Builder

To create Fake twitter Conversations.

iFake Text

To create Fake screenshot images of iPhone text messages. You can choose your custom name, carrier & add the text.


Generate your First Class Airline Ticket with Ticket-O-Matic!

Fake Name Generator

Generate random fake data such as Name, country, address, phone number and many more elements.

iFake Siri

Generate Fake Siri Conversations.

Expense Steak

Generate PDF receipts of bills.

Fake A Wish

Generate fake News to fool your friends. Another tool you can try to create fake news is Noob.


06 Apr

5 Best Free Tools To Test The Speed of Your Website

test speed of website


The loading time(speed) of a website is a crucial factor to improve the overall experience of your users. If your website is taking too much time to load, then users won’t stay on your website for very long time.
Apart from user experience, a faster performing site also rank higher in Google search results.

test speed of website

Studies show that users leave a site if it hasn’t loaded in 4 seconds; so keep your users happy & engaged by providing a fast performing website!

Here are 5 Best Free tools to evaluate the speed of your site:

Page Speed: An open source tool from Google to evaluate the performance of web pages and gives suggestions for improvement.

YSlow: A free tool from Yahoo! that suggests ways to improve website speed. It is available to download as add-on for browsers to measure performance of a website.

GTmetrix: GTMetrix uses both Page Speed and YSlow to evaluate your site’s performance and it runs online without downloading any add-ons.

WebPagetest: With webpagetest, Run a free website speed test from multiple locations around the world using real browsers (IE & Chrome) and at real consumer connection speeds.

Pingdom: Pingdom is a great tool to test the speed of a website. It breaks down the speed into how long it takes for every script, CSS file & media asset to load.

Some Other Tools To Test The Speed of Your Website:

Whichloadsfaster: Compare the speed of two websites at the same time.

Site-Perf :Test your speed and display relevant data of your website.


You can also use Webmaster Tools, Labs > Site Performance which shows the speed of your website as experienced by users around the globe.




29 Feb

Top 7 Tools To Create Awesome Infographics

youtube-dislikes infographic

youtube-dislikes infographic

There is no denying in the fact that Infogrphics are the best way to drive traffic and build links all over the web. They are easy to share, interactive and convey more information which is readable in a short time.

Let’s take a look at the Top 7 Tools to Create Awesome Infographics:


Visual.ly is one of the best tool available to make amazing infographics with all kinds of web-based data. You can use your Facebook Profile/pages data or you can also create your own Twitter account Infographic here on Visual.ly.

Vizify TweetSheet

Vizify is another great tool where you can make your own Twitter account Infographic.
The Infographic reveals your top followers, most-retweeted posts, & some other interesting statistics.
See sample here.


Tagxedo helps you to create amazing word cloud based infographics.
Another tool you can try for Typography Infographics is Wordle.

IBM Many Eyes

IBM Many Eyes helps you to create visualizations, charts, graphs and data sets using many other options.

Mind 42

Mind 42 is a great tool to create mind mapping infographics.

Gun N Map

Gun N Map is a great tool to make awesome interactive maps.
You can also try StatPlanet Map Maker.


Vizualize.me is an interesting tool that creates an infographic resume by connecting to your LinkedIn account.


Infogr.am is a new tool to create cool interactive Infographics very easily. Just pick up a design you like, add your data and share the Infographic.

15 Feb

Use Sticky Notes For Your Browser and Desktop To Remember Things

Sticky Screen

StickyScreen is a very simple and clean website where you can make yellow sticky notes to remember things to do and set it as your browser homepage.

sticky screen notes

How It Works

Visit the website at stickyscreen.org.
Type anything you want to remember and set it as your browser homepage.
And every time you will open your browser, you will see that sticky note.
There is no need to register on the site and it’s completely free.

The notes get stored in the cookie locally and nobody else can see your notes except you.
You can also use this Firefox extension to make it as default page for every tab.

Desktop Software:

To stick Yellow Notes on your desktop, you can use Sticky Notes software.
This software is free to try with limited features and if you like it, you can buy the full version.
Download it here on Cnet.com