21 May

Microsoft Quietly Launches Social Network So.cl

so.cl home page


Microsoft quietly launched a new social network last night – So.Cl.

The new social network, which was leaked out last year, is developed to give students the ability to network and share information with their peers. It was tested by many students at selected universities since last year.

so.cl home page


“So.cl (pronounced ‘Social’) combines search and social networking for the purpose of learning and research & it is the latest experiment from FUSE Labs,” Microsoft said in a description of the social network.

Users can log in to So.cl with their Facebook or Windows Live accounts. Once logged in, users can choose their areas of Interest, and follow their friends and other people. Just like Facebook’s share button, So.cl also has a “Share on So.cl” button, allowing users to share interesting Web sites with other So.cl users.

In addition to basic features such as sharing, tagging and commenting on posts, Microsoft has added a new feature – “Riff” on the post – that Microsoft describes as “a new way to interact & improvise with content.”

Another great feature in So.cl is the ability to create “video parties” that allows users to view YouTube videos and chat with their friends simultaneously.

Microsoft refers to the So.cl as “an experiment in open search,” that means your searches will be viewable to other So.cl users and public. But Microsoft also said it will not automatically post users’ So.cl activity and searches unless they opt in.

Do give it a try and let us know your thoughts in comments. Though the So.cl is completely different from Facebook or Google Plus but I find some of its features really cool and overall its pretty interesting, atleast better than Google Plus.