18 Feb

Top 11 Must Follow Blogs for Indian Entrepreneurs

indian entrepreneur blogs

11 Must Follow Blogs for Indian Entrepreneurs:

1) Pluggd.in: The best Indian blog to follow where entrepreneurs can get all the tips from starting a new venture to networking to legal advice, everything. The blog also showcase new tech & business startups from Asia who have the potential to become big tomorrow. Recently they have also started a forum where you can discuss regarding a lot of things or problems you are facing and get a unique perspective from people of all genres.

2) Entrepreneur.com: The premier website in the field of Entrepreneurship. You can buy the monthly magazine also. The website cover all aspects of entrepreneurship with real life examples. It is very old website, so you can find vast number of articles over there. And the best part is that it is still updated regularly with latest trends in the Industry.
You can also follow Women Entrepreneurs here on the website.

3) Yourstory.in: Another Indian website dedicated to promote the entrepreneurial dream by bringing the stories of entrepreneurs & startups from across India and across the globe from sectors like web, mobile, e-commerce, social, cloud, ‘green’ & creative domains.

4) Indiadigitalreview.com: This blog focuses on technology news, startups and interviews of people from different walks of life.

5) Medianama.com: Another great blog which focuses on media news and analysis of Digital media in India.

6) Youngentrepreneur.com: The website is a great source of finding insightful articles related to business and entrepreneurs.

7) Trak.in: This blog tracks Indian Startups and is regularly updated.

8 ) Toiletpaperentrepreneur.com/blog/: This blog provides entrepreneurs & small businesses with tips on everything from starting a business to networking to marketing and lot of other things.

9) Gigaom.com: The website offers web tips as well as advice and insights for small businesses.

10) Vccircle.com: A great website to get news and interviews in the venture capitalists circle. You can also follow the VCCircle blog to get more insights on venture capitalism in India.

11) Siliconindia.com: A great website to stay updated about all the news that matters for professionals and entrepreneurs.

Though there are many other good blogs too but if you follow these blogs, it will serve the purpose to stay updated about current happenings and insights in the Indian Entrepreneur circle.
If we have missed any good blog, please share in comments.

13 Sep

5 things Entrepreneurs should learn from Indian Movies


1) Impossible is just a word: Have you seen an Indian Movie where one man can beat 200-odd people & his never say die attitude.

Well this attitude can be adopted in the business too. If your venture is not going in the positive direction & facing a seasonal or recessional setback, just remember to always keep going & assess every possibility which can make you a winner. It takes a very strong will to stand & keep going but heroes always does.

2) “Everything will be okay in the end. if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” [ Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost]: It is completely true in the business sense also. If your first venture didn’t go as planned, don’t feel sad & get up.

Most of the successful businessmen didn’t make it big in the first attempt itself. They have learned the hard way.
As they say, ” Every time you make a mistake, that means there’s one fewer mistake between you and success.”

3) Let’s get back together: Before going on a Mission Impossible, a hero always forms a team with the right set of skills & talent which is needed to accomplish the task.
Well in order to built a successful venture, you also need right set of people with right kind of skills working with you who are as much dedicated as you to make your dreams turn into reality.

4) Build good relations with people around you: Why you find all the people in the movie ready to help the hero. Just because he always helped people around him with a genuine interest in solving their problems.
A business is also built on good relationships.

If you are able to forge strong relationships with the people around you, you have won half the battle.
If you have helped these people whenever they needed you, they will be glad to help you in your business.
As they say, it’s always better to have 50 friends than $50.

5) Find Your Slogan: You will find signature moves of various Indian Heroes that people remember for ages.
You should also find a slogan that is catchy & unique and can be easily associated with your business.
This way you would be able to built a brand image in the minds of your customers.

“Spread the word by sharing it with your friends.”

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