17 Apr

Top 6 Best Meme/Rage Comics iPhone Apps



Meme, by definition, means an idea, belief or pattern of behavior that spreads throughout a culture, peers, information media, & entertainment media. You must have seen funny Memes such as Forever Alone, Rage Comics, Like a Boss and many more on the Internet these days which are spreading like wildfire across the web, using email & other social websites to propagate.


So, let’s take a look at Top 6 Best Meme/Rage Comics iPhone Apps:

1) Memebase – The Official App for MemeBase: It has huge collection of all your Memes – Bronies, Troll Face, Forever Alone, Philosoraptor, Friends, Rage Guy, and many more at one place. You can also share the memes with your friends on Facebook, Email and Twitter.
Price: Free

2) Memefier: This interactive app automatically detects faces in your photos & adds funny memes to them. There are more than 18 memes to choose from and all of the memes are in High resolution. You can also buy additional Memes to have more fun.
Price: Free

3) Trollolol: Another great app which detect faces on pictures & you can swap them with a hilarious variety of rage faces.
Price: Free

4) Rage Comics: The Best Rage Comics reader with wide range of comics available from Reddit. Another great feature of this app is advanced computer vision techniques to easily read the comics on your phone.
Price: Free

5) Rage Comix: Create Rage comics with this app with more than 600 rage faces available to choose from in more than 25 categories. If you are an iPad user, the best app to create rage comics is iRageMaker(Free).
Price: $1.99

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6) Ultimate Rage: This app lets you to copy and paste rage/troll faces into your text messages or emails, using any iOS device.
Price: $0.99