19 May

Easylaw.in – Online Legal & Business Services Portal For Everyone



Easylaw.in is a New Delhi based startup that provides easily accessible legal & business services to individuals and businesses. The startup was founded by group of lawyers & entrepreneurs with a vision to provide customers with a simple & affordable online legal & business services platform so that users can create their own documents & order services from the comfort of their homes.

Some of the major services include registration of marriage, cover document drafting services, legal risk assessment reports, private limited company/LLP registration, court marriages, DIN/DSC applications and many others.


The cost of services is also very low with new document drafting service at a fees structure of only INR 500 per hour, that puts more than 60 personal & business documents within reach of the clients.

My Take:
Personally, I would rather prefer doing all the legal things and formalities offline but yes it’s a great service for all the people who are busy in their lives and are looking for any professional and affordable legal & business information and services from the comfort of their homes.

Do visit Easylaw.in and share your thoughts about it in comments.

06 Mar

Pintile – India’s Answer To Pinterest



Pintile.com is an online bulletin board exclusively for India launched by Gurgaon-based Fizzy Softwares. The website is inspired by Pinterest.com.

Pintile aims to depict India in the form of photos “PINNED” by people to depict their cultures, ideas, styles & much more.

Users can pin images on their different boards similarly like in Pinterest. Other users can like Pins and re-pins the photos on their boards. People are free to PIN whatever they like within the guidelines of the website.

You can login onto the website using Facebook and Google. I tried to login with Facebook Credentials but couldn’t login & it returned the Login Page again. Please let us know if you also face this issue.
Update: It’s working perfectly fine now.

Fizzy Software is a web & mobile product development company founded in 2007 by Sudhanshu Aggarwal & Ashish Sharma. The company has built manyFacebook applications & iPhone games under the Fizzy Apps brand.

Update: Pintile has been acquired by Kwaab

04 Mar

Calculate Your Pinfluence with Pinpuff – ‘Klout for Pinterest’

pinpuff pinterest

pinpuff pinterest

Do you love Pinterest?
Yes, we are sure you do.

Then check Pinpuff, a new web application which measures your popularity on Pinterest (Pinfleunce) and value of your each pin.

Pinfluence is a relative measure of your popularity, activity, influence, and reach on Pinterest on the scale of 100 based based on the user’s followers, following, boards, pins, repins, likes, & comments. It also decides monetary value of your pins and traffic your pins generate.

The site is in beta phase and I’m also waiting for my invite as it says all slots are full at the moment.

The founder of Pinpuff is Ammrita Sharma, a computer science undergrad-cum-entrepreneur from India. She confesses that she is a Pinterest addict.

In a QnA with Penn-Olsan, Amrita revealed that she is planning to open up the Pinpuff API for other developers around the world to make apps around Pinterest.
Pinpuff is currently funded by Ammrita’s family members.

Do check it out and let us know your thoughts.
Can it become the “Klout for Pinterest”.

01 Mar

Quackquack – Dating Site For Indians



Quackquack.in is a new dating site launched by Ravi Mittal which is solely aimed at Indians.
If you are looking for a clean & safe experience in India to find the right partner, then Quackquack is perfect for you.

The site has been designed to provide Indians with a simple, “No Rocket Science Approach” to help them meet new people & finding the right partner/soul-mate.
Here, you can explore many like-minded Indians and at the same time, the site ensure privacy, security & safety features so that you can ‘feel at home’ while browsing through different profiles!

The best part of the site is that it is focusing on bringing valid/genuine profiles & also ensuring that there is no ‘free’ content generated on the website.
That way, you either stay happy with the templatized content or you pay for premium membership to access more features.

In a Q&A with Pluggd.in, founder Ravi Mittal said that the moderators of the site screen the content regularly to ensure that all the users are genuine. So, spam, obscene, and doubtful content is removed immediately and users are advised & warned. On repeated activities, their accounts are banned.
In some cases, we even ask users to verify their photo identities when we are doubtful.

Registering on the website and few basic activities are free but you have to pay for premium membership if you want to avail all the services.
Founder Ravi Mittal said that more than 800 users are signing up each day.

Quackquack – How It Works


Recently, T.V. actress, Neha Sareen, also Launches the “Thinking Person’s Relationship Site, Ditto.co.in to Find that Elusive Soul Mate or partner.

30 Jan

New StartUp: thewittyshit.com – Get paid for writing original lines!!


Facebook is the place where witty shit happens all the time. People posts witty statuses and comments on photos but they never get paid for their wittiness. But now with the help of a new startup started by two delhi IIT students Harsh Snehanshu and Apoorv Jain in 2009, thewittyshit.com, you can get paid and become famous for writing just one-lines.

Their tagline, ” You needn’t be Shakespeare to get quoted. All you need is a tinge of WIT.;)”, says it all about their aspiration behind the startup.

thewittyshit description

About the Founders:

Harsh Snehanshu is the author of the novel “Oops! ‘I’ fell in love!”, “Ouch! That ‘hearts’..” and his 3rd book, “”She is single, I’m taken!” and we’re committed” is expected to arrive very soon.
You can follow him here on his blog.

Apoorv Jain is an ex-IITian and CEO at thewittyshit.com.
You can connect with him here.

My Take– I am a regular follower and big fan of the thewittyshit.com from the almost beginning. Their “Sermon of the Day” quote is the best start to a day. The site is also gaining popularity very fast these days with more than 23,000 likes on their Facebook page and regular contests are being organized on the site.

Participate in the contests here.

We wish the team all the best for future.

23 Jul

txtWeb – Now enjoy Internet on SMS




txtWeb is a global platform where anyone with a mobile phone can discover and consume internet  just by SMSing keywords (very much like entering domain names into internet browsers) to ONE national number, and receive back content (up to 900 characters per SMS).

Keywords represent an almost unlimited number of applications that use content from the internet or have their own original content. These applications are created by an open community of publishers and developers (which can be anyone), and can include wikipedia content, local market prices, government programs, financial literacy tips etc. A user can think of txtWeb as an SMS-based browser, but much more accessible than web-browsers on computers since anyone with a simple feature phone can use it.

In India, there are million of  mobile users without access to the internet. Now with the help of this service, they can get access to valuable information which is usually available on Internet.

To access the service, just type keyword you are looking for and SMS it to 92433 42000 in India and 650.385.8882 in US and Canada. For example, just SMS @CRICBUZZ to get the latest cricket scores, SMS @WIKIPEDIA LATIN to get the Wikipedia entry on Latin language, SMS @STOCKTIP to get stick tips or SMS @PASSPORT to know the status of your passport application. You can also SMS anything without the “@” sign, in which case it will default to search and provide you a list of relevant services.  At this time there are 700 services which have been crowdsourced.

The charges for this service are the standard SMS charges.