10 Sep

Appszito: Search Engine for Mobile Apps



Trouble finding good applications for your iOS or Android device?
There are more than 5,00,000 apps in both iTunes Store and Google Play Store. Application discovery on these stores is limited to only categories & basic keyword search. Hence, it is very difficult to find the exact application you’re looking for.
And that is where Appszito comes in.


Appszito is a search engine for Mobile Apps. You can discover apps based on relational search algorithm on both iOS and Android platforms. The main aim of Appszito is to help users explore apps store for the best app available on any topic or keyword.
For example, if you want to find good restaurants in India, just search – “Restaurants in India” on Appszito and it will give you a list of all the apps based on Restaurants in India. The search results are pretty much accurate and relevant to your search query.

The site also features latest deals on both iOS and Android apps which is updated daily.

Do give it a try and share your thoughts in comments.

13 May

How Social Media Activity Impacts Organic Search Rankings ( Infographic )

impact of social media on search


Is Social Media a critical component of effective SEO? Can it impact your organic search rankings?
TastyPlacement, a web design and SEO company conducted a test to find out the impact of social media on search rankings. Just for the test, they created 6 websites in the same niche in 6 similar sized US cities. Five websites were promoted using different social media platforms and 6th site was not promoted on any social media site.

And with no surprise, the site promoted using Google+ saw the biggest increase in Google organic search rankings.
Do you think Google is favoring impact of Google+ in search rankings?
Check out this Infographic:


impact of social media on search

08 May

How To Predict Future PageRank



PageRank is a link analysis algorithm used by Search Engine Giant Google, that assigns a numerical weighting to each webpage on the Internet, with the basic purpose of “calculating” its relative importance.
The higher the no. of quality backlinks to a webpage, the higher its PageRank, & the higher its rankings in Google’s search results. So, it is crucial to get higher PageRank for your website.


Google PageRank(PR) is updated every 2-3 months and the most recent update was on May 3, 2012. But if you want to predict your future PageRank, there is a  great tool available for that.

PageRank Predictor

PageRank Predictor finds out your site’s future PageRank based on the quality & quantity of backlinks. According to the information on the website, this tool predicts the real PageRank, not the Google Pagerank. Google never shows the real PR. It could be because your website is young or may be you are selling or exchanging links. You may also be violating some google rules without knowing about existence of these norms. Thus, generally, Real PageRank is higher than current pagerank on your google toolbar.
This Pagerank prediction tool shows Real PR without any Google’s reducing factors.

Note: This tool will just provide an estimation of the future Google PR & should not be considered exact because Google’s real algorithm to calculate PageRank is way too complex to understand.



29 Apr

20 Tips To Survive Google Panda or Penguin Updates

google penguin


Google recently released a new update to their Webspam algorithm, called Penguin Update which is targeted on the websites that are violating Google’s existing quality guidelines. Google has provided plenty of guidelines and elaboration on the quality guidelines in its help center.

google penguin

Here are Top 20 tips from Google Help Center itself to survive any Google Panda or Penguin Update:

Quality Guidelines – Specific Guidelines

1) Avoid hidden text or hidden links

Hidden links are those links which are unreadable to Humans(readers) but are intended to be crawled by Google bots. Some people make links on their website Hidden by using the same text color and background color or using the link on a hyphen in a paragraph. These practices are deceptive and Google will remove your website from their index.

You Should Avoid Following Practices:

– Using white text on a white background.
– Hiding text behind an image.
– Using CSS to hide text and links.
– Setting the font size on your pages to 0.

2) Don’t use cloaking or Doorway Pages

Cloaking means the practice of showing different content or URLs to users & search engines. For example, Presenting a page of HTML text to search engines, while presenting a page of images or Flash to users.

Doorway pages are those web pages that are created for spamming the index of a search engine by including results for particular keywords with the purpose of sending visitors to a different page. They are also known as bridge pages, jump Pages, entry pages, portal pages, and gateway pages. These pages are created with the intent of sending traffic to affiliate pages.

Avoid these practices of manipulating search engines and deceiving users to avoid any kind of ban from Google.

3) Avoid Sending Automated Queries to Google

Avoid sending any kind of automated queries to Google. There are many software available these days to check how a website or webpage ranks in Google search results for various queries. These software send automated queries to Google and absorbs their resources which may result in banning your site from Google index.

4) Don’t load pages with irrelevant keywords(Keyword Stuffing)

Keyword stuffing” is the practice of loading a webpage with too many keywords in an attempt to manipulate a website’s ranking in Google’s search results. This type of practice may result in negative user experience and also can harm your website ranking. Avoid any type of Over Optimization techniques on your web pages.

See Also: 7 Tips For On Page Optimization Techniques For SEO Success

5) Avoid creating multiple pages, domains, or subdomains with duplicate content

Examples of Duplicate content could include:

Discussion forums that can generate both regular & stripped-down pages targeted at mobile devices
Store items shown or linked via multiple distinct URLs
Printer-only versions of web pages.

If your site contains multiple pages with almost identical content, then you can use a technique called “Canonicalization” to indicate your preferred URL to Google.
You can use “301 redirects’ and Webmaster Tools to handle identical content. Or just try to minimize similar content.

6) Avoid creating pages with malicious behavior

Malicious Behavior covers all sorts of malicious software designed to harm a computer or network such as Viruses, Trojans and badware. Google immediately inform webmasters about their site being flagged as malicious and banned from Google Index. So, do check Webmasters Tools daily.

7) Use Affiliate Marketing but only if you provide unique and relevant content

Do not attempt to improve your page’s ranking & attract visitors by creating pages with many words but little or no authentic content and linking all those pages to affiliate marketing programs.

Quality Guidelines – Basic Principles

1) Make your site pages primarily for readers, and not for search engines.

2) Avoid using Black Hat SEO techniques, some of which are explained above. Black Hat SEO refers to the techniques that are used to get higher search rankings in an unethical manner.

3) Don’t participate in Link Building Exchange Schemes or Paid Link Building to increase your site’s ranking or PageRank.

See Also: 3 Tips For Off Page Optimization Techniques For SEO Success

4) Do not use unauthorized computer programs to submit pages, check rankings, etc. Such kind of programs consume lot of computing resources & violate Google’s TOS. Google doesn’t recommend the use of programs such as WebPosition Gold™ that send automatic/programmatic queries to Google.

Technical Guidelines

1) Monitor your site’s performance & optimize load times. If your website is taking too much time to load, Google may push your rankings. The main goal of Google is to provide users with the most relevant results & a great user experience. Fast sites increase user satisfaction & improve the overall quality of the web.

2) Use robots.txt on your site to prevent crawling of search results pages or other auto-generated pages that don’t add much value for users coming from search engines.

3) Make reasonable efforts to ensure that ads don’t affect search engine rankings. For example, Google’s AdSense advertisements & DoubleClick links are blocked from being crawled by a robots.txt file.

4) Test your website to make sure that it appears correctly in different browsers.

Design and Content Guidelines

1) Make your website with a clear hierarchy & text links. Every page should be reachable from at least one static text link.

2) Keep the outbound links on your webpage to a reasonable number.

3) If your website contains lot of images. Then use relevant keywords in the ALT Attribute on the images.

4) Regularly check for broken links on your website and fix them.

5) Write original and high quality content.

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Have you ever affected by any Google Panda update?
Share your experience in comments.


05 Sep

Google Doodle celebrates rock legend Freddie Mercury 65th birthday


Google Doodle celebrates flamboyant Rock legend singer Freddie Mercury 65th birthday with its fresh new Doodle on Monday.
The lead vocalist of the band ‘Queen’ has delivered many hits such as Crazy Little Thing Called Love , We are the Champions, Bohemian Rhapsody & many others.

freddie google doodle

Freddie Mercury(born Farrokh Bulsara) is a Gujarati by birth & was born to Parsi parents on Sep 5, 1946.
He died on Nov 24, 1991 due to AIDS.

freddie mercury

The Google doodle in honour of his 65th birth anniversary presents an animated music video style featuring his hit song Don’t Stop Me Now that was written & sung by Mercury himself.
This is the second such gesture music video by Google Doodle. The first one was on the occasion of Charlie Chaplin’s 122nd birthday.

23 Aug

Everything you need to know about “Google Panda”


What is Google Panda?

Google Panda is a new algorithm launched by Google on February 24, 2011. It works against the websites with low quality content or duplicate content by lowering down their search rankings in the Google search.
It prevents sites with huge database of duplicate content from dominating the Google search rankings.

google panda

How Google Panda works ?

The smart people in Google have created this algorithm which search down the huge database of million of websites available on world wide web. If pages of your website have a High Panda Ranking (High is Bad), it means you are being punished by Google for having duplicate content on your pages and site. The Google search engine will show the results of ‘Low Panda Ranking’ Websites higher in their search queries.

Reasons behind getting “Panda Slap”

The slang term used to define the site which is being punished by Google Panda for low quality content is known as “Panda Slap”. The first and foremost reason your site will get a “Panda Slap” is due to the duplicate content on a single or multiple pages of a website. Other reasons could be:
– Very less original content on the website
– Inappropriate Information on the website. Your keywords or tags must match with the content of the article.
– Too many links of poor sites linked to your site can also hurt your Panda rankings.
– Too many advertisements on a page with little content.
– High Bounce rate and less time spend by users on your site.
– Too many affiliate links.

How to Check if your website is being punished by Google Panda or not?

If you see huge drop in your traffic status, that means your website is being punished by Google Panda and you will find out that many of your URLs are not in the Google search list.

How to Recover from “Panda Slap”

If your website is being penalized by Google, then you should do the following things to increase your Google search rankings again:
– Remove the duplicate content pages or make it Error 404.
– Write original articles with high quality content to increase your rankings.
– Decrease your site bounce rate by promoting it on various social networking sites.
– Submit it to Google for reconsideration.
But the whole process could take up several weeks.

Why Google launched “Google Panda”?

I believe it’s a great move by Google to stop duplicate content sites overtaking high quality sites. This will detect scraper sites with no original content and will stop them to rank higher.

Regular Updates

Google is regularly updating their Google Panda algorithm to bring more “Human Factor” into their algorithm and improve their search queries.

February 24, 2011: Google Panda 1.0
April, 2011: Google Panda 2.0
May 10, 2011: Google Panda 2.1
June 16, 2011: Google Panda 2.2
July 26, 2011: Google Panda 2.3
August 12, 2011: Google Panda 2.4
September 28, 2011: Google Panda 2.5
October 19, 2011: Google Panda 3.0
November 18, 2011: Google Panda 3.1
January 18, 2012: Google Panda 3.2
February 27, 2012: Google Panda 3.3
March 24, 2012: Google Panda 3.4

Google Panda is not “SWITCH ON” 24*7:

Google Panda is not something which is continuously monitoring each site. But actually, it works its magic once every few weeks to monitor each site in their database.

“Spread the word by sharing it with your friends”


20 Jul

Google warning to protect people from Malware

google malware
Google recently discovered some unusual activity on their search engine. After inspection with the help of security engineers, it has been found that the computers showing this kind of  behavior were infected with a particular strain of malicious software, or “malware.”
Due to this malware, today some people might see a notification at the top of their Google web search results:

google malware

This particular malware causes infected computers to send traffic to Google through a small number of intermediary servers called “proxies.” So, Google advised users to update their Anti Virus software and scan the entire computer to make sure you are safe from this infection.

Read the full report at Google Official blog here

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8 Google secrets you should know


19 Jul

8 Google Secrets you should know


google secrets and tricks

Google is the most popular search engine available today. Everyday we use google. It is a very important part of our lives now. But do you know that we are not using google to the best of its capability. There are so many hidden features of google which can easily ease and enhance your search. Here we have prepared a list of 8 google secrets which you can use and enhance your search:
1) To search within a website: Use [google:youngblah.com]. It will display all the results related to “Google’ but only from youngblah.com.

2) Linked pages: Use [link:http://www.youngblah.com] to find out which pages are linked to your website.

3) To exclude the terms: Use [ young -blah]. Now it will show results related to “young” only but will exclude terms related to “blah”

4) The ‘OR’ operator: Use [Youngblah 2011 OR 2012]. It will show results related to youngblah from either of these years. If we don’t use OR, then it will show results included from both the years.

5) Exact Search: Use double quotes [“Young Blah”]. It will show results related to “Young Blah” in the exact order and by exact name. But you will miss out search related to , for example, ‘Young H. Blah’.

6) Intitle: Use [ intitle:”Youngblah”]. It will restricts your results to the titles of the web pages only.

7) Intext: Use [ intext:youngblah]. It will search only the text of the articles and will ignore titles and links.

8 ) You can also use filters on the left side of the Google search page to narrow down your search results.

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Check out this google page to find out more secrets

18 Jul

Google launched WDYL.com [What do you love]


Google recently launched www.wdyl.com [What do you love?]. It is a different kind of search engine which shows results from various google products like Google maps, Google images, google sketchup or trends.

We searched about love for “iphone” and it shows pictures, alerts, patents, sketchup, books, translation of iphone into different languages, blogs, discussion, latest news and many more on the single page.

Personally, I like the website with its clean and cool design and you can find all the search results on a single page about the things you love.

What do you think guys about this new venture from google?