24 Aug

Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing (Infographic)


Due to the rise of Internet all over the world, the Internet marketing industry continues to evolve and gain momentum. Consumers are no longer rely on Outbound marketing such as TV ads and Billboards — to find out about new products. Inbound Marketing involves two-way dialogue between the brand and the consumers which is largely facilitated by Social Media.

Here are some statistics from the Infographic below:

– The no. of marketers that say Facebook is crucial for their business has increased 83% in the last 2 years.

– 67% of B2C companies and 41% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through Facebook.

– 57% have acquired a customer through their company blog and 42% have acquired a customer through Twitter.

– Inbound Marketing costs 62% less per lead than  traditional outbound marketing.

– 86% of people skip TV Commercials.

Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing

Source: Mashable.

20 Aug

How Marketers Use Social Media ( Infographic )

How Marketers Use Social Media


SEOMoz revealed the results of Annual Survey 2012 to state some key points regarding how marketers are using Social Media in 2012. There were total of 6491 survey respondents. 44.4% of those survey respondents self-professed either “advanced” or “expert” level of social media ability. With no surprise, Facebook and Twitter came out as the most popular Social networks.
Though LinkedIn falls behind in 5th place, but surprisingly 74.1% of marketers use LinkedIn for branding.


How Marketers Use Social Media

Source: Hubspot.

13 Aug

Indian E-Commerce Industry Report ( Infographic )



E-Commerce is one of the hot sector in India these days. With more than 100 million Internet users in the country, it is a great business idea with huge potential. Check out this Infographic by MySmartPrice to find out lot of interesting facts regarding E-commerce in our country.

Some of the Important Trends includes:

– Various brands such as Nokia, Puma, Reebok, etc. are moving online with their own stores.
– Fashion is the number one category in E-Commerce in India with more than 130 stores dealing in Fashion products. Out of these, 91 stores are dealing exclusively in Fashion.
– There is also a rise of online exclusive labels such as Zovi, Shersingh,etc.


04 Aug

How To Appear First in Google Search Results ( Infographic )


Google is your first impression. More than one billion names are searched every day on Google. That means you have been Googled at some point – by your employer, client or even a first date. But only half of people find themselves in the 1st page of Google search results when they search their own name. And out of those half, most of them don’t have any positive content to represent themselves. And Only 2% of people own the entire 1st page of their search results.

BrandYourself, an online reputation management company, shared this infographic to help you learn how to appear higher in Google search results and build a strong online presence.

How Do I Get To The Top of Google Search results

25 Jul

How Much Is Apple Worth?

Worth of Apple

Have you ever wondered how much is Apple worth? Apple market cap is around $600 billion in 2012. It is worth a lot of things in the world.
For example,
– 364 Space Shuttles.
– 257 Manchester Uniteds or 364 New York Yankees. Actually, Apple can buy all the sports team in the world.
– 73 London Olympics.

Take a look at this Inforgraphic to find out more:

Worth of Apple

Source: www.macformat.com

You can also check out this Tumblr Blog which states interesting facts about “Things Apple is worth more than” in the world.
For example,
– Apple is worth more than all the illegal drugs in the world.
– The Star Wars, Harry Potter, Twilight, Stephen King, and Star Trek Franchise Combined.
– Double the entire US Clothing Store Business.

In 2011, Apple’s total sales were $128 billion. That is, more than the GDP of 160 countries combined around the world.
Check out this Infographic to find out more fascinating facts about Apple.

worth of apple infographic

24 Jul

Performance of Advertising on Google ( Infographic )

google ads

Have you ever noticed the sponsored results in Google search results that have been taking over most of the Google search results page. Wordstream has created an Infographic which is full of interesting data on Google’s PPC, clicks and on the performance of Google Ads in Search results.

Clicks on paid search results outdo organic clicks by almost a 2:1 margin for keywords with high commercial intent in the United States.

Though organic searches still get more clicks than paid results overall but not for High commercial intent keywords. Keyword searches with high commercial intent means keywords in which a Google searcher is looking to purchase a product or service (for ex.: “buy web hosting”).

advertising on google

17 Jul

The Patent Wars: Apple Vs Samsung ( Infographic )

Apple Vs Samsung

The patent wars rages on between Apple & Samsung. It all started when Samsung launched its Galaxy devices and Apple believes that it infringed its design patents. But Samsung counter-attacked stating that Apple infringed on ten of its patents such as 3G and wireless technology. Courts from all over the world have taken upon this battle. There have been preliminary injunctions ordered in the past barring Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be sold in the market in Australia and Europe.
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The recent decision by U.S. District Court in July to temporarily ban the sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus tablets and phones clearly indicates the growing conflict between Apple and Samsung.

Check out the Infographic below to learn more about the major events in this battle.

Apple Vs Samsung Patent Wars

06 Jul

Top 10 SEO Facts ( Infographic )

facts about seo industry

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website and bring organic traffic from search engines to that website.

But do you know, How big is the SEO industry? Spanish-based SEO firm BlueCaribu shared this amazing Infographic about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and its interesting facts on the internet.

The Infographic reveals that India is the number one nation with the maximum interest in SEO. Till now 13 million blog posts have been published with the term “SEO” in the title.

Check out the Infographic for more details:

facts about seo industry

23 Jun

How Much Data Is Generated Every Minute? ( Infographic )

Business intelligence firm DOMO shared this amazing Infographic, which shows just how much data is created online every minute.
Facebook users share 684,478 pieces of content. Twitter users post more than 1,00,000 tweets. Apple receives more than 27,000 APP downloads. WordPress users publish 347 new blog posts. 571 new websites are created every minute.

Check out this Infographic to find more interesting details about how much data is generated online every minute:

How Much Data Is created Every Minute

via Mashable.

20 Jun

Most-Social Landmarks in the World ( Infographic )

facebook check-ins social landmarks

Facebook releases the list of most social landmarks in the world yesterday. The list is based on the number of check-ins made on Facebook in 25 cities around the world.

Among the Number 1 ranked Social landmarks across the 25 cities:
– Seven are sports stadiums/arenas
– Two are concert arenas
– Six are public areas such as squares, parks, avenues and gardens
– Two are shopping-centric such as shopping centers and malls
– Two are amusement parks

facebook check-ins social landmarks

15 Jun

The Cheat Sheet For How WordPress Themes Work ( Infographic )

analogy of wordpress theme

World famous WordPress developer and web geek Joost de Valk shared this highly informative Infographic about the Anatomy of a WordPress Theme.

The Infographic serves as a “Cheat sheet for How your blog works” and provides basic information about all the files in your WordPress theme. It’s a highly useful infographic especially for new developers who are just getting into web development and this will provide an easy understanding of the WordPress Themes.

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analogy of wordpress theme

For more detailed information about this Infographic, visit Yoast website.

04 Jun

Twitter Showdown Between Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber ( Infographic )

Twitter Showdown Between Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber


Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are the Top 2 users on Twitter with 25.2 Million and 22.8 Million followers respectively. Recently, I created my first Infographic to compare engagement of both Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber on Twitter during the last month. No doubt, Justin Bieber(15,992) tweets a lot more than Lady Gaga(1481). But when it comes to followers, Justin Bieber is largely followed by people in USA while Lady Gaga followers are evenly divided throughout the world.

Check out more interesting facts in this Infographic:

Twitter Showdown Between Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber