25 Feb

3 Tools To Build A Great Resume From Your Linkedin Profile

resume builder


LinkedIn is a fast-growing professional networking website with more than 100 million users representing over 200 countries around the world. It is a great website for professional networking, hiring, job searching, company research, and connecting with people, including alumni, colleagues, industry, & other business related groups.
Here are 3 Tools To Build A Great Resume From Your Linkedin Profile:

Resume Builder

resume builder

Resume Builder is a one of the best tool to convert your LinkedIn Profile into a beautiful resume within seconds.Just pick a resume template, customize the content, & print and download the resume in PDF format.
Here’s the sample of a resume created via Resume Builder.

Do Your Buzz


Douyourbuzz is another great website that lets you quickly create a detailed resume from your professional information on your LinkedIn profile.
It has both free and paid plans but the free plans is sufficient to build a awesome resume.


vizualize resume

Vizualize.me is an interesting tool that creates an infographic resume by connecting to your LinkedIn account.
The process is very simple: Just login with the linkedin account, edit your information and an awesome resume is ready in front of you.


ResumUP: ResumUP is another great tool to build visual resume from your LinkedIn and Facebook account.