23 Aug

Everything you need to know about “Google Panda”


What is Google Panda?

Google Panda is a new algorithm launched by Google on February 24, 2011. It works against the websites with low quality content or duplicate content by lowering down their search rankings in the Google search.
It prevents sites with huge database of duplicate content from dominating the Google search rankings.

google panda

How Google Panda works ?

The smart people in Google have created this algorithm which search down the huge database of million of websites available on world wide web. If pages of your website have a High Panda Ranking (High is Bad), it means you are being punished by Google for having duplicate content on your pages and site. The Google search engine will show the results of ‘Low Panda Ranking’ Websites higher in their search queries.

Reasons behind getting “Panda Slap”

The slang term used to define the site which is being punished by Google Panda for low quality content is known as “Panda Slap”. The first and foremost reason your site will get a “Panda Slap” is due to the duplicate content on a single or multiple pages of a website. Other reasons could be:
– Very less original content on the website
– Inappropriate Information on the website. Your keywords or tags must match with the content of the article.
– Too many links of poor sites linked to your site can also hurt your Panda rankings.
– Too many advertisements on a page with little content.
– High Bounce rate and less time spend by users on your site.
– Too many affiliate links.

How to Check if your website is being punished by Google Panda or not?

If you see huge drop in your traffic status, that means your website is being punished by Google Panda and you will find out that many of your URLs are not in the Google search list.

How to Recover from “Panda Slap”

If your website is being penalized by Google, then you should do the following things to increase your Google search rankings again:
– Remove the duplicate content pages or make it Error 404.
– Write original articles with high quality content to increase your rankings.
– Decrease your site bounce rate by promoting it on various social networking sites.
– Submit it to Google for reconsideration.
But the whole process could take up several weeks.

Why Google launched “Google Panda”?

I believe it’s a great move by Google to stop duplicate content sites overtaking high quality sites. This will detect scraper sites with no original content and will stop them to rank higher.

Regular Updates

Google is regularly updating their Google Panda algorithm to bring more “Human Factor” into their algorithm and improve their search queries.

February 24, 2011: Google Panda 1.0
April, 2011: Google Panda 2.0
May 10, 2011: Google Panda 2.1
June 16, 2011: Google Panda 2.2
July 26, 2011: Google Panda 2.3
August 12, 2011: Google Panda 2.4
September 28, 2011: Google Panda 2.5
October 19, 2011: Google Panda 3.0
November 18, 2011: Google Panda 3.1
January 18, 2012: Google Panda 3.2
February 27, 2012: Google Panda 3.3
March 24, 2012: Google Panda 3.4

Google Panda is not “SWITCH ON” 24*7:

Google Panda is not something which is continuously monitoring each site. But actually, it works its magic once every few weeks to monitor each site in their database.

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