09 Apr

Five Things To Consider Before Buying Mobile Phones in India

So you are thinking of buying a new mobile phone, but confused with vast range of Mobile phones in India available these days.
And every other day, a new phone is launching to make your choice even harder. There is more than just price to consider while buying mobile phones in India.

Well, check out these five things you should consider to make your choice easy and better.

1) Brand Name Matters: Indian market is a growing mobile market. In the last year or two, many new small companies have launched in the mobile arena. These companies, though, do offer tons of features at a very low price but still products are not durable and reliable. In a short span of time, you would start experiencing lots of problems in the phone. So, you should always go with reputed brands such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia, etc.

Mobile Phones in India

2) Camera: Mobile phones are no longer used to make/receive calls only. It is like a small digital camera in your pocket. If you intend to take good quality pictures with your mobile phone, you will definitely look for a phone with a very good camera. 5 MP camera is now the standard in a mobile phone. There are many phones with 8 MP, 10 MP or even 12 MP camera also. But higher pixels doesn’t mean good pictures. So, you should always take few shots to test the camera of the phone you’re interested in.

3) Operating System: A Mobile Phone is incomplete without a good OS. Android and iOS are the two leading operating systems these days. The main reason being that both offers wide range of applications to download on your phone. Android OS is even available on budgeted phones unlike Apple iOS. I would advise you not to buy phones with any other OS if you want to explore mobile application world as all the other OS such as Nokia Symbian, Blackberry OS, Windows, etc. doesn’t offer many choices in the field of applications.

4) Speed and Battery Life: Speed and battery life are two other specifications which are important for your mobile phone. You won’t be able to enjoy much on a mobile phone with slow speed or less battery life. So, always check RAM, Processor and battery type before buying a mobile phone.

5) Design: A phone is incomplete without a good design. Your choices range from touchscreen phones to qwerty keyboards phones, etc. If you intend to buy touchscreen phones, always check the touch quality of that phone.

So, these are some of the things you should consider to make the right choice before buying mobile phones in India.