17 Nov

Evernote launches Evernote Clearly, a browser extension for Chrome

evernote clearly

Whenever you visit a blog post or article, you would like to read it in peace but the only thing which distracts you is ads, links or navigation to other content. To solve this problem, Evernote introduces a browser extension, Evernote Clearly. The extension is only available for Google Chrome now(other browsers are coming soon).

How it works
Click on ‘Evernote Clearly’ whenever you visit a blog post or article. Clearly slides in, showing an alternate view of the page without ads, navigation, or links to other content.

Multi-page articles
Evernote Clearly willl turn multi-page article into a single page if you have launched it on a multi-page article.

evernote google chrome

Save it for Later
You can also save pages for later viewing.

Make it yours
It offers 3 amazing theme options:
– Newsprint: Reading like a newspaper
– Notable: Clean modern look
– Night owl: Dark background, perfect for nighttime reading

There are many other features too and all the reading lists is accessible from any computer, phone or tablet you use.

Download the Extension here.