24 Aug

10 Helpful Resources on Facebook Marketing

Facebook For Business


“People share, read & generally engage more with any type of content when it’s surfaced through friends and people they know and trust.”
– Malorie Lucich, Facebook Spokesperson, February 2011

Marketing on Facebook is all about engagement with customers, maintaining a conversation & gradually building interest in your brand. Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to create engaging content and interact with fans but many do not know about the pool of resources Facebook provides to marketers to make the most of their Facebook presence.

Facebook For Business

Here are 10 Helpful Marketing resources From Facebook to learn about the best practices and tips to promote your Business on Facebook.

1) Facebook Studio Edge:

Facebook Studio consists of many 10-15 minute courses on relevant topics such as Brand Pages, apps, or Facebook Ads to learn more about Facebook Marketing.As a Marketer or Agency, you can also submit your success stories that helped you drive growth on Facebook.
Like the Facebook Studio Page here.

2) Facebook Marketing Page:

Official Page run by Facebook employees to share news and best practices for marketing on Facebook. Facebook Marketing Solutions helps marketers reach their customers on Facebook by providing educational materials on marketing on Facebook.

3) Start To Success Program:

Want to start advertising on Facebook for the first time?
The Start to Success program is only for new Facebook advertisers & requires a minimum daily budget of US $25 for the first 30 days. By joining this program, your will get Free Phone Support from Facebook experts for 1 week, Free US $50 coupon to get you started and customized solutions for your business marketing on Facebook.

4) Facebook Success Stories:

Facebook Success provides in-depth multimedia case studies of successful marketing campaigns on Facebook. Visit the Facebook Success Stories Application here.

5) Facebook Demo Tool:

The Facebook Demo Tool lets you create a mockup of Premium Ads on Facebook and view it as people on Facebook would see it.

6) Preferred Marketing Developers:

This PMD directory helps you to find the PMDs that match your needs, as well as agencies that are currently building on the Ads API from all over the world.

7) Brand Permissions Center:

This section explains Facebook guidelines regarding the use of Facebook’s logos & other trademarks clearly and effectively.

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8) Marketing Classroom:

Schedule of Live learning events on Facebook Marketing. Learn the key steps for building your presence on Facebook with livestream events, video courses, and worksheets.

9) Facebook Product Guides:

Learn how to create Sponsored Stories, how to optimize your ads, best practices, Facebook Pages guide and many more useful guides related to Facebook Marketing.

10) Facebook for Business:

If you’re still not on Facebook or want to know everything about Facebook for Business, then this is the right place to start with.

22 Aug

Facebook Studio Edge Launched To Educate Agencies On Facebook Marketing

Facebook Studio Edge

Facebook launched its Facebook Studio Edge program to marketers and Agencies worldwide today. Announced in Mid-June, Facebook Studio Edge is a resource to learn more about Facebook Marketing. The program consists of various 10-15 minute courses on relevant Facebook topics, such as Brand Pages, Ads and Apps.

Facebook Studio Edge

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As a Marketer or Agency, you can submit your work that helped you drive business growth with Facebook. How you used Brand Pages to connect with audience, or Facebook Ads to reach new user group, or apps to enhance engagement. Submissions should be creative & effective examples of Facebook Marketing. Once your submission is published, you may be promoted to the Spotlight and your work will be eligible for awards consideration.

Users also earn recognition badges when they complete their courses which would be displayed alongside their case study submissions.

Facebook Studio Edge is a great place to get recognized for your work, be inspired by other successful campaigns from around the world and learn how to improve your Facebook strategies. It is a one big community about Facebook Marketing.

Access Facebook Studio Edge Program at Facebook-studio.com.

20 Aug

How Marketers Use Social Media ( Infographic )

How Marketers Use Social Media


SEOMoz revealed the results of Annual Survey 2012 to state some key points regarding how marketers are using Social Media in 2012. There were total of 6491 survey respondents. 44.4% of those survey respondents self-professed either “advanced” or “expert” level of social media ability. With no surprise, Facebook and Twitter came out as the most popular Social networks.
Though LinkedIn falls behind in 5th place, but surprisingly 74.1% of marketers use LinkedIn for branding.


How Marketers Use Social Media

Source: Hubspot.

17 Aug

The Best And Worst Times on Social Media

Facebook Clock

Are you looking for ways to get maximum visibility and responses on Social Networks? Want to increase click count on your links posted to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr?
Link shortening Service bit.ly has released a data on the best & worst times to share links on popular social networks.

Facebook Clock


The best time to post links on Twitter is between the hours of 1 PM and 3 PM ET which will give you the highest click throughs, especially on Monday to Thursday. Meanwhile, avoid sending a tweet with a link after 8 PM on Monday to Thursday and after 8 PM on Fridays.
The life of a link posted on Twitter is around 2.8 hours.

The peak traffic times for Twitter are 9AM To 3PM(Monday-Thursday).

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The best time to post links on Facebook is from 1PM to 4PM which results in the highest click throughs. The peak time of the week is on Wednesday at 3PM. Links posted after 8PM & before 8AM achieve less attention.

The peak traffic for Facebook traffic comes mid-week, 1PM to 3PM. Usually traffic on Facebook starts to increase around 9AM, but it is better to wait until 11AM.
Though the traffic fades on Facebook after 4PM but Links do result in good amount of clicks around 7-8 PM also.

Just like Twitter, bit.ly suggests not posting the links on Facebook during the weekend if you want to go viral.

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Tumblr is totally different from Facebook and Twitter. On Tumblr, you should wait until at least 4PM to post links. Links posted after 7PM receive more clicks over 24 hours than content posted mid-day during the week. Friday evening is also an optimal time to post on Tumblr.

Bitly traffic from Tumblr is highest between 7-10 PM on Monday & Tuesday, with similar traffic on Sunday.

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Each Social Network has its own behavior patterns and culture. You need to understand these patterns and should publish your content just at the right time to get maximum engagement. But always remember, post content is equally crucial to grab user attention.

11 Aug

Social Media Recruitment: Why it is important? ( Infographic )


Social Media is the new destination for recruiters. There are more than 1 billion people on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. More and more companies are using social media these days to target candidates and find the best talent. This type of recruitment is called Social Recruitment. It is all about engaging with people and hire the most qualified talent.

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Hirerabbit, an Online Social Media Recruitment Software company via Mashable, put up these two amazing Infographic about recruitment on YouTube & Facebook and why it is important.

YouTube Recruitment

Facebook Recruitment - Social Media

10 Aug

Top 10 Tools To Schedule Posts on Social Media

Social Media


Social Media is all about engagement with users. And one of the most important aspect to drive engagement on Social Media sites is to post content regularly. If you’re not active on Social Networks, people won’t take too long to forget about your brand. But finding time isn’t easy for everyone as you always have other commitments in life. So, what should you do to streamline the process on Social Media sites. The answer is – Schedule updates using various tools available on the Internet.

Social Media

Here is the list of Top 10 Tools To Schedule Posts on Social Media sites.

1) Bufferapp

One of the most popular app to schedule and share posts on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. It also provides you free and detailed analytics on all your posts shared to every social network. It is available for both browsers and mobile phone.

2) If This Then That

An amazing tool to create all sort of actions on Social Media sites. IFTTT(If This Then That) is a service that lets you create strong connections on more than 50 social networks. You can automatically schedule posts, follow or unfollow people, send messages, and lots more.

3) Postcron

A simple and awesome tool to schedule posts on your Facebook Profile/Pages and Twitter. My personal favorite. You can even choose the album where you want to add the schedule photo on Facebook pages. Number of schedule posts per day are limited in free version but you can always go for paid version. But you can only schedule 10 posts at a time for free.

4) HootSuite

It is a social media dashboard to manage and measure your social networks.

5) TweetDeck

Another social media dashboard to manage social networks. Available for desktop, web browser and mobile.

6) Laterbro

A simple app to schedule and share status update on Twitter and Facebook. Just login with your Twitter or Facebook account and you’re ready to go. But the app doesn’t allow to share statuses on your Facebook pages. You can only schedule statuses for your Facebook profile and that too up to 140 characters only.

7) Twuffer

It allows you to compose a list of future tweets on Twitter, & schedule their release.

8) Timely

Timely helps to schedule tweets for maximum impact. Just schedule the tweets and Timely will post them when they will have the highest impact by analyzing your past 199 tweets and figure out the best time slots. So, you get more retweets, replies, and followers!

9) Buffero

You can also schedule your Tweets by Email. You get your own secret address on Buffero to email your tweets to. Free basic plan can have up to 15 tweets scheduled.

10) Greetings Tomorrow

Apart from scheduling your own updates on Facebook, this application allows you to schedule updates to be posted on friend’s walls such as Birthday wishes.

11) Pinerly

It allows you to schedule posts on Pinterest, follow or unfollow people, and optimize your content for posting time to drive more traffic.

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12) Do Share

Do Share is a Google Chrome extension to write & schedule your posts for personal Google+ profiles and Google+ pages.

13) Kroned

Simple application to schedule unlimited posts on Facebook for free.

So, which one is your favorite tool?

07 Aug

Top 5 Tools to Increase Brand Engagement on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most crucial part of Social Media Marketing. It provides a multi-rich media marketing ecosystem with a huge user base. There are large number of social media marketing tools available these days to help companies reach, target and engage with fans, run various promotions and contests, and implement social media strategies perfectly.

Facebook Marketing

Here are Five Tools To Enhance Brand Engagement on Facebook:

1) EdgeRank Checker

EdgeRank is an algorithm created by Facebook to rank stories in the Facebook News Feed. Posts with high EdgeRank Scores are most likely to show up in the news feed, than Posts with low EdgeRank Scores. It is based on three variables: Affinity, Time and Weight. Affinity is based on a user’s relationship with that post/object in the news feed. Time means older the object, lower its value. Weight is based on the type of object, such as a pictures/links/videos,etc.

EdgeRank Checker has created their own algorithm to help Page Admins find out how their Page interacts with the News Feed.

EdgeRank Checker allows you to check your “EdgeRank Score”, your best and worst days of the week. These services are free while the paid plan provides you more in-depth analysis & recommendations to increase your rank.

2) CrowdBooster

Crowdbooster provides you complete in-depth analysis of your Facebook page and Twitter account to help you achieve an effective presence on Social Media sites. The analytics aren’t based on just abstract scores but it provides detailed numbers that are connected to your social media strategies: impressions, engagement, total reach, & more. It also provides various recommendations to improve each one of these metrics.

3) Alerti

Alerti is a complete social media monitoring & management service to manage your brand online. It is based on a search engine that continuously scans different types of sources online (online press, forums, blogs, videos, microblogs, photos, social networks, etc.) to let you know and follow what is being said about you, your brand, or your competitors on the world wide web. It helps to measure the engagement of your brand, communities & to interact with them.

4) Pagelever

Advanced Analytics tool for your Facebook Brand pages. It helps to measure engagement on your pages and increase newsfeed visibility. The tool is used by 4 of the top 10 Facebook Brand Pages. It shows from where your fans are coming and which ones are leaving, along with the gender & location of the users who are interacting with your content.
Now Understand your audience, measure your success, & optimize your content with PageLever in a much better way.

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5) Lujure

Lujure helps you to build and customize tabs easily without any knowledge of coding. Another tool you can try is Pagemodo.

29 Jul

How To Check Username Availability On Social Media Sites

Check Username Availablity - Knowen

With more and more social media sites coming up every now and then, it has become very difficult to have a unified username across all social networks. But it’s very important to claim your username everywhere to maintain your personal or brand social identity.

Check Username Availablity - Knowen

Check out 3 Websites To Check the availability of username and also secure your username across all Social Networks easily.

1) Knowem

It lets you search availability of username on more than 600 popular social networks, over 150 domain names, & the complete USPTO Trademark Database to help you secure your brand on the internet. The basic search on Knowen is free but if you want to secure your brand or personal username on all social networks, it offers 3 different packages to make sign up process on all social media sites easy.

2) NameChk

Another service to check whether your desired username or vanity url is available or not on popular Social Networking & Social Bookmarking sites.

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3) Usernamecheck

The site allows you to check the availability of username only in the top 20 social networks.

25 Jul

How To Backup and Download Tweets From Twitter

Downloading all your Tweets and various conversations on Twitter can be really useful. You can save a backup of all your tweets which is really useful in case of accidental deletion of tweets, or account hijacking. Apart from that, do you know that Twitter only lets you see your most recent 3,200 tweets? So, it is always advisable to backup your Tweets regularly.

Check out Some of the Best Services To Backup and Download Tweets From Twitter:

Download tweets

1) TweetDownload

TweetDownload is a free service that allows users to retrieve and download a dump of all their Tweets, Direct messages, Tweets with replies/mentions and list of followers in a variety of different formats such as plain text format or CSV format or as a web page.
It also shows you the date and time of tweets.

2) Backuptweets

Backup all your tweets with this application and make your Twitter account permanent. It is a free service with additional features in the premium edition.

3) Tweetbackup

Another service to backup all your Tweets. The service is completely free.

4) Mytwebo

This service allows you to download Tweets from multiple users in PDF format.

5) The Archivist

The Archivist is a free service that lets you search Twitter for Tweets. You can also create an archive of your tweets, analyze, export & share the tweets. The service is developed by Microsoft’s MIX Online team.
It is also available as a desktop version for download here.

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6) TwitterSave

Download tweets based on keywords in CSV format. You can also download details of your Twitter followers.

20 Jul

7 Best Services To Make Money On Twitter

Make money on Twitter

Twitter has now become a very important tool for communication. But do you know that you can actually make money through it? Yes, if you’re a Twitter user with large number of followers, you can actually monetize your account. And if you’re still not on Twitter – All you need to do is to set up a Twitter account around a profitable niche, increase your followers interested in that niche and start making money on Twitter.

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Make money on Twitter

Check out these Services To Make Money On Twitter:

1) SponsoredTweets

SponsoredTweets is an advertising network where marketers pay for advertising campaigns on Twitter on either Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Tweet (CPT) basis. Twitter users with large number of followers can easily earn lot of money for sharing sponsored tweets on their Twitter account. The online marketplace allows marketers to hand pick individual Tweeters including celebrities to promote their content on Twitter.
To get started on Sponsored Tweets, all you need to do is to set your price, add keywords and a category, and then wait for offers from advertisers.

2) Pay4Tweet

Another marketplace where you can sell your Tweets to advertisers.

3) MyLikes

Earn money on Mylikes by tweeting about products and services in your niche or the ones you like. The process is pretty simple, just choose a campaign and tweet about it. You will be paid on Per Click basis. MyLikes keeps a track of all your campaigns to calculate a quality score for each user. The higher your quality score, the more you will be paid per click. The payment is made on a weekly basis via Amazon Gift cards or Paypal.

4) Revtwt

On RevTwt, you will be paid on the basis of Cost per Click(CPC), Cost per action(CPA) – Affiliate Program or Cost per Thousand Followers(CPT).

5) Amazon Associates

With Amazon Affiliate Program, you can create a link to any product and share that on Twitter. Every time someone buys the product via your referral link, you will earn up to 15% of the sale.

6) Tweetadder

You can also make money by referring Tweetadder services to your followers. Tweet Adder is an automatic Software to increase your Twitter Follower Network with like minded individuals.

7) Netflix Affilaite Program

With the Netflix Affiliate Program, you will earn money every time someone signs up for a free 1 month trial of Netflix via your referral link.

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Additional Services:

8 ) Adly

Ad.ly is another advertisement network for Twitter. You do not get paid per click basis on Adly. Instead, you set up a profile of your interests on Adly, and then advertisers choose your account to publicize a campaign. Usually, you have to send out a specific number of tweets during schedule as per the agreement, and you will be paid a lump sum amount.

9) Twittad

Another network for sponsored tweets.

19 Jul

Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions For Facebook

Google-Chrome-Extensions for Facebook

Everyday we spend most of our time on Facebook to stay updated about our friends, family and world news. Check out these Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions to make your experience on Facebook more enjoyable and friction-less.

Google-Chrome-Extensions for Facebook

1) Unsocialize: The Link Unsocializer

In the last few months, we have seen an increase in the number of social reader apps that asks for your install permission before you can read the articles. The permission grants access to your personal information & post on your Facebook timeline.
But with Unsocialize extension, you can bypass the install request with just a right-click menu option: “Unsocialize”, which will open the linked article in a new tab.
Highly recommended.
For firefox users – Unsocialiaze

2) FB Photo Zoom

The best way to view pictures on Facebook!
Just hover the mouse on any image and check out the larger images of photo albums on Facebook.
Highly recommended.

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3) Hide Facebook SideBar Ticker

Don’t like Sidebar Ticker?
Try this extension to remove it.

4) Revert FB Photo Viewer

Don’t like the new Theatre mode on Facebook to view photos. This extension will revert FB Photo Viewer to old version.

5) Facebook Notifications

Keep up with your family and friends, even when you are not on Facebook.

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6) Pretty Facebook Chat

This extensions makes your Facebook chat pretty. Now enjoy Bigger size chat window with more animation and large number of emoticons to choose from.
Just love this.

7) Facebook Unseen

This extension protects your privacy by preventing your friends from knowing when you’ve “seen” their messages.


8 ) Time spend on Facebook

Find out how much time you spend on Facebook everyday.

05 Jul

Check out London 2012 Olympics Official Music Video


The official song of the London 2012 Olympics is out now on YouTube. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has posted this amazing music video on its YouTube channel. The song titled “Survival” is written and composed by English rock band Muse specifically for the games.


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The video looks great with some iconic moments shown through out the video. Watch the video to pump up and gear yourself for the world’s largest sporting event this summer.

Do share your thoughts about the video in comments.