05 Jul

iPhone 4S’s Siri vs Voice Search On Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

siri vs jelly bean

Google recently introduced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at it’s I/O keynote in San Francisco. One of the best features of Jelly Bean is Google’s new Voice search to compete with Apple’s Siri.

siri vs jelly bean

A Google fan, Jean-Louis Nguyen got all of the goodies that Google gave to developers and tested Google’s Voice and posed 47 actions (questions,etc) to the software.
Check out this video:

Siri vs Google Voice Search!

You will notice that performance of Google’s voice search coupled with Knowledge Graph is on par with Siri and sometimes even exceeds. And you can also do stuff like “Do a barrel roll” with Google’s voice search for more fun. But I am sure that Apple is going to improve Siri with their new iPhone update later this year.

So, what do you think? Do you think this can compete with Siri?
Let us know your thoughts in comments.

07 Feb

Psycho Siri turns Evil [ Short Horror Films ]

There is no shortage of funny videos of Siri on the internet. But today we present you two short horror films based on Siri that we liked.

Both the videos are made on the lines of movies like Terminator or The Matrix, asking question what if technology turns against us?

21 Oct

Say Hello to the most amazing iPhone yet”- Apple iPhone 4S first TV Commercial [ Video]

iphone 4s advertisment

You speak. Siri helps. Say hello to the most amazing iPhone yet.”- Titled “Assistant’, Apple began the airing of its first commercial for iPhone 4S.
The entire ad focuses on the Siri- Apple new Virtual Persoanl Assistant.

Also check out the Viral Video on Siri creating sensation on Youtube:

What do you of this new ad by Apple?
Personally being an Apple fanatic, I just loved this advertisement.

05 Oct

Apple iPhone 4S Specs & Features


As expected Apple announced their iPhone 4S yesterday. Though most of the people were expecting iPhone 5 to be launched. But as Shakespeare said,”What’s there in a name”?
It’s the specs and features of the new iPhone 4S that speaks itself.
The company is already calling it “the most amazing iPhone yet”.
Let’s have a look what Apple is offering us this time.

apple iphone 4s

Specs & Features of Apple iPhone 4S:

– World Phone ( GSM + CDMA )
– Dual Core A5 Processor- upto 2X faster performance
– Dual core graphics which is 7 times faster than the previous iPhone
– 8 MP Camera with HD (1080p) Video recording, new optics & image stabilization
– iOS 5 with Notification Centre, iMessage & 200 new features.
– iCloud which stores your content and wirelessly pushes it to all your devices.
– Siri (Intelligent voice recognition assistant) which use your voice to send messages, set reminders & search information.

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Apple iPhone 4S Prices:

It will be available on October 14th on AT&T.
16GB for $199, 32GB for $299 and 64GB for $399.