12 Dec

Windows 8 – Best Features [INFOGRAPHIC]

Windows 8 Features

Windows 8 is the latest version of the Windows operating system, by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and office laptops, desktops, and tablets. This Infographic below explains the new features of Windows 8 and its pros and cons.

Below are some of the new features in Windows 8:

– Speedy Boot time and Performance development.
– Internet Explorer 10.
– Metro UI and Touch Mode.
– Solution for Cyber security.
– SkyDrive.
– Runs on Desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

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Windows 8 Review Features

Infographic by Dot Com Infoway.

20 Jun

Microsoft Surface Vs Apple iPad (Retina)

microsoft surface tablet

Microsoft officially announced its Surface Tablet to rival the Apple iPad. Though the price is yet to be announced but the product is capable to compete with high end tablets & even ultrabooks. The Surface tablet will be available in two versions: one that runs Windows RT and another version that runs Windows 8 Pro. That means the latter will be able to run all your windows programs.

microsoft surface tablet

Though not all the specifications are known yet but here’s a look at comparison of Microsoft Surface Vs Apple iPad(Retina):

Microsoft surface vs ipad

via DigitalTrends.

21 May

Microsoft Quietly Launches Social Network So.cl

so.cl home page


Microsoft quietly launched a new social network last night – So.Cl.

The new social network, which was leaked out last year, is developed to give students the ability to network and share information with their peers. It was tested by many students at selected universities since last year.

so.cl home page


“So.cl (pronounced ‘Social’) combines search and social networking for the purpose of learning and research & it is the latest experiment from FUSE Labs,” Microsoft said in a description of the social network.

Users can log in to So.cl with their Facebook or Windows Live accounts. Once logged in, users can choose their areas of Interest, and follow their friends and other people. Just like Facebook’s share button, So.cl also has a “Share on So.cl” button, allowing users to share interesting Web sites with other So.cl users.

In addition to basic features such as sharing, tagging and commenting on posts, Microsoft has added a new feature – “Riff” on the post – that Microsoft describes as “a new way to interact & improvise with content.”

Another great feature in So.cl is the ability to create “video parties” that allows users to view YouTube videos and chat with their friends simultaneously.

Microsoft refers to the So.cl as “an experiment in open search,” that means your searches will be viewable to other So.cl users and public. But Microsoft also said it will not automatically post users’ So.cl activity and searches unless they opt in.

Do give it a try and let us know your thoughts in comments. Though the So.cl is completely different from Facebook or Google Plus but I find some of its features really cool and overall its pretty interesting, atleast better than Google Plus.

25 Mar

7 Entrepreneurial Lessons You Can Learn By Doing Sales Job


I always wanted to work in Sales. Sales is the foundation of any business. There’s a saying that,” If you are good in sales, you can be successful in anything in life”. Though it’s not true all the time but Sales Job is something which teaches you a lot about yourself and the customers and everyone should do sales job once in their life. It’s all about selling yourself – if you can present yourself well in front of the customers and build good relations, you can easily sell the product.
Though the most important part of Sales is to create value for the prospects in able to turn them into customers.
An entrepreneur who lacks basic selling skills will find hard to be successful.


1) You need to Sell Yourself to Sell the Product: Selling yourself here means building good relations and trust with the customers with your attributes of honesty and professionalism and listening to their wants and needs and then providing the best solution for their specific problem.

The first time when you enter a prospects’ office, they do not know which product you’re selling. The first thing they will notice is you and how you’re introducing yourself and the company.
Businesses are also made successful by people. Take an example of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. It is mainly because of them Apple and Microsoft became so successful.

2) Not Everyone is Potential Customer: Before going on a cold call, salespeople always map the area to find out the best potential customers with the enough buying resources. In the business too, find out your best target market and potential customers. This will help to save your time, resources and you can focus on few very important potential customers. Always Remember, ten loyal customers are better than 30 customers who will not repeat purchase with your company.

3) Being Manipulative Works But Not in the longer run: There are two types of salespeople -Manipulative and Genuine. If the product is new in the market, then being manipulative might work for you. You might do good number of initial sales. But to be successful and drive regular sales in the longer run and in such a cut-throat competition these days, you need to be pretty honest with your customers and should try to solve their problems. Now honest here doesn’t mean that you should tell all the weak points of your product. Being Honest means to promise only those things which you can deliver.

4) Handling Pressure: The best part of Sales Job is that it teaches you how to handle pressure. Every day you have to report to your immediate manager. Every week you have to send Weekly reports to your senior manager. Every month you have review meets. And Every second you are afraid of losing your job if you’re not completing your targets. But if you’re able to handle this pressure, you can always handle different uncertainties that you will face in your business.

5) Service is Everything: It doesn’t matter for the customer how great your product is if you’re not providing good service. The customer in no time will shift to an average product with better services over your product.

6) If nine prospects say No,Don’t loose hope.. 10th one Still Could Say yes: This is the best thing I’ve learned in my Sales Job. Just never lose hope. In the business too, you only need to make one thing right to make it successful as long as you don’t do many things wrong.

7) Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone: In Sales job, your income is directly associated with your effort and skills. You need to come out of your comfort zone, overcome any shyness and hesitation and have to bring results.
Similarly, these traits will help you to get success in the business too.



02 Mar

Tech News RoundUp: Zynga, Microsoft, Apple and HTC


Zynga launches Zynga.com

Zynga announced launched a new site, Zynga.com, where users can play social games directly without logging on Facebook.
It is a big move by Zynga considering the fact that Facebook gets 12 % of its revenue from Zynga, & Zynga gets more than 90 % of its revenue from Facebook.
But that doesn’t mean Zynga will withdraw games from Facebook and it will continue to use Facebook Credits as the virtual goods payment system even for Zynga.com’s users.

But it is definitely a good move by Zynga as a long term strategy to increase its revenue and build a stand-alone website and brand.

Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview Hits 1 million Downloads Within 24 Hours

Microsoft’s new Windows 8 Consumer Preview, hits one million downloads within 24 hours of its launch.

Microsoft Developers team who is building Windows 8 tweets about it, “One day later… 1 million downloads of the consumer preview”.

It is a great start for the most anticipated windows from Microsoft. And if experts are to be believed, it can be a big threat for Android OS for tablet platform.

If you have not downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview yet, follow the link here.

More Loopholes in Apple iOS

After reports of various apps storing your address book on their servers, the New York Times reported that apps without permission can access your photos as well.
After a user on iPhone gives an application permission to have access to location info, the app can copy the user’s entire photo library, without any further warning/notification, according to various app developers.

This is a much bigger threat than the address book loophole.
Apple have not given a comment on this issue yet.

HTC Partnered with TomTom To offer maps and Turn-by-Turn navigation

Tom Tom, one of the largest player in map & navigation devices business, has tied up with HTC to provide the maps, & turn-by-turn directions for a range of HTC smartphones in India.

TomTom has 100 % coverage of more than 5,000 cities & towns across India.
The TomTom Maps will be additional feature in the HTC smartphones along with Google Maps and Bing Maps

16 Feb

Microsoft Launches msnNOW, A Social Trends App on Facebook and Twitter

Microsoft launches msnNOW, a new website which will help you to stay updated on the trends people are talking about, searching for, & sharing the most around the web.

According to Microsoft, the new site “will help you stay in the know.”

The website is using a technology called Demand Dashboard which is being developed to track to the latest trends & searches from Facebook,Twitter, BreakingNews & Bing.

Facebook users would also be able to read news on msnNOW Facebook Reader.

The design of the website is pretty clean, simple and magazine-like. Do give a try to the website and share your views about it.

07 Feb

Advertisements of Microsoft Windows [ From Windows 1.0 – Windows 8 ]

With Windows 8 is gearing up for its official launch in October, we present you different commercials of Microsoft Windows since the first launch of MS Windows 1.0:

03 Oct

Microsoft presents “i unlock joy” campaign

i unlock joy

Microsoft presents ” I unlock Joy” campaign aims at young students who are the part of DreamSpark program.
Just build one or more Apps using Dev Tools & submit on AppHub. If they get certified & published on the Windows Phone Marketplace during the contest period which ends Nov. 18, you can claim goodies like a brand new Windows Phone, certificate of acknowledgment from Microsoft and Windows Phone T-Shirts and USB flash drives.


AppHub is a vibrant community of applications & game developers for Windows Phone & Xbox LIVE Indie Games on Xbox 360. As part of the AppHub membership, you get a developer dashboard. So you can manage all aspects of how your app or game appears in Marketplace, monitor downloads, & track how much money you have earned if you charge for your apps.

Microsoft normally charges $99 per year for AppHub program, but it is free for DreamSpark student.
DreamSpark provides professional-level developer & design tools to students at no charge. These Microsoft tools will help you advance your learning & skills through technical design, math, technology, science & engineering activities.

For more Details: Visit Microsoft

14 Sep

Microsoft previews “Windows 8” [ Pictures ]

Microsoft previews the next release of Windows named “Windows 8” at the Microsoft Build Conference on Sep. 13, 2011.
The company also detailed about the new tools which would help developers to write new applications for the Windows platform.

“From the chipset to the user experience, Windows 8 brings a new range of capabilities without compromise.”, said Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows & Windows Live Division at Microsoft.
The Microsoft President has also announced that Windows 7 has sold 450 million copies worldwide till now & around 542 million people are now using Windows Live today.

Your personalized lock screen which shows your unread emails & various app notifications.

Here you can see your apps & content on the start screen in a glance.

Pick all the files you want to share or send from one place.

Fast, fluid & intuitive touch browsing.

Large buttons on the touch keyboard for easy typing.

The thumb keyboard to make you feel natural & more comfortable.

A full house at the start of the conference on Day 1 in Anaheim, California. All the conference attendees also received a Samsung prototype PC with Windows 8 Developer Preview.

You can also download the Windows 8 Developer Preview at this link.

Courtesy & Read more about Windows 8 at: Microsoft Press Release