23 Apr

5 Best Free Twitter Tools To Unfollow Non Follower Users



With more than 200 million users,  Twitter is one of the best marketing & promotional tool for Internet entrepreneurs today, but only if it is used effectively.
Sometimes it gets frustrating when you are following people but not many of them are following you back. Twitter allows you to follow only 2,000 people until your followers count reach more than 2,000 followers. So, with the help of following five tools you can unfollow all those people who are not following you back:


1) ManageFlitter: One of the best tool to clean your Twitter account. Apart from quickly unfollowing non followers, ManageFlitter also offers you the ability to unfollow inactive or noisy users. You can unfollow 100 users per day for free.

2) iUnfollow: Another great tool to quickly unfollow non-followers with keyboard shortcuts. The maximum limit of free unfollow per day is 75. You can also check history of who you followed & who followed you.

3) Justunfollow: The maximum limit of free unfollow is 50 per day. If you want more, you’ll have to go for paid upgrade. Use of this tool is very easy.

4) Refollow: This is another great tool to unfollow people in bulk. The maximum limit of free unfollow is 100 per day.

5) FriendorFollow: This is a free tool to unfollow all users who are not following you. The process is quick and easy. Just sign in with your Twitter account and click on users to unfollow them.

But before unfollowing users in bulk, remember Twitter could also ban your account. So, don’t unfollow more than 100-200 users per day to stay on the safer side and also read Twitter Guidelines and Best Practices.


13 Apr

Top 10 Awesome Gmail Tips and Tricks



Gmail is the most popular email service that exists today. It has completely simplified the way how we manage our emails.


Let’s take a look at Top 10 Awesome Gmail Tips and Tricks to improve your productivity:

1) Access Gmail Offline:

Google has launched its official Google Chrome Plugin – Gmail Offline Beta, which is a Gmail app built to support offline access, allowing you to read mails responded to, searched & archived.
All your offline data will be stored on your computer, so don’t store this on a public computer.

2) Access Multiple Accounts At Once in the Same Browser:

To enable this feature, visit google.com/accounts & click the link next to “Multiple sign-in.”
After you sign into your 1st account, you can sign in with multiple additional accounts from the new accounts menu in the upper right hand corner of Gmail, then easily toggle back & forth between them.
You can even open multiple Gmail tabs — one for each of your accounts.

3) View All your Google Products associated with your Gmail account at one place:

Visit google.com/dashboard which offers a simple view into all the data associated with your Google Account.

4) Two -Step Verification:

This feature add an extra layer of security to your Google account. Learn more about it here.

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5) Remote Sign-out:

With this new added security feature, you can now track your recent sessions. We all access our email from multiple computers, like at home or at work, this feature allows you to sign out remotely.
So in case, if you forget to log out of your email on your work computer, you could sign yourself out of it from your home computer.
Learn more about it here.

6) Hide Chat Box from Gmail:

gmail chat

If you want to hide Chat Box, just click on the button shown in the picture.

7) Filters:

Using filters, you can allow your mails to go to directly to inbox, spam, label, archive, delete, star, or you can even forward your mail.
Learn more about it here.

8) Dots or without dots, it’s your username:

Do you know that Gmail doesn’t recognize dots as characters within a username?
It means that if your e-mail address is username@gmail.com, or user.name@gmail.com or u.s.e.r.n.a.m.e@gmail.com, all are yours. Even Facebook doesn’t recognize dots within a username.

9) Consolidate all your email accounts:

If you have more than one email account, you can consolidate them all under one Gmail account for sending & receiving.
Just Go to Gmail Settings -> Accounts -> And Add another mail account.

10) Keyboard Shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcuts saves your time by allowing you to never take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse.
Learn all about Keyboard Shortcuts here.

04 Feb

How To Resize Multiple Pictures in Windows


We all know that we can resize picture in MS Paint. But it takes quite a bit of time and you can only resize one picture at once.

resize picture in windows

resize picture in windows

Image Resizer for Windows is a utility that lets you resize one or more selected image files directly from Windows Explorer by right-clicking on the images.

The process is very simple. First download the Software here.
Then just right click on the selected image and you will find an option for ‘Resize Pictures’, choose the size you want, select whether you want to resize the original picture or want a new picture(shown in above picture) and click OK.

The re-sized image will be created in the same folder as the original.
The software supports both the 32bit and 64bit versions of windows.

Do give it a try and let us know your thoughts in comments.

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04 Feb

How To Take Custom Screen Capture in Windows

take custome screen capture in windows foxarc

We all know that we can take the entire screen capture with the ‘PrintScr’ key on our keyboard.
Press “Alt+PrintScr”, Open “MS Paint” and Press ” Ctrl + V” to paste the picture.

But how to take custom screen capture in windows?
FoxArc Screen Capture is a lightweight & very easy-to-use screen capture program for taking custom size screenshots. You can capture anything on the screen including rectangular/ellipse regions, full screen, objects, windows. It also lets you save picture files in JPG, PNG, PCX, BMP, PNM & TIFF formats.

Do check it out and let us know your thoughts in comments.

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