04 Oct

Sticky: Take Notes Within Gmail Chat


As a blogger, you always need something to capture and write down your thoughts and ideas that keeps coming through out the day. Sticky is a new web app that helps you to capture your thoughts when they happen right into your Gmail chat. I’ve tried many applications to write down the notes but the best thing I liked about Sticky is that it allows you to take notes from GChat(where I’m always online).


How It Works

1) Go to Sticky.io.
2) Sign in with your Google Account.
3) Give permission access to Sticky.
4) Sticky will send you a friend request on your GChat.
5) Start taking notes by chatting with Sticky.
6) Use tags, notebooks, etc. to better organize your ideas and concepts.
7) You can access all your notes by visiting Sticky.io anytime.

Take notes online with Sticky

Overall, Sticky is a useful application with amazing UI that simplify the experience of taking notes. If you’re on Gmail constantly and need a good application to take notes, do try Sticky.

31 Aug

Instaport: Download All Your Instagram Photos (Web App)


Instaport is a very simple and useful web application to download, export or backup all your Instagram photos in a single zip file. You can download all your photos, or selected photos by date or tag, or you can even download all photos from others which you’ve liked.


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How It Works:

Step 1:
Connect your Instagram account with this application.

Step 2:
Choose export service. You can select advanced options to download all photos or selected ones. Then click export. It may take a while for your download to be ready. Then click on the Download button to download photos in ZIP format.

There is pending feature which is coming very soon that would allow you to export your photos to Facebook, Flickr or RSS.

Do give Instaport a try and let us know your thoughts in comments.

14 May

Resumonk – Create Amazing Professional Looking Resumes In Minutes



Creating resume from scratch can be a mess if you don’t have any format and it can take hell of a time. Resumonk solves this problem by helping you create professional looking and beautiful resumes in minutes. All you need to do is fill in your details and it will handle the job of formatting and converting the resume in PDF format. There are many templates to choose from while creating your resume.


The service is free to use for basic features and if you want to import your LinkedIn profile, detailed analytics and more templates – you will have to go pro for $9.99 (one-time payment).

Here are some of the Features of Resumonk:
– Intuitive & easy-to-use interface
– Professional, beautiful & modern resume templates
– Easily share your resume online or download it as PDF
– Create & manage multiple resumes effortlessly
– One-click LinkedIn import
– Complete date-wise & location-wise analytics

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Though there are many tools available online to create resumes, but Resumonk because of its simplicity and easy to use interface really stand out when you’re looking to create simple and professional¬†looking resumes in quick time.

Do check it out and share your thoughts in comments.

23 Apr

5 Best Free Twitter Tools To Unfollow Non Follower Users



With more than 200 million users,  Twitter is one of the best marketing & promotional tool for Internet entrepreneurs today, but only if it is used effectively.
Sometimes it gets frustrating when you are following people but not many of them are following you back. Twitter allows you to follow only 2,000 people until your followers count reach more than 2,000 followers. So, with the help of following five tools you can unfollow all those people who are not following you back:


1) ManageFlitter: One of the best tool to clean your Twitter account. Apart from quickly unfollowing non followers, ManageFlitter also offers you the ability to unfollow inactive or noisy users. You can unfollow 100 users per day for free.

2) iUnfollow: Another great tool to quickly unfollow non-followers with keyboard shortcuts. The maximum limit of free unfollow per day is 75. You can also check history of who you followed & who followed you.

3) Justunfollow: The maximum limit of free unfollow is 50 per day. If you want more, you’ll have to go for paid upgrade. Use of this tool is very easy.

4) Refollow: This is another great tool to unfollow people in bulk. The maximum limit of free unfollow is 100 per day.

5) FriendorFollow: This is a free tool to unfollow all users who are not following you. The process is quick and easy. Just sign in with your Twitter account and click on users to unfollow them.

But before unfollowing users in bulk, remember Twitter could also ban your account. So, don’t unfollow more than 100-200 users per day to stay on the safer side and also read Twitter Guidelines and Best Practices.


20 Mar

AppAppeal.com – Find Best Web Apps


AppAppeal.com is a website where you can find the best and most popular apps on the web. The website reviews & compares web applications to help people find the best web app according to their needs.


AppAppeal adds a ranking to each and every web app. All the Web apps are ranked by their worldwide popularity by using Alexa Ranking.

The website also provides quality reviews of web apps written by professional writers. And according to the information on the website, they are not get paid by developers for reviewing a web app & they do not use any affiliate links.

There are total of 117 categories on the website such as Business, Photo, Travel, Financial, Food & Drink, Education and many others.

Do give it a try to find out the best web apps and let us know your thoughts in comments.

15 Feb

Use Sticky Notes For Your Browser and Desktop To Remember Things

Sticky Screen

StickyScreen is a very simple and clean website where you can make yellow sticky notes to remember things to do and set it as your browser homepage.

sticky screen notes

How It Works

Visit the website at stickyscreen.org.
Type anything you want to remember and set it as your browser homepage.
And every time you will open your browser, you will see that sticky note.
There is no need to register on the site and it’s completely free.

The notes get stored in the cookie locally and nobody else can see your notes except you.
You can also use this Firefox extension to make it as default page for every tab.

Desktop Software:

To stick Yellow Notes on your desktop, you can use Sticky Notes software.
This software is free to try with limited features and if you like it, you can buy the full version.
Download it here on Cnet.com