31 Aug

Instaport: Download All Your Instagram Photos (Web App)


Instaport is a very simple and useful web application to download, export or backup all your Instagram photos in a single zip file. You can download all your photos, or selected photos by date or tag, or you can even download all photos from others which you’ve liked.


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How It Works:

Step 1:
Connect your Instagram account with this application.

Step 2:
Choose export service. You can select advanced options to download all photos or selected ones. Then click export. It may take a while for your download to be ready. Then click on the Download button to download photos in ZIP format.

There is pending feature which is coming very soon that would allow you to export your photos to Facebook, Flickr or RSS.

Do give Instaport a try and let us know your thoughts in comments.

31 May

How Mobile Apps Are Invading Your Privacy?


There is no doubt that there is so much concern about the privacy issues related to Google, Facebook or any other major websites. But have you considered privacy issues related to your mobile phones?

According to the app security company Veracode, there are 4 levels of risk related to mobile devices viz Application Layer, Network Layer, Hardware layer and Operating system Layer. Some malicious apps can access your mobile data and some other apps can penetrate your operating system and gain administrative access to your mobile device itself.

In the last few months, it was discovered that many apps were storing users’ contacts lists without their permission. A fake malware version of Instagram app was also available for Android users to download.

Find more details in this comprehensive Infographic by Veracode (via Mashable)

How Mobile Apps Are Invading Your Privacy

17 Apr

Facebook Introduces New Instagram Filters

facebook instagram filters


With Facebook acquired Instagram for US$1 Billion last week, the website Cool Material suggested some really cool filters for the most popular photo sharing app. The new filters would be ideal for all the Facebook users who like to put their best photo as profile picture.

facebook instagram filters


16 Apr

Five Things You Can Learn From Instagram Success

instagram success


US$1 Billion or Rs. 5,000 crore? That’s right.
Instagram – the most popular photo-sharing app and a 554-days old company with only 13 employees with almost no revenue did manage to grab this huge deal from Facebook.

Though many critics are raising doubts over Facebook strategy behind paying such a huge amount but Instagram has become a very popular brand itself in the last 2 years that Facebook had to buy it to avoid any competition in the future.

Let’s take a look at five things which you can learn from Instagram Success:

instagram success

1) First Mover Advantage is Always There: Instagram was not the first photo sharing app in the market but it was the first app to bring such awesome filters to give your photos an artistic look which is their main strength. Almost six years ago, YouTube did the same thing when it started a simple and easy to use video sharing platform and later it was also acquired by Google for $1.65 Billion. Even YouTube did not have any monetization model at that point of time.
But as they say, “The early bird gets the worm”.
Many apps were created like Instagram afterwards but they couldn’t replicate the success of it.


2) Focus on one thing: The best thing I liked about Instagram is that they did not launch Android app until now and they haven’t launch any website to use those filters till now. And It actually worked in their favor. Apple iPhone users started feeling superior that this app is made for them only. So, instead of using other similar apps like Instagram, iPhone users were only using Instagram which they believed was developed only for them.


3) Marketing: The app was not just limited to using filters and sharing on their social networks. Users of Instagram, known as Instagrammers started to have their own personal meet every month in various cities of the world. This actually build engaging communities and loyal user base on the network.


4) You don’t need Cool office or hundreds of employees to build a successful company: Instagram boasts of only 13 employees in the company operating from a very simple office on 164 South Park Street in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco.
They were more focusing on how to increase its user base rather than buying new office spaces or hiring employees.
I’m sure, there will come a day when a 1-2 person company will be acquired for a billion dollars.


5) Build great product, Money Will Follow: Many companies focus on earning money rather than improving the product even at the early stages of the product. No doubt, money is important. But if you’re are convinced that your product is great and users are loving it – money will definitely follow.


09 Apr

Facebook Buys Instagram For $1 Billion

mark zuckerberg


Facebook has acquired the most popular photography application, Instagram for approximately $1 billion in a combination of cash & shares.

The news was first shared by Mark Zuckerberg on his Facebook wall. Here’s what he has written:

mark zuckerberg

facebook buys instagram

Instagram has more than 27 million iPhone users and recently it was launched on Android platform. Within 12 hours of its Android launch, the app crossed 1 million Android users mark.
Now it would be interesting to see how Facebook would integrate Instagram on its network as Facebook was trying to acquire Instagram for a very long time.

What do you think of this acquisition — and how it will help Facebook?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

05 Apr

TimeHop: What Were You Doing on Social Media One Year Ago?



One year ago on April 2, 2011 – India won the Cricket World Cup and now they are losing most of their matches. Lot of things have changed in one year time. May be you were dating someone back then and now you’re single.

Timehop is a new service that sends you daily emails with your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Instagram posts from one year ago. It’s a great daily nostalgia kick which tells you what were you doing one year ago exactly on this date.

And it’s not just about you, the email also includes top stories from the world from one year ago.

So, find out what were you doing 1 year ago today and how far you’ve come as a person? Sign up here.

03 Apr

Much-Awaited App Instagram For Android is Available Now

android instagram

Instagram, the most popular photography app for the iPhone, is finally available for Android users on Google Play Store.
The app boasts over 27 million iPhone users and now surely gonna add million of Android users too.

android instagram

The app supports Android 2.2 Froyo or above. The app also carries all the filters & features which were there in the iPhone version.

Just snap a photo, add a filter effect, & then share it to Instagram’s social network as well as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, & Foursquare.

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The app surely going play a big role in the popularity for Android platform as it did for iPhone users.

You can download Instagram for Android for free from the Google Play Store here.

24 Mar

Story Wheel – Tell The Story Behind Your Instagram Pictures

story wheel


Pictures speak louder than words.
Story Wheel is a new web app that lets you record a voice story around your Instagram pictures and share it on the web as a Nostalgic Slideshow. It was started by Johannes Wagener and Katharina Birkenbach during the Music Hack Day Boston in 2011 and is now part of the SoundCloud Labs.
The web app is using Instagram to serve the pictures and SoundCloud to record & playback the stories.

story wheel

The process of creating stories is pretty simple. Just connect it with your Instagram account and arrange your pictures in the order of your choice. And then just record the voice story behind those pictures to create your Story Wheel.

It’s a pretty cool idea. I saw some of the stories and they were quite interesting. Though the website needs some improvement in terms of functionality, design and user experience.
But I’d highly recommend everyone to give it a try especially if you’re an avid Instagram user.

03 Mar

Instagram Crossed 25 Million Users [ Pictures ]

instagram photos

According to a report on The Next Web, Instagram may have crossed the 25 million users mark, if sleuthing around its API is to be believed.
If it is true, Instagram is now the world’s largest mobile-based social network.
The official number of users in the month of December, 2011 were 15 million. So that means in the last 3 months, 300 users are added every hour which is a huge growth.
Though there are many apps available now which works very similar to Instagram, but Instagram filters still works the best according to its users.

Let’s take a look at some of the pictures clicked by me using Instagram:

instagram photos

instagram photos

instagram photos

instagram photos

instagram photos

instagram photos

instagram photos

instagram photos

instagram photos

17 Feb

Top 6 Web Based Photography App Like Instagram


The biggest drawback of the most popular photograpgy app, Instagram is that there is no Web App for this. So, if you are not an iPhone or Android user, you will not be able to use one of the best photography app ever made.
So, let’s take a look at top 6 Web Based apps which works just like Instagram:

1) Picplz: One of the best alternative of Instagram App. PicPlz helps to retouch your photo with 11 different filters.
You sign up on the website, upload a photo, choose an effect, and add caption, then you can post on different social networks.
The app is also for iPhone and Android Phones apart from Web app.

2) PicYou: Another awesome app which sometimes works better than Instagram. The app has eight great filters and it is also available on iTunes store. Just Log-in using Facebook and twitter and see how this app will turn your photos into an awesome creation. You can also use photo frame in your pictures.

3) Pixlr-O-Matic: I just love this web app. There is no need to sign up. Just upload the picture and use any of the many different filters avaiable. It is fast and very simple to use. Some effects are pretty great and better than Instagram.
Apart from web app, there is a Chrome extension , Facebook App, iPhone App, Android App and Desktop app also.

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4) Rollip: Another great app with 40 different filters. And the best part is that there is no need to sign on the website. But the drawback of this site is that you need to select the filter first and then you will be asked to upload the picture.
The whole process of using different filters is time consuming.

5) InstantRetro: There is no need to sign up on this website. Just upload the picture and start using different effects.

6) SimpleRetro: The site has 12 filters to give your photos retro look. Though filters are not great as compared to Instagram but it’s still giving worth a try if you just want retro-look to your photos.

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