08 Mar

How To Choose An Awesome Blog Name

blog name

blog name

While you are planning to start a new blog, it is very important to focus on your Blog Name. Choosing a blog name is very difficult especially if you are starting a blog for the first time. You try to be creative but end up selecting a bad name.
A Blog Name is something which will help you to build a brand in the online world. A good name can even increase your search rankings and people are more likely to click on your links.

People will remember your blog by the name. The first thing people see on your blog is the name. So, spend lot of time in brainstorming and decide the best name for your blog.

Here are some rules to be followed while selecting Blog Name:

1) Your blog name should match the domain name. Never choose a blog name that is different from domain name because that will create confusion in the minds of readers. They will remember your blog name but they won’t be able to visit the blog again because you have a different domain name. I know it’s difficult to find a domain name these days but still always follow this rule.

2) It should describe the market you’re catering to. If you are writing about niche topics such as tech, blogging, gadgets, make money online, social media etc., your blog name should include keywords regarding that. For example, myblogtips.com, socialmediamanager.com, iwillteachyoutoberich.com, etc.
It helps in better ranking in search engines.

3) It should be easy to remember. If you’re writing about many topics and you can’t include keywords in your blog name, then you should choose a general blog name that is easy to remember.

4) It should not be too long. If you are not finding any good short domain name, then you can choose a long blog name but remember that it should also be easy to remember. Check out the examples in second point, the names are big but they are all easy to remember.

After going through all the above rules, I know still it is very difficult to choose a good blog name. The main problem is finding an exact domain name for that.

So, following are some of the Blog Name Generators that can help you find a good name and at the same time tells whether the same domain name is available or not:

1) DomainsBot: One of the best blog and domain name generator. Just type a keyword in the search box, and it will suggest you many domain names along with information about their availability.

2) Impossibility: It suggests all the unregistered domain names. You can add the keyword at the beginning or end of the domain name in your search.

3) Nameboy: You can use Nameboy also but it only provides limited domain suggestions along with information about their availability.

4) Bustaname: Another good domain name generator.

5) Namestation

6) FreedomainGenerator

7) Wordoid

8 ) Makewords

These are some of the Blog name generators that can help you choosing a right blog and domain name.
Try these out and let us know in comments if any of these generators helped you out while deciding the blog name.

09 Feb

How to Make Money with 100% Adsense Revenue Sharing websites

Google Adsense

adsense ads google

If you can write well, World Wide Web offers you a great opportunity to earn lot of money.
And you don’t even need to set up your own website or blog.
There are many websites where you can submit articles and they will share 100% Adsense revenue with you.
The more the number of clicks you will get on your articles, the much better payment you will receive from Google Adsense.

“Google AdSense is a program run by Google Inc. that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text,video, image, & rich media ads that are targeted to website content & audience.
These ads are administered, sorted, & maintained by Google, & you can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.”

Here is a list of Websites that share 100% Adsense Revenue with you:

Hubpages:Hubpages is great website for sharing your views,opinions,product reviews, articles, etc.
Here, the articles are called Hubs. You can apply for Adsense account through Hubpages and link your Adsense account directly with them.

Flixya: You can share video, photo & blog on this site. The Revenue Sharing is 100%.

SheToldMe.com: This is another great website where you can earn money by 100% Google AdSense Revenue Sharing program as well as by referring new members. This site works like a socialbookmarking site such as Digg, StumbleUpon, etc where you can share your articles. You need to have an Adsense account to earn money on this site.

FunAdvice.com: Questions, Answers & How To’s site. It also share 100% Adsense revenue with you.

Indyarocks: It is a social networking website that allows you to put google ads on your profile. You can apply for Adsense account through Indyarocks and it is very easy to set up. It also share 100% Adsense revenue with you.

There is another site Infobarrel.com where you can earn 75% Adsense revenue through all ad impressions on your articles.
OR try Triond or Squidoo where you can earn 50-60% revenue.

31 Jul

Google Adwords Express launched by Google


google adwords

Last week, Google launched the Adwords Express officially. It is a simple and faster way by which you can start advertising online in under 5 minutes. It was earlier launched as google Boost in last October for a small number of local businesses. Since then, Google is continuously improving the solution to help all local businesses to reach out to the customers with ease.

Check out this video launched by google:

How It Works:
When people search for your area or services you provide, for instance, “hiking gear in hanover” ; it will show your business ad with a blue pin on Google Maps which helps you to reach potential customers.
google adwords

And you pay to the Google only when a customer clicks your Ad.

Learn More about it here.


28 Jul

Find out the “Secrets to Success” [ Video ]


Eric Thomas is a renown motivational speaker, educator, author, activist & minister. Check out this Inspirational video in which ET share his secrets to success with MSU students. Success does not come easily as it seems. It requires hard work, passion and hundred per cent dedication from your side. All these successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg did not achieve success overnight. They have worked day and night to reach at the position where they are today. Visit his website to buy the DVD of “Secrets to Success” and to know more about him: http://etthehiphoppreacher.com/