01 Oct

The Mindset Divide – Personal Vs Professional Social Networks (Infographic)

LinkedIn and Facebook Marketing Strategies

As a Social Media expert, it is crucial to understand the users’ different mindsets on personal & professional social networks. You just can’t have the same strategy for all the social networks. Just as people keep their personal life separate from their professional ones, they also have different emotions while visiting personal networks such as Facebook and professional networks such as LinkedIn.

The new study from LinkedIn explains why marketers should understand different mindsets of users on different social networks so they can better integrate their social media marketing strategies. Though most of the small businesses never even care to include LinkedIn in their Social Media Marketing strategy but it can be a valuable marketing asset esp. for lead generation.

LinkedIn and Facebook Marketing Strategies

30 Sep

Office Trends in the Next Five Years (Infographic)

Linkedin Infographic Office tools and Trends

We’ve come a long way in the last decade with many office tools and trends disappearing. Keeping that in mind, LinkedIn surveyed more than 7,000 members in 18 countries to find out the office trends in the next 5 years.
The findings reveal Top 5 Tools and trends that will disappear in the next five years, top 3 dream office tools and other creative office upgrades that respondents suggested.

Linkedin Infographic Office tools and Trends

Office Trends in the Next Five Years

10 Aug

Top 10 Tools To Schedule Posts on Social Media

Social Media


Social Media is all about engagement with users. And one of the most important aspect to drive engagement on Social Media sites is to post content regularly. If you’re not active on Social Networks, people won’t take too long to forget about your brand. But finding time isn’t easy for everyone as you always have other commitments in life. So, what should you do to streamline the process on Social Media sites. The answer is – Schedule updates using various tools available on the Internet.

Social Media

Here is the list of Top 10 Tools To Schedule Posts on Social Media sites.

1) Bufferapp

One of the most popular app to schedule and share posts on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. It also provides you free and detailed analytics on all your posts shared to every social network. It is available for both browsers and mobile phone.

2) If This Then That

An amazing tool to create all sort of actions on Social Media sites. IFTTT(If This Then That) is a service that lets you create strong connections on more than 50 social networks. You can automatically schedule posts, follow or unfollow people, send messages, and lots more.

3) Postcron

A simple and awesome tool to schedule posts on your Facebook Profile/Pages and Twitter. My personal favorite. You can even choose the album where you want to add the schedule photo on Facebook pages. Number of schedule posts per day are limited in free version but you can always go for paid version. But you can only schedule 10 posts at a time for free.

4) HootSuite

It is a social media dashboard to manage and measure your social networks.

5) TweetDeck

Another social media dashboard to manage social networks. Available for desktop, web browser and mobile.

6) Laterbro

A simple app to schedule and share status update on Twitter and Facebook. Just login with your Twitter or Facebook account and you’re ready to go. But the app doesn’t allow to share statuses on your Facebook pages. You can only schedule statuses for your Facebook profile and that too up to 140 characters only.

7) Twuffer

It allows you to compose a list of future tweets on Twitter, & schedule their release.

8) Timely

Timely helps to schedule tweets for maximum impact. Just schedule the tweets and Timely will post them when they will have the highest impact by analyzing your past 199 tweets and figure out the best time slots. So, you get more retweets, replies, and followers!

9) Buffero

You can also schedule your Tweets by Email. You get your own secret address on Buffero to email your tweets to. Free basic plan can have up to 15 tweets scheduled.

10) Greetings Tomorrow

Apart from scheduling your own updates on Facebook, this application allows you to schedule updates to be posted on friend’s walls such as Birthday wishes.

11) Pinerly

It allows you to schedule posts on Pinterest, follow or unfollow people, and optimize your content for posting time to drive more traffic.

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12) Do Share

Do Share is a Google Chrome extension to write & schedule your posts for personal Google+ profiles and Google+ pages.

13) Kroned

Simple application to schedule unlimited posts on Facebook for free.

So, which one is your favorite tool?

18 Apr

Which Social Network Should You Use and When? [ Infographic ]

Social media infographic


Do you want to know which Social Network is more effective?
What are the strategies you should adopt while selecting different Social Networks for your different marketing purposes?
When is Facebook most effective? When you should use Twitter or LinkedIn or Google+ to promote your brand?

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Find out everything in this new Infographic by Mashable via business consultant network Zintro:

Social media infographic



10 Mar

Manage All Your Social Accounts With GrabInbox [ Indian StartUp ]



GrabInbox is an easy way to manage multiple twitter, facebook, facebook fan pages, and linkedin accounts all from one place. It is your Social Media Dashboard.
It’s a new startup started in 2011 by two developers, Nischal Shetty and Sameer Mhatre, originally from Mumbai. The duo also received US $40,000 in seed funding from Start-Up Chile & have two web products – GrabInbox and JustUnfollow.

How It Works

– Sign Up Using Twitter, Facebook or E-Mail.

– Add multiple twitter, facebook, facebook fan pages and Linkedin accounts.

– Post updates on multiple networks all at once. You can also schedule your posts and updates.

– GrabInbox also notifies you when you have any replies, direct messages etc. so that you don’t miss any important updates.

– View Updates from all social networks at one place.

– You can also try GrabInbox Google Chrome Plugin to easily share web pages you like to all social networks.

I gave it a try, it’s simple & easy to use and works pretty fine.
Do check it out and let us know your thoughts in comments.

25 Feb

3 Tools To Build A Great Resume From Your Linkedin Profile

resume builder


LinkedIn is a fast-growing professional networking website with more than 100 million users representing over 200 countries around the world. It is a great website for professional networking, hiring, job searching, company research, and connecting with people, including alumni, colleagues, industry, & other business related groups.
Here are 3 Tools To Build A Great Resume From Your Linkedin Profile:

Resume Builder

resume builder

Resume Builder is a one of the best tool to convert your LinkedIn Profile into a beautiful resume within seconds.Just pick a resume template, customize the content, & print and download the resume in PDF format.
Here’s the sample of a resume created via Resume Builder.

Do Your Buzz


Douyourbuzz is another great website that lets you quickly create a detailed resume from your professional information on your LinkedIn profile.
It has both free and paid plans but the free plans is sufficient to build a awesome resume.


vizualize resume

Vizualize.me is an interesting tool that creates an infographic resume by connecting to your LinkedIn account.
The process is very simple: Just login with the linkedin account, edit your information and an awesome resume is ready in front of you.


ResumUP: ResumUP is another great tool to build visual resume from your LinkedIn and Facebook account.