29 Jul

Lenovo launched first PC with rupee symbol on keyboard

rupee symbol on keyboards

Lenovo became the first company in India to launch the desktops with rupee symbol on keyboard today. The rupee symbol is compatible with all the Microsoft softwares. Rahul Agarwal, Executive Director(Commercial Business) – Lenovo India said in a statement that Lenovo has worked with Microsoft in designing software solution for enabling the new rupee symbol as stipulated in the BIS (Bureau of Industry Standards) guidelines.

The Rupee symbol on keyboards highlights India’s critical role in the global business landscape. Lenovo is proud to be one of the first PC players in India to launch Microsoft software compatible rupee ready keyboards,” he added.

The move came after government asked all the manufacturers to make the keyboard with rupee symbol earlier this month.

Lenovo is also expected to add the symbol in all its products in the next few months. This introduction of rupee symbol will facilitate the use of the symbol and will also give Lenovo first mover advantage in the PC market for developing such rupee friendly keyboards.