18 Feb

Top 11 Must Follow Blogs for Indian Entrepreneurs

indian entrepreneur blogs

11 Must Follow Blogs for Indian Entrepreneurs:

1) Pluggd.in: The best Indian blog to follow where entrepreneurs can get all the tips from starting a new venture to networking to legal advice, everything. The blog also showcase new tech & business startups from Asia who have the potential to become big tomorrow. Recently they have also started a forum where you can discuss regarding a lot of things or problems you are facing and get a unique perspective from people of all genres.

2) Entrepreneur.com: The premier website in the field of Entrepreneurship. You can buy the monthly magazine also. The website cover all aspects of entrepreneurship with real life examples. It is very old website, so you can find vast number of articles over there. And the best part is that it is still updated regularly with latest trends in the Industry.
You can also follow Women Entrepreneurs here on the website.

3) Yourstory.in: Another Indian website dedicated to promote the entrepreneurial dream by bringing the stories of entrepreneurs & startups from across India and across the globe from sectors like web, mobile, e-commerce, social, cloud, ‘green’ & creative domains.

4) Indiadigitalreview.com: This blog focuses on technology news, startups and interviews of people from different walks of life.

5) Medianama.com: Another great blog which focuses on media news and analysis of Digital media in India.

6) Youngentrepreneur.com: The website is a great source of finding insightful articles related to business and entrepreneurs.

7) Trak.in: This blog tracks Indian Startups and is regularly updated.

8 ) Toiletpaperentrepreneur.com/blog/: This blog provides entrepreneurs & small businesses with tips on everything from starting a business to networking to marketing and lot of other things.

9) Gigaom.com: The website offers web tips as well as advice and insights for small businesses.

10) Vccircle.com: A great website to get news and interviews in the venture capitalists circle. You can also follow the VCCircle blog to get more insights on venture capitalism in India.

11) Siliconindia.com: A great website to stay updated about all the news that matters for professionals and entrepreneurs.

Though there are many other good blogs too but if you follow these blogs, it will serve the purpose to stay updated about current happenings and insights in the Indian Entrepreneur circle.
If we have missed any good blog, please share in comments.

24 Oct

Mumbai is the top internet using city in India: IAMAI Survey


top internet using city india

According to a recent survey conducted by IMRB & IAMAI(Internet and Mobile Association of India); Mumbai is the number one internet using city with 8.1 million users & 6.2 million active users followed by Delhi(NCR) with 6.2 million users & 5 million active users.
Kolkata is at the 3rd place with 3 million users and 2.4 active million users followed by Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Check out the full list of data of various cities:

internet users india

The report also confirms that internet is mainly dominated by youth aged between 18 to 35 years with young men, college students & working women.

14 Sep

Now Monetize your Youtube Videos through Youtube Partner Program

YouTube has launched YouTube Partner Program in India which will allow original video creators to earn money on youtube through advertising. Now you can make a living on YouTube through it’s various targeted advertising revenue solutions. youtube partner program youtube partner program benefits requirements for youtube partner program According to YouTube, you need to be a original creator of the videos in order to become a partner in the program. You should also be regularly uploading videos that are viewed by thousands of users, or publish popular or commercially successful videos in various other ways (such as Blu-Ray/DVDs sold online). All you need to do is register yourself at this link. Every year thousands of original content creators make $ 10,000 to $ 1,00,000 through Youtube Partner Program & its numerous targeted advertising revenue solutions.

12 Sep

Google launched Doodle 4 Google Competition in India


Google India has launched the third edition of The ‘Doodle 4 Google – India’s gift to the world’ competition which will also mark Childrens’ Day celebrations on 14th November 2011.
The competition is open to all students attending a school in India.

In addition to the winner’s doodle appearing on Google.co.in on Nov 14, 2011, the star Doodler will also receive a technology starter package which will include a laptop, an year’s Internet connection & a Rs 2,00,000 technology grant for the school that he or she will represent.

Last Year Winner:

google doodle competition

Name – Akshay Raj

Theme – ‘My Dream for India’

Class IX, Saint Aloysius High School
Mangalore, India

Technically & Naturally Growing India

My India which is growing technically and naturally is a great support to all beings in India. Non other countries can match up to India’s level in the coming years. It’s achievements are taking it to the top of the world.

Check out the link for more details:
Doodle 4 Google – India’s gift to the world

11 Sep

Finance Ministry of India Joins Facebook


The Finance Ministry of India launched its Official Facebook Page on Friday to reach out to the large number of people through the use of latest technology.
“Once you join, you”ll be able to connect with the Ministry of Finance Page, along with people you care about and other things that interest you,” said in an invite sent out by the ministry.

finance ministry of india

Facebook is the number one social networking site with 700 million users worldwide & 25 million users in India only.
The India’s economy is expected to grow at 8 per cent in the coming years and this page will help people to participate in various discussions & post their crucial views on infaltion, financial inclusion , taxation, etc.

The page till now displays various links to the Press Information Bureau & the Ministry’s official website.
Users would also be able to write on the wall of the page, upload and view photographs, like a post, and they can also request for update through SMS & RSS feeds.

Here’s the link for the Page.

29 Jul

Lenovo launched first PC with rupee symbol on keyboard

rupee symbol on keyboards

Lenovo became the first company in India to launch the desktops with rupee symbol on keyboard today. The rupee symbol is compatible with all the Microsoft softwares. Rahul Agarwal, Executive Director(Commercial Business) – Lenovo India said in a statement that Lenovo has worked with Microsoft in designing software solution for enabling the new rupee symbol as stipulated in the BIS (Bureau of Industry Standards) guidelines.

The Rupee symbol on keyboards highlights India’s critical role in the global business landscape. Lenovo is proud to be one of the first PC players in India to launch Microsoft software compatible rupee ready keyboards,” he added.

The move came after government asked all the manufacturers to make the keyboard with rupee symbol earlier this month.

Lenovo is also expected to add the symbol in all its products in the next few months. This introduction of rupee symbol will facilitate the use of the symbol and will also give Lenovo first mover advantage in the PC market for developing such rupee friendly keyboards.