07 Aug

How To Find Out High PR DoFollow CummentLuv Blogs

SEOQuake Toolbar

Are you looking for High PR CummentLuv Dofollow blogs where you can comment and easily get a backlink to your website. Though you can find many such lists all over the web but most of the time, these lists are outdated and doesn’t work for you. But now there is an amazing extension which allows you to find out DoFollow blogs easily while surfing the internet.

SEOQuake Toolbar


SEO Quake

SEOquake is a great SEO extension (toolbar) for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera which shows you PageRank, Alexa Rank and various other SEO parameters such as NoFollow Links on a website, Google Link index, SEMRush Rank, Keyword density, WHois, etc. of a page.

Check out How This Toolbar Shows you various information of a page in the pictures below:

SEOQuake Nofollow Links

Nofollow Links

Keyword Density Analysis by SEOQuake

Keyword Density Analysis by SEOQuake

SEOQuake Page Info

Page Information by SEOQuake


This extension also works in SERP(Google Search results), which means it shows you details about a website below every search result as shown in the picture below.


Apart from that, this extension shows you the complete diagnosis of a page such as Home Page analysis and website analysis.

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DoFollow Backlinks are crucial for your blog to increase the PageRank and get higher ranking in search results. SEOQuake Toolbar will help you find DoFollow Websites while surfing the world wide web so that you can easily get High PR DoFollow backlinks to your website.

15 Jul

High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Websites List

dofollow social bookmarking websites

We all know the importance of Dofollow links in the PageRank. So, today I am sharing the List of High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking websites which can give you high traffic as well as quality link juice.

dofollow social bookmarking websites

PR 5(and above) Social Bookmarking website List

– http://technorati.com/ (PR 8)

– http://slashdot.org/ (PR 8)

– http://www.reddit.com/ (PR 8)

– http://www.connotea.org/ (PR 8)

– http://www.tumblr.com/ (PR 8)

– http://www.metafilter.com/ (PR 7)

– http://www.dzone.com/ (PR 6)

– http://linkagogo.com/ (PR 6)

– http://scoopit.co.nz/ (PR 6)

– http://www.designfloat.com/ (PR 6)

– http://www.care2.com/ (PR 6)

– http://answers.oreilly.com/ (PR 6)

– http://www.newsmeback.com/ (PR 5)

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PR 4 Social Bookmarking website List

– http://www.blogengage.com/

– http://mepal.us/

– http://www.huip.de/

– http://www.orangify.com/

– http://dotpoch.com/

– http://jeqq.com/

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PR 3 Social Bookmarking website List

– http://www.tourdion.com/

– http://opentags.in/

– http://openbuzz.in/

– http://sjbb.org/

– http://www.scrubbu.com/

– http://stickytags.in/

– http://www.bookmark4you.com/

– http://www.bookmarks.wedigg.co.uk/

– http://www.puplinks.com/

– http://www.urselections.com/

– http://v12.me/

08 May

How To Predict Future PageRank



PageRank is a link analysis algorithm used by Search Engine Giant Google, that assigns a numerical weighting to each webpage on the Internet, with the basic purpose of “calculating” its relative importance.
The higher the no. of quality backlinks to a webpage, the higher its PageRank, & the higher its rankings in Google’s search results. So, it is crucial to get higher PageRank for your website.


Google PageRank(PR) is updated every 2-3 months and the most recent update was on May 3, 2012. But if you want to predict your future PageRank, there is a  great tool available for that.

PageRank Predictor

PageRank Predictor finds out your site’s future PageRank based on the quality & quantity of backlinks. According to the information on the website, this tool predicts the real PageRank, not the Google Pagerank. Google never shows the real PR. It could be because your website is young or may be you are selling or exchanging links. You may also be violating some google rules without knowing about existence of these norms. Thus, generally, Real PageRank is higher than current pagerank on your google toolbar.
This Pagerank prediction tool shows Real PR without any Google’s reducing factors.

Note: This tool will just provide an estimation of the future Google PR & should not be considered exact because Google’s real algorithm to calculate PageRank is way too complex to understand.



26 Apr

3 Tips For Off Page Optimization Techniques For SEO Success

off page optimization


Getting the optimization of your website’s content (On Page Optimization) is only half the battle. Off Page Optimization is also equally important for your website to rank higher in search results.

off page optimization

So today, I’ll discuss 3 tips for Off Page Optimization Techniques For SEO Success:

1) Link Building:  The most important part of Off Page Optimization is Link Building. You should try to get as many backlinks as possible from other websites. The number and quality of backlinks is crucial for your PageRank to increase and ultimately to rank higher in search results. PageRank is directly proportional to the no. of unique pages that are linking to your site. If you have high no. of backlinks from the websites with good PageRank, you will have a high PageRank. So, spend some time in getting those backlinks.

Here are some tips to get backlinks:
– Guest Blogging on sites related to your blog niche.
– Press Releases
– Forum Posting related to your blog niche.
– Article Submission to sites like Ezine, Hubpages, etc.
– Blog Commenting on ‘DoFollow’ Sites
– Image Sharing on sites like photobucket, flickr, etc.
– Video Sharing on sites likes YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
– RSS Feed Creation & Submission
– Directory Submission such as Dmoz.org, Technorati.com, etc.
Use of Social Media: Share and promote your content on all the major social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Tumblr, Google Plus and Pinterest. All these sites can bring a huge amount of traffic to your site and also helps in link building.

2) Anchor Text:  Now another important factor in Off Page Optimization is Anchor Text. Anchor Text is the text to form a Hyperlink. If you are not choosing the right anchor text, then all of your efforts of getting backlinks will not be much useful.
For example, If I want to link to this page – http://www.youngblah.com/what-is-page-rank/ and the main keyword is Pagerank.
I can use “Click Here(Anchor Text) to know more about PageRank.

But ‘Click Here’ doesn’t tell Google Bots what the link is pointing to. So, use the link on the keyword.
Right Method(Example), “Click here to know more about PageRank(Anchor Text)”.
So, you should try to get backlinks from other websites using the right Anchor Text to make your site more relevant in Google search results.

3) Best Practices:
– Quality and Natural Links matters.
– Avoid Paid Backlinks.
– Avoid Link Exchange.
– Try to get Backlinks from High Authority Sites or from sites with at least PR 1 or above.
– Try to get Backlinks from sites that are relevant to your content.
– A link in the footer of a website is weighted less by Google than the link appearing on the top or in the main content of the page.


17 Apr

Add ‘Nofollow’ To All Links With This WordPress Plugin



PageRank is a very important factor if you want your blog to rank higher in Google searches. There are many factors which affect your PageRank which we won’t go in detail now. But I will only discuss two factors here – Inbound and Outbound Links.

First one –  PageRank is directly proportional to the number of unique pages that are linking to your website. If you have high number of backlinks from the sites with good PageRank, you will have a high PageRank.


Another factor which affects PageRank is Outbound Links – Links from your website to another websites. If you have many outbound links to another websites, it can also affect your overall Pagerank. So, it is always advisable to add “nofollow” to rel-attribute to most of the external links on your website. Keep the PR juice reserved for your own pages and you can also remove the no-follow attribute from guest writer’s links, or links to your other personal blogs, or links to high-authority websites like Google, Techcrunch, etc.

Now if you have a old website/blog and you haven’t add the ‘Nofollow’ tag to outbound links in your old posts, there is a WordPress plugin to do that automatically.
WP External Links is a great plugin to automatically add “nofollow” to rel-attribute to all the external links on your website. You can also add settings like Open external links in a new window/tab, XHTML strict, set icon, set title, add class and many other.
It is a SEO friendly plugin which works like a charm.