13 Jun

Overview: Facebook Official WordPress Plugin

facebook wordpress plugin social publishing


Facebook finally announced its official WordPress plugin to simplify integration of Facebook into your WordPress website. The plugin allows you to easily cross publish content on your profile and Facebook page. You can also choose to mention your Facebook friends as a part of the post which means more distribution of the website.

facebook wordpress plugin social publishing

In addition, you can use the Recommendations Bar, which allows the users to click and authenticate to enable social reading.

The following social plugins are also available as WordPress widgets:

1) Activity Feed: Shows readers their friends’ activity on a particular website.

2) Recommendations: Personalized suggestions to the readers for pages on a website.

3) Comments Box: SEO enabled comments. It means now search engines can index your comments. But this comment system will hijack your default comment system such as Disqus or WordPress.

The plugin will support internationalization and will also work on mobile devices. It’s a great move by Facebook as WordPress powers 16.6 percent of the web with more than 600 million unique visitors per month. Now you don’t need multiple third party plugins as this plugin completely make your website social in a couple of clicks only.

Download the Facebook WordPress Plugin here.

Do give it a try and share your thoughts in comments.

11 Jun

5 WordPress Plugins To Protect Your Content From Being Copied

stop-plagiarism protect your-blog-content


If you are a blogger, you must be aware and annoyed by the fact that many a times your content is being easily copied by other websites without giving you proper credit. And with constant changes in Google Algorithm these days, you may also notice that sometimes the copied content is even ranked higher in search results. Though it is impossible to completely protect your content from being copied but you can take protective measures.

stop-plagiarism protect your-blog-content

So, I have compiled a list of 5 WordPress Plugins To Protect Your Content From Being Copied:

1) WordPress Prevent Copy Paste Plugin

Personally, I am using this plugin to protect the content from being copied. There are four options viz Posts protection(It means you can disable selection of texts), Disable Right Click Option(To protect your images being copied), Protection by CSS(to protect the content even without JavaScript) and Home Page protection. Though, I have enabled Right click option because else it gives bad user experience as you can’t open content in new tab.

2) Simple Feed Copyright

It adds a copyright notice at end of full text articles in RSS feeds – “Copyright Year. Blog Title. All Rights Reserved”. Your Website title is linked to your website Url. With this WordPress plugin, now RSS scrappers will always link back to the original source.

3) Watermark My Image

Watermark my Image WordPress plugin lets you to automatically watermark your images, by placing a simple, and customizable watermark beneath the original images (just like the 9GAG watermark). You can also try Transparent Image Watermark Plugin.

4) iCopyright Toolbar

iCopyright plugin lets you adds article tools such as print, email, share & replublish and an Interactive Copyright Notice to enable sharing, tracking, licensing, syndication, & monetization of content.

5) CopyLink

CopyLink places automatic links on text copied from your blog.

6) Add Copyright Banners To Your Posts

Add Copyscape copyright banner to your posts at a highly visible location to warn potential plagiarists against stealing or copying your blog content.

7) Bring My Blog Visitors Back:

Now turn your RSS Feed into automated marketing machine with this plugin from MaxBlogPress. It offers multiple features such as Add custom content to the header and footer in RSS Feed, add comments in RSS Feed, add social sharing options, add related posts on your RSS Feed, etc. Buy this at an introductory price of $67.

07 Jun

7 Free WordPress Plugins To Generate Sitemap For Your Blog

sitemap wordpress plugins


A Sitemap is a XML file which contains list of pages(URLs) of a website  along with additional metadata about each URL such as (when it was last updated, how often it usually changes, & how crucial it is, in comparison to other URLs on the website) so that search engines can easily crawl your website. In short, A sitemap is a complete index of your website. Creating sitemap will help major search engines to better discover your website and show in search results. Read Google’s Guide To Sitemaps.

sitemap wordpress plugins

Check out 7 Free WordPress Plugins To Generate Sitemap For Your Blog Posts, Images, Video or Mobile Website:

1) Google XML Sitemaps

The most popular WordPress plugin to generate sitemap of your website. This plugin generate a special XML sitemap to help various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to better index your website or blog.
With this sitemap, it’s very easy for the search engine crawlers to see the complete structure of your website & retrieve it better in search results.
Apart from that, it also notifies various search engines every time you post something on your website.

2) Google XML Sitemap for Images

This plugin is developed by India’s First Professional blogger and legend in this field – Amit Agarwal. The Image Sitemap plugin will generate a sitemap for your WordPress blog with all the image URLs that are used in your posts & pages so that major search engines can discover images on your website easily.

3) Google XML Sitemap for Mobile

The Mobile Sitemap plugin will generate a sitemap for your WordPress blog with URLs that serve your mobile web content and helps in better indexing of mobile version of your website by search engines.

4) Google XML Sitemap for Videos

This plugin will generate an XML Sitemap for your WordPress website using all YouTube videos that you have embedded in your blog posts or pages. If the video that you have embedded has been removed from YouTube, that information in the sitemap file will also be ignored by search engine bots.

5) WP Archive-Sitemap Generator

It is another simple plugin that Generates Archives/Sitemap based on your posts & pages.

6) RPS Sitemap Generator

A simple and lightweight XML sitemap generator with Multisite awareness.

7) XML-Sitemaps

Generate XML, HTML, ROR or TEXT sitemaps of your website online.

06 Jun

7 Free WordPress Plugins To Push Your Email Marketing Campaigns



Email Marketing is the best and cost effective solution to stay in touch with your readers, customers & potential clientele. Here is the list of 7 Free WordPress Plugins To Boost Your Email Marketing campaigns. All these plugins are packed with useful features which you can use to kick start your Email marketing campaigns. Suggestions are welcome for more useful WordPress Plugins for Email Marketing.


1) What Would Seth Godin Do

This amazing plugin implement famous marketer Seth Godin’s idea and welcomes new visitors with a special message & invites them to subscribe to your mailing list.
You can also customize the message, its lifespan, & its location on the post page.

2) AWeber Web Form Plugin

AWeber is an email marketing campaign service that helps website owners to stay in contact with their website visitors and readers. AWeber web form plugin helps lets visitors subscribe to your mailing list easily on your blog. Read more about how to set Aweber account here. The cost of using Aweber starts at $1 for first month. The best alternative to Aweber is Google Feedburner which is free to use(but lacks some features).

3) Socialize

Socialize is an awesome WordPress plugin to selectively add actionable social bookmarks such as social sharing options and Subscribe to our Email option to your posts. Read full review about Socialize Plugin here.

4) Email newsletter

Email newsletter wordpress plugin lets you send HTML Email to registered user and also to the comment posted user free of cost. This plugin also provides contact form which can be used for feedback from the users.

5) Newsletter

Newsletter is one of the most popular WordPress plugin to add a real newsletter service to your blog. In seconds. For free. It provides many tools such as subscription widget,statistics, and custom settings for the newsletter and subscribers and is really a boon in the field of email marketing tools for WordPress.

6) WP Autoresponder And Newsletter Plugin

With WP Autoresponder you can easily create email newsletters, follow up autoresponders & provide custom subscription to blog via e-mail.

7) ALO EasyMail Newsletter

ALO EasyMail Newsletter is an amazing WordPress plugin that allows you to send custom newsletters, and to gather and manage the subscribers list. Apart from that, it has many more useful features to make it a perfect plugin for Email marketing campaigns.

17 Apr

Add ‘Nofollow’ To All Links With This WordPress Plugin



PageRank is a very important factor if you want your blog to rank higher in Google searches. There are many factors which affect your PageRank which we won’t go in detail now. But I will only discuss two factors here – Inbound and Outbound Links.

First one –  PageRank is directly proportional to the number of unique pages that are linking to your website. If you have high number of backlinks from the sites with good PageRank, you will have a high PageRank.


Another factor which affects PageRank is Outbound Links – Links from your website to another websites. If you have many outbound links to another websites, it can also affect your overall Pagerank. So, it is always advisable to add “nofollow” to rel-attribute to most of the external links on your website. Keep the PR juice reserved for your own pages and you can also remove the no-follow attribute from guest writer’s links, or links to your other personal blogs, or links to high-authority websites like Google, Techcrunch, etc.

Now if you have a old website/blog and you haven’t add the ‘Nofollow’ tag to outbound links in your old posts, there is a WordPress plugin to do that automatically.
WP External Links is a great plugin to automatically add “nofollow” to rel-attribute to all the external links on your website. You can also add settings like Open external links in a new window/tab, XHTML strict, set icon, set title, add class and many other.
It is a SEO friendly plugin which works like a charm.


01 Apr

Review: Awesome Socialize Plugin To Add ‘Call To Action’ Box

socialize plugin

socialize plugin

Socialize is an awesome WordPress plugin to selectively add actionable social bookmarks to your posts.
For the quite some time, I was using Floating Sharing Plugin on the left side of the post. But as I prefer clean look for my blog, I searched for a replacement of that plugin. And I found “Socialize WordPress Plugin“.

With this plugin, you can add bookmarks in two places:

– Inside the content (aligned left or right).
– In a ‘Call To Action’ Box below the content.

The best thing about this plugin is that there is an additional panel in your posts admin also that allows you to customize bookmarks for individual posts. This encourages more shares, comments and subscriptions on more relevant posts.

socialize call to action box

Another good thing about this plugin is that you are also provided with a ‘Call To Action‘ Box at the bottom of your posts that asks readers to subscribe & comment. The text of the ‘Call To Action’ Box can be edited in the ‘Socialize Admin Page’ & on individual posts/pages. You can also selectively display social bookmarks in this box the same way you go about inserting bookmarks in content.

Overall, it’s a great plugin to increase engagement with your readers.
Do check it out and share your thoughts in comments.

12 Mar

Top 10 WordPress Plugins To Build Mobile Version Of Your Website


Mobile websites are designed and developed, keeping in mind the small screen of mobile phones and needs of mobile users. A mobile-friendly website can help your site to reach and connect with more customers, but a bad mobile experience can even drive your readers away from your website.

Check out Top 10 WordPress Plugins To Build Mobile Version Of Your Website:



MobilePress is a free WordPress plugin that will render your WordPress blog on mobile handsets. You can also use customized themes and serve ads on the mobile version of your site with Aduity.com.

MobilePress is very easy to set up and it is SEO enabled and detects Google, Yahoo & MSN mobile search bots. These mobile search engine bots will see the mobile version of your blog & get your mobile site indexed in the mobile search results.


One of the most popular plugin which automatically transforms your WordPress website into an application-like theme, loaded with ajax loading articles & effects when viewed from the most popular mobile web browsing devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, Palm Pre/Pixi, Android mobile devices, and BlackBerry OS6 mobile devices.
Download it here.

WordPress Mobile Pack

wordpress mobile pack

WordPress Mobile Pack is a complete toolkit to help mobilize your WordPress site & blog. Some of the features includes automatic mobile switcher, advanced themes, mobile adaptation, mobile admin panel and mobile analytics.


WPtap Mobile Detector

WPtap is a great WordPress plugin in developing mobile-friendly themes that can instantly turn your WordPress blog into a web-application experience.


WordPress Mobile Edition

WordPress Mobile Edition is another free plugin that shows a mobile interface automatically when visitors come to your site on a mobile device.
You can also customize ist of mobile browsers on the settings page.

Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress

wapple plugin

Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress is a free plugin that allows you to mobilize your blog in minutes.
The best thing about this plugin is that it retains the styling of your site from web to mobile.

MoFuse WordPress Plugin

Mofuse plugin works with a MoFuse account. Mofuse is a service that allows bloggers to easily create a mobile-friendly version of their website/blog for free.

This plugin allows you to automatically detect & redirect your mobile visitors to the mobile-friendly version of your site.

WordPress Mobile by Mobify

mobify wordpress plugin

Another great plugin which works with a free Mobify Account. This plugin detects mobile devices & sends them to the Mobify URL of your blog.
Download it here.

iPhone / Mobile Admin

iPhone/Mobile Admin gives a mobile-friendly admin UI to browsers of mobile phones. Initially targeted for iPhone/iPod users but now includes support for other mobile browsers too.

WP Audiencc

wp audiencce

WP Audiencc lets you to create and manage interactive, social media aware smartphone optimized sites within wordpress.


WordPress Official Mobile App

Blogging with WordPress is great, and these official wordpress applications for all the platforms such iOS, Android, Nokia, Blackberry, Windows and WebOS make it even better by giving you more ways to post.
Now you can blog on the go.
Download these apps here.

Update: You can also build mobile version of your website on How To Gomo for free.

After your mobile site is ready, you can test it on GoMoMetera Google Initiative.

08 Mar

Best Alternative To ‘All in One SEO Pack’ – ‘WordPress SEO By Yoast’ Plugin



No doubt ‘All in One SEO Pack’ is a great WordPress SEO plugin to automatically optimize your WordPress blog for Search Engines. But its full version is not free and it lacks many features.
I was using this plugin for very long until I got to know about ‘WordPress SEO By Yoast’ Plugin.

‘WordPress SEO By Yoast’ Plugin is an awesome free plugin which helps you to have a fully optimized WordPress site and adds many other functionality to your wordpress site.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that makes this plugin unique and very useful:

Helps in writing Good SEO Optimized content

all in one seo pack

wordpress seo by yoast

This plugin helps in writing SEO Optimized content. The first thing it shows is snippet preview with which you can see a rendering of what your post will look like in the search results, whether your title is too short or too long & whether your meta description makes sense in the context of a search result.
You can put a focus keyword and this plugin will generate whether you have included that keyword in Article heading, page title, page url, content and page description.

In ‘All in One SEO Pack’ plugin, it was only limited to Title, Description and Keywords.

Page Analysis

wordpress seo by yoast page analysis

wordpress seo by yoast

Page Analysis functionality of this plugin checks simple things about your page which helps in SEO. For instance, if you have images in your post & whether they all have an alt-tag containing the focus keyword for that post.
It also checks your keyword density, length of the post, meta description and many other small & important things which helps in SEO.

XML Sitemaps

Though there are many plugins available for XML Sitemaps, but you can also access this functionality in this plugin. Once you check the box, it automatically creates XML sitemaps & notifies search engines of the sitemaps existence. These XML sitemaps include the images in your posts and pages too, so that your images can also be found better in the search engines.

Social Integration

This plugin comes with a Facebook OpenGraph implementation also.

Edit your .htaccess and robots.txt file

You can easily edit your .htaccess and robots.txt files using the built-in file editor.

Verify Your Website

You can easily verify your website in one click with Google and Bing Webmaster Tools and Alexa with this plugin.

These are some of the features which I love the most about this plugin. But once you use it, you will realize that this plugin is a source of so many more functionality for your wordpress blog.

Some of the big sites using this plugin includes Mashable, The Next Web and Search Engine Land.
I’d recommend everyone to try this plugin atleast once. And I’m sure once you use it, you will stick to this only.

02 Mar

Best Alternative To Simplereach Slide – nrelate Flyout WordPress Plugin

nrelate flyout plugin


Simplereach Slide is a wordpress plugin that recommends posts from within your site on a widget that “slides” in at the right bottom of the page.
It’s a great concept to increase the page views of the website.

I was using this plugin for quite a long time after reading its good reviews but lately I’ve noticed that it is not effective as it should be.

Firstly, the related posts that it shows are not much related to the original post. Most of the time, it just shows the random posts. And lately, I’ve found out that it was not working on many of my posts.

So, I decided to switch and found another similar plugin, nrelate Flyout, with a much better algorithm.

nrelate flyout plugin

You can choose your results from least relevant to most relevant posts. I have chosen “Medium:More Relevant” option on my website and it works great showing relevant posts.

You can even customize the look of the plugin by choosing any of the set styles, or designing your own.
nrelate also gives you option to display content ads within the plugin and earn money through it. For this, you need to sign up as a Partner at nrelate website.

Do give it a try and share your thoughts in the comments.

07 Feb

Top 15 Must Have Plugins for your new WordPress Blog

1) Akismet: It is one of the best and must have plugin for your wordpress blog which is used by millions of people around the world. It protects your blog from comment & trackback spam.
It keeps your site protected from spam even while you sleep or not working on your site.

2) All in One SEO Pack: It Optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization).
Update: Best Alternative To ‘All in One SEO Pack’ – ‘WordPress SEO By Yoast’ Plugin

3) Google XML Sitemaps: This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, & Ask.com to better index your blog.
With this plugin, crawlers would be able to see the complete structure of your site & retrieve it more effectively. Also it notifies all major search engines every time you post new content on your blog.
Update: You should also use PubSubHubbub Plugin that notifies all major search engines in a much faster way(real time).

4) Google Site Verification Plugin: One-click Google verification for your site for Google Webmaster tools and other services.
Update: This function is also available in “WordPress SEO by Yoast”.

5) Strictly Auto Tags: Tired of finding tags for each post? You can use this plugin to auto generate tags on each post and get easy SEO. Though I would suggest you to tag post manually for better site links and infrastructure.

6) Facebook Comment: With more than 800 million people on Facebook, you can’t miss this plugin. Full Facebook Comments moderation & management for your WordPress site. Very easy and quick to set up.

Update: Try Facebook Official WordPress Plugin.

7) Contact Form: A super customizable contact form that lets your visitors send you email. Very easy to set up forms on any page or post.

8 ) The Slide by SimpleReach: One of the few plugins which is growing at a tremendous speed. It helps your readers to discover more content on your site and increasing users’ engagement.
Update: Best Alternative To Simplereach Slide – nrelate Flyout WordPress Plugin

9) WP About Author: Easily display customizable author bios below your posts.

10) User Photo: It Allows users to associate a photo with their account on wordpress site & this photo to be displayed in their posts & comments too.

11) Add Post URL: This plugin allows you to insert a specific text such as advertisements, copyright, etc. at the beginning and ending of your posts.

12) Yet Another Related Posts Plugin: It displays a list of related entries on your site & feeds based on a unique algorithm. Out of all the related post plugin I’ve used till now, this is the best related posts plugin.

Update: Best Alternative To Yet Another Related Posts – Efficient Related Posts Plugin

13) Disqus: One of the most used commenting plugin for websites. It allows your visitors to choose their identity (Facebook Connect, OpenID, Twitter) when they leave a comment. You can use this plugin only in place of “Facebook Comment’ plugin explained above.
Read: Top 5 Best Commenting Systems For Your Blog

14) Shareaholic: One of the most used and best plugin for users to share your posts. You have the option to put it above or below the posts.

15) TF Social Share: Another must have plugin for your wordpress blog to give floating share options on the left side of the posts. One more great plugin to add vertical share box to the left of the post is Sharebar.

Update: Review: Awesome Socialize Plugin To Add ‘Call To Action’ Box

Additional Plugins:

W3 Total Cache: This plugin improves your site performance & user experience via caching: browser, object, database, page, minify & content delivery network support.
Highly recommended.
Update: Now, I am using WP Super Cache. to improve site performance as I found it lighter than W3 Total Cache.

Auto Post Thumbnail: It automatically generates the Post Thumbnail (Featured Thumbnail) from the first image in any post if Post Thumbnail(Featured Image) is not set.

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