04 Mar

Top 7 Best Music Apps For iPhone




Your iPhone is not complete without this app. SoundHound is the world’s fastest music recognition that can recognize music in as little as 4 seconds.
It can also recognize music from singing and humming. The app also provides live lyrics to the songs.

Price: Free



Are your a bad singer?
This app will turn bad singing into good songs.
Ladida is based on the reverse karaoke. It uses artificial intelligence to help you sound like a professional singer. Just SING/RAP into the phone, & LaDiDa will analyze your voice & compose music to match.

Price: $2.99

Adaptunes – Speed-based Volume Control

Adaptunes - Speed-based Volume Control

When you go faster, your music also gets louder.
Now you don’t need to adjust your volume every time.
Adaptunes provides automatic speed & motion-based volume control for your iPhone or iPod touch by working alongside the integrated iPod. Great app for driving, it also has profiles for other activities such as motorcycling, skiing, biking, & exercising.

Price: $0.99

Audiogalaxy Mobile


Now take your music wherever you go.
Audiogalaxy lets you stream your music & playlists from your computer to your iPhone/iPod for free with no loss in quality.

Price: Free

Garage Band

garage band iphone app

Now make music wherever you go.

GarageBand turns your iPhone/iPod into a collection of Touch Instruments & a full-featured recording studio . You can use Multi-Touch gestures to play guitars, pianos, organs, drums, & basses.

Price: $4.99

Discovr Music

discovr music app iphone

Find the music you like.
Discovr Music helps you to make it easy to find & explore new music. Enter an artist name you like & discover music.

Price: $1.99

Pandora Radio

pandora iphone app

Pandora Radio is free personalized radio that plays music you will love.
Just start with the name of one of your favorite songs, artists, or composers & Pandora app will create a custom “station” for you that plays similar music.

Price: Free