16 Apr

How To Address Increasing Spam on Pinterest

pinterest spam


The new social media darling – Pinterest, is the new target for spammers these days. Everyday thousands of faux accounts are being created to lure users to click on their affiliate links or sometimes even for hacking purposes. You must read the story of a Pinterest spammer who is making $1000/day through amazon affiliates on Pinterest.

Similar to spam emails that have plagued online users for many years, spam accounts on Pinterest create pins with misleading affiliate links & follow many people in hopes that you will visit their boards.

Whenever you encounter such pins, you can report these pins using the Report Pin button. To report a pin, just click on any pin to view it in full-size.
Then, on the right-hand side of the pinned image, you will find the Report Pin button as shown in the picture which will open a menu to choose your type of report.

pinterest spam

Reporting a pin will give Pinterest information about the suspicious account & the spam links they are trying to promote.

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How can you protect your account from spam on Pinterest?

You can follow these general Internet-safety practices to protect your account:

– You don’t need to be worried if a spam account follows you on Pinterest.
– Do not click on a pin that promotes a free giveaway or looks like an advertisement. Pinterest doesn’t provide any advertising & do not post any surveys, giveaways, or other promotions. The offer is most likely to be a spam even if it’s seems to be true.
– Pinterest will only ask for your login & password details on Pinterest.com or on our official iPhone app. Don’t log in Pinterest on other websites or on other apps.
– Do not interact with accounts where their pins don’t link to relevant content or all their pins all linked to the same source.
– If you click on a link & the resulting page is not what you expect, return to Pinterest.com immediately. It would be much better if you delete all your cookies immediately also to avoid any hack.
– Choose a unique and strong password for Pinterest.
– If you find a user following many people but with less followers and suspicious pins, it is most likely to be a spam.

So, if you are a Pinterest user – help the community to grow by reporting all the suspicious links and make it a better experience for all the users.