24 Sep

11 Best WordPress Plugins To Improve the Security of your Blog

WordPress Security Plugins


WordPress is one of the most popular platform for millions of sites all over the world. Though WordPress is a secure piece of software but there is always a concern among bloggers to improve the security of their WordPress blog. As WordPress is a Open Source software, everybody has access to its Source Code and thus it is a prime target for hackers.

WordPress Security Plugins

But with little effort, you can protect your WordPress website using following Security plugins:

1) Wordfence Security:

Wordfence Security is a free security plugin that provides firewall protection, continuous anti-virus scanning, malicious URL scanning and live traffic updates including crawlers for your WordPress blog. It sends you a Email everytime if somebody tries to access your admin area, or if you have a maliciois link on your blog. This plugin will lock out users after ‘n’ no. of unsuccessful login attempts. You can also block certain IPs from the plugin itself. Wordfence Security Plugin can verify & repair your core, theme & plugin files, even if you don’t have backups.
It is one stop solution for your Security needs on WordPress platform.

2) WP Email Login:

For better security on your WordPress blog, set your username to something random, and then just forget it and use your email address instead to log into your WordPress with the help of this plugin.

3) Google Authenticator:

The Google Authenticator WordPress plugin provides you 2-Step authentication using the Google Authenticator application for Android/iPhone/Blackberry. You can also try IM Login Dongle that adds two way authentication via selected instant messenger.

4) Bulletproof Security:

It provides one-click .htaccess WordPress security protection and protects your WordPress site against XSS, CRLF, CSRF, RFI, Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection hacking attempts.

5) VIP Scanner:

It scans all sorts of themes and files and things for any problems or malicious code injected into your templates.

6) WP Updates Notifier:

If you don’t log into your WordPress dashboard regularly, then this plugin is for you. It sends email to notify you if there are any updates for your WordPress website such as core updates, plugin and theme updates.

7) Exploit Scanner

This plugin searches the files on your WordPress site, active plugins and the posts and comments tables of your database for anything suspicious and notifies the administrator for all the changes.

8) WordPress Sentinel

Another plugin that tracks all files in a WordPress installation (core, themes, plugins) & notifies the administrator of any files that have changed in any way.

9)Login Dongle

Login Dongle adds an extra layer of security on your blog by means of a security question on the Admin area.

10) Lockdown WP Admin

This plugin can hide wp-admin and wp-login as well as add HTTP auth to the login system. You can change the WordPress Login URL and when someone tries to access http://yourwebsite.com/wp-admin/, it will show a 404 error page instead of redirecting to the login page. As most of the hacking attempts are auto-generated on wp-admin URL, this plugin can add an extra layer of security.

11) Secure WordPress

Secure WordPress improves the security of your WordPress website by removing error information on login pages, adds index.html to plugin directories, hides the WordPress version & much more.

12) Login Security Solution

This plugin provides security against brute force attacks by tracking IP, name, and passwords. Idle timeout. Maintenance mode lockdown.

Share your thoughts about which plugin you’re using to improve the security of your WordPress site.

09 Sep

How To Add Top Commentators Widget in WordPress

Top Commentators Plugin


Displaying Top Commentators Widget on your blog is a great way to reward your commentators and bring back readers again and again to comment on your blog.

Top Commentators Plugin

Top Commentators Widget Plugin:

The most popular plugin available to display the top commentators on your WordPress blog sidebar. It is designed to display the commentators with maximum comments on your website. The number of comments is tracked by this plugin automatically and displayed on the sidebar for your readers to view.

Settings of this Plugin includes:

– Change widget title
– Add Description below the Title
– Exclude any Users
– Limit the number of names listed
– Reset Commentators List Every Time Period
– Nofollow Links
– Show on Home Page only
– Display Gravatar
– Show an Award icon if comments reach a certain range.

Do give this plugin a try and let us know your thoughts in comments.

06 Sep

How To Create Custom Sidebars For Any WordPress Theme

Custom Sidebars


WordPress themes generally allows you to have a single sidebar. But, sometimes it is necessary to showcase different elements on the sidebars for each posts or pages. It gives you more flexibility over the content and what you want to show to different visitors on your website.

Custom Sidebars

The most popular WordPress plugin to add sidebars is “Custom Sidebars”.

1) Custom Sidebars WordPress Plugin allows to create your own custom sidebars & widgetized areas and also select which sidebars you want to use for each post or page.

With this plugin, you can create all the widgetized areas you need, custom sidebars, configure them adding widgets, and replace the default sidebars on the posts or pages you want easily without touching the code.

2) Another popular plugin you can try to add custom sidebars is Per Page Sidebars. This plugin also allows you to create and display custom sidebars for any post (or page) on your website.

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3) If you want to add a post-type widget, then try Widget Entries plugin. With this plugin, you can upload images to be shown directly in the widgets and you can also use shortcodes inside your widget.
This plugin lets you to format your widget with the WordPress editor.

04 Sep

Change Default WordPress Admin URL With This Plugin

Hide and Change Admin URL


Hacking is one of the worst nightmares for bloggers. It can easily destroy all your data and online business in no time. So, it is crucial to stay secure online by using maximum security on your websites.

It’s not a secret that all login or admin pages for WordPress websites look like this: http://domainname.com/wp-login.php or http://domainname.com/wp-admin. So hackers can easily run their automatic scripts on these URLs to hack websites all over the internet.

So, the best solution to this security issue is to change the default login URL to a custom login URL.

Change Default WordPress Admin URL With Lockdown WP Admin Plugin

Lockdown WP Admin Plugin will lockdown your WP Admin URL. It means whenever someone tries to access http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin/, they will recieve a 404 error page instead of redirecting to the login page. It can hide both wp-admin and wp-login as well as add HTTP auth to the login system. Apart from that, you can also change your login URL to anything, for example, http://www.yourdomain.com/secure.

Let’s take a look at the image below to learn how to change settings in Lockdown WP Admin Plugin:

Hide and Change Admin URL

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Note: This plugin won’t secure your website perfectly, but if someone does manage to crack your password, it can make it more difficult for them to find where to actually login. This also prevents any hacking bots that are used for malicious intents to break in.

Let us know your thoughts in comments about this plugin.

03 Sep

Top 15 Premium WordPress Themes Club

Thesis WordPress Theme


WordPress is the most popular community with thousands of free and premium themes available. Today I’m sharing Top 15 Premium WordPress Themes club where you can find lots of options to choose from. The best part about choosing premium themes is that you get lifetime support community and regular updates. These WordPress themes are designed and developed by experts and can be easily modified with their options panel(framework) even if you have no or very little programming knowledge. You can also download free themes available on these clubs.

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1) Thesis Themes

Thesis WordPress Theme

The Thesis Theme framework is one of the best and most popular WordPress theme framework with amazing SEO, incredible design & flexibility, 24*7 customer support and really fast load time. Highly recommended.
You can buy the theme for $89 for personal option and Developer’s Option is available for $164.

Visit Thesis Themes.

2) ThemeForest


Themeforest is a place where freelancers and WordPress designers sell their themes to earn money. So, you can find huge number of high quality WordPress themes on ThemeForest with prices starting from as little as $10.

Visit ThemeForest.

3) Themify


Themify provides you awesome WordPress themes that are highly customizable & very easy to use. Some of the popular themes include Elemin(Labnol-Like:Digital Inspiration WordPress Theme) and Pinboard. Every theme comes with an option panel, various custom widgets & shortcodes to let you easily customize your theme without having touch any coding. You can buy themes for as little as $39.

Visit Themify.

4) Genesis Themes Framework

Genesis Themes

Genesis Themes Framework is one of the popular Framework which is developed by StudioPress. The Genesis Themes are powered with incredible SEO, beautiful designs, highly customizable and support community.

Visit StudioPress.

5) Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes comes with ePanel to manage and edit your website without touching a line of code. You can adjust your layout, manage ads, change colors, optimize for SEO and more with the ePanel in the WordPress Dashboard.
You can also organize your blog posts with shortcodes and there are many page templates with pre-made styles and functions.
They are one of the cheapest Premium WordPress Theme club where you can buy 75 Premium WordPress themes for only $39, means $.50 per theme.

Visit Elegant Themes.

6) WooThemes


WooThemes is another great WordPress club where you can buy amazing looking professional themes powered with Woo Framework. WooFramework makes it easy to setup your theme, SEO & extra functionality. It also provides incredible support. You can three themes (1+2 Bonus) for $70 at standard package and developer package starts at $150. You can also join club subscription which is really a good option for freelancers or multi-site owners.

Visit WooThemes

7) Magazine 3

Magazine 3

You can find awesome Magazine WordPress Themes here. Whether you’re looking for professional blog magazine theme or technology blog magazine theme, this is the best place to start looking for. You can buy any theme for $49.

Visit Magazine 3.

8) ThemeFuse


ThemeFuse provides Easy to use and beautiful themes with one click installation. You can buy any theme for $49.

Visit ThemeFuse.

9) Theme-Junkie


You can buy 27 Themes for $49 for 6 Month club membership on Theme-Junkie. It is a great option if you’re looking for beautiful Magazine themes.

Visit Theme-Junkie.

10) ThemesKingdom


Buy all 38 Themes for $29 for 1 year club membership.

Visit ThemeesKingdom.

More Premium WordPress Themes Clubs

11) BrillThemes: Beautiful HTML5 and CSS Based themes for price starting at $45.

12) Organic Themes: Clean design WordPress Themes at $49/Theme and $249 for all themes.

13) WpZoom Themes: Easily customizable themes with advanced WPZoom Panel. Each Theme is available for $69.

14) WpShower Themes: Minimalist and modern styles WordPress Themes.

15) Swift Themes: Very fast loading, server friendly WordPress themes, with complete control over design.

16) Mojo-Themes: Another great marketplace where you can buy and sell themes.

26 Aug

Best 15 Free and Premium Business/Corporate WordPress Themes

U-Design Portfolio WordPress Theme


Business/Corporate WordPress Themes is one of the most popular areas of WordPress theme development. With lots of free and premium options available, you can easily start your business website on WordPress platform. These themes are highly customizable even for users with no or very little programming background.

Here is the list of Top 15 Free and Premium Business/Corporate WordPress Themes:

1) U-Design WordPress Theme(Price: $50)

U-Design Portfolio WordPress Theme

An amazing SEO optimized Corporate WordPress theme for users with no programming background as well as advanced developers. You can easily change colors, fonts, links, background, menu links, etc.

Demo & Download

2) Striking Premium Corporate & Portfolio WordPress Theme(Price: $50)

Striking Corporate and Portfolio WordPress Theme

Highly customizable theme with 16 custom widgets, unlimited colors font customization, custom Headers, and custom fonts.

Demo & Download

3)Karma – Clean and Modern WordPress Theme(Price: $40)

Karma Business WordPress Theme

A great SEO optimized theme with intelligent options panel, customizable options, 3D effects, 20 Color options, 20 Shortcodes and much more.

Demo & Download

4) RT-Theme 9 / Business Theme 5 in 1 For WordPress (Price: $40)

Corporate Portfolio WordPress Theme

RT WordPress Theme 9 is best suited for any business, corporate, service or portfolio websites. It comes with 5 premium skin options.

Demo & Download

5) RT-Theme 15 Premium WordPress Theme(Price: $40)

RT Portfolio WordPress Theme

Another great theme for business, corporate, product catalogue, services or portfolio web sites.

Demo & Download

6) Minimo / Corporate, Business, Portfolio, BlogTheme(Price: $40)

Minimo Corporate Portfolio WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

7) Whiteboard WordPress Theme (Price:$40)

WhiteBoard Corporate WP Theme

WhiteBoard is a premium Corporate WordPress theme with countless customizable options & features.

Demo & Download

8) Corona – Business & Portfolio Theme(Price: $50)

Corona Business and Portfolio WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

9) Satoshi / WordPress Theme(Free)

Satoshi Free Corporate WP Theme

Demo & Download

10) Cobera WordPress Theme (Free)

Cobera Business WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

11) SimpleFolio- Free WordPress Theme

SimpleFolio Free Business WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

12) Complete Free Business WordPress Theme

Complete Business and Portfolio WordPress Theme

Demo * Download

13) Academica WordPress Theme(Free)

Academica WP Theme

Academica is a free non-profit / education WordPress theme with a elegant design and customizable features.
Demo * Download

14) Heliumified Reloaded WordPress Theme(Free)

Heliumified Reloaded

Demo * Download

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15) Workz Free Business WordPress Theme

Workz Free Business WordPress Theme

Workz is a great WordPress theme for business and portfolio style websites where you can showcase your work and what your business is all about.

Demo * Download

11 Aug

Top 10 Premium Magazine WordPress Themes For Tech Blogs

Elemin WordPress Theme


High Quality Premium WordPress Themes are always the best bet to start your new Technology blog. They are designed by professionals and will help your website to stand out from the crowd. Now, No more fiddling with WordPress coding. These WordPress themes are highly customizable with support community to help you out at every step.

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1) Elemin (Price: $39)

Elemin WordPress Theme

Elemin is a great WordPress Theme with amazing typography, perfect white space balance, & minimal graphics. It is crafted with the latest technology such as — Google font, CSS3, HTML 5 and JS. It allows you to format various post types such as pictures, videos, quotes, etc. (just like Tumblr).

Demo – Elemin * Download – Elemin

2) Newsy WordPress Theme (Price: $39)

Newsy WordPress Theme

A 3 column WordPress Theme for news or tech blogs with multiple advertising display options. There are 11 different layout options and 10 color skins that are packed with this theme.

Demo – Newsy * Download – Newsy

3) ThemeMin (Price: $39)

ThemeMin WordPress Theme

It is a light-weight typography based minimal theme with really fast loading because there are no images used in the theme (except the RSS icon).

Demo – ThemeMin * Download – ThemeMin

4) TechNews (Price: $65)

TechNews WordPress Theme

TechNews is a great theme for high-tech news site in WordPress.

Demo * Download

5) Canvas WordPress Theme (Price: $70)

Canvas WordPress Theme

An amazing responsive theme. The best thing is that every element of Canvas is highly customizable through the options panel, so you don’t need to fiddle with coding to change the design, layout & typography exactly like you want.

Demo & Download

6) Thesis Theme For WordPress ( Price: $87)

Thesis WordPress Theme

The Thesis Theme framework is a premium template system for WordPress with amazing SEO, incredible design, flexibility, & lightning-fast loading times. More than 50,000 people rely on Thesis Themes. Highly recommended.

Demo & Download

7) TechBlog WordPress Theme (Price: $49)

Techblog WordPress Theme

TechBlog is multipurpose technology WordPress theme that is perfect for Blogging & Tech Magazine websites.

Demo & Download

8) Problog WordPress Theme (Price: $49)


ProBlog WordPress Theme takes your site to whole new level by giving maximum exposure to the blog posts.
It can be used for Blogging, Tech websites or General Magazines.

Demo & Download

9) Swift WordPress Theme (Price: $57)

Swift Themes

Swift is a great alternative to Thesis or Genesis Framework with fast and SEO friendly theme, with complete control over design. You can also try the basic version for free.

Demo & Download

10) WhosWho WordPress Theme (Price: $39)

WhosWho Elegant WordPress Theme

A great WordPress theme to transform your blog into a dynamic tech news portal.
Demo & Download

29 Jul

7 Quick Tips To Optimize Your WordPress Blog

Optimize WordPress And Reduce CPU Usage

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world today. But if you’re not using it properly, it can cause high load and performance issues on your website. Recently, I got around 1,00,000 visitors within 3 days on one of my website via StumbleUpon but due to the high consumption of resources, it lead to temporary suspension of my hosting account twice during that period (I am using shared hosting).
Here are some tips for optimizing your WordPress blog and reduce the CPU consumption of the PHP script.

Optimize WordPress And Reduce CPU Usage

1) Install WP Super Cache Plugin (Recommended)

WP Super Cache Plugin is a really fast caching engine for WordPress that produces static html files. By using this plugin, 99% of your visitors will be served static html files and your website would be able to handle instant high traffic from social bookmarking sites like Digg or StumbleUpon.
Best alternative to this plugin is WP Total Plugin.

2) Disable all CPU Intensive Plugins

– Most of the related posts plugins such as Yet Another Related Post Plugin(YARPP) cause high load on your website.
Read: Best Alternative To Yet Another Related Posts – Efficient Related Posts Plugin
– StatCounter & various other statistics plugins should also be disabled, as these consume too much CPU in most of the cases. Use only Google Analytics for statistics.
– Plugins to post automatically on WordPress should be disabled as they also cause high load and performance issues.
– Consider switching to Greg’s High Performance SEO for your SEO needs. Greg’s plugin output only 700 lines of code per page view as compared to other SEO plugins which outputs 1000-2000 lines of code.
– Any other plugins that are not in use should also be disabled.

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3) Do not use CPU Intensive Themes

– Do not use themes in which page loads are generating too many errors in your Error Log (Check in your cPanel under Logs)
– Disable Dynamic Image resizing function in your theme.
– Most of the free themes are CPU Intensive. So, try to use Thesis Themes or any other premium theme.

4) Use WP-Optimize Plugin

WP-Optimize Plugin lets you to clean up your WordPress database & optimize it without phpMyAdmin.

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5) Avoid Spam bots to target your website. Use CAPTCHA to prevent comment spam.

6) Avoid hosting large number of websites under the same account as it can increase the crawl rates and load on the server, as many search engine bots try to index your websites.

7) If everything else fails, Switch to Better Hosting. Try Hostgator. (Recommended)

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After making all these changes, my website is now able to handle any amount of traffic with no CPU consumption and performance issues.
If there are any questions regarding this, don’t hesitate to ask in comments. 🙂

07 Jul

Top 5 Best SEO WordPress Plugins

seo plugins for wordpress

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the process of making your website more visible to the search engines and increase organic traffic to your website. There are many WordPress plugins available these days to make your website SEO optimized but here is the list of Top 5 Best SEO WordPress Plugins:

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seo plugins for wordpress

1) WordPress SEO By Yoast

One of the best SEO plugin to improve your WordPress site SEO and have a fully optimized WordPress website to increase organic traffic from search engines.

Here are some of the main features of this plugin:

– Write SEO optimize content
– Page Analysis
– Snippet Preview
– XML Sitemaps
– Edit your .htaccess and robots.txt file
– RSS Optimization
– Verify your website with Google, Bing and Alexa
– Permalinks Settings
– Social Integration
– Author Metadata, etc.

2) SEO Ultimate

Another great SEO plugin for WordPress. I am using this plugin on one of my website and WordPress SEO by Yoast on another website and I must say that both plugins work great.

Here are some of the main features of this plugin:

– Title Tag Rewriter
– Meta Description and Keywords Editor
– Deeplink Juggernaut
– Canonicalizer
– 404 Monitor
– Linkbox Inserter
– Slug Optimizer
– Rich Snippet Creator
– Webmaster verification
– Nofollow Manager,etc.

3) All in One SEO Pack

My least favorite among all. But it’s a very simple plugin to optimize your website for Search Engines.

Here are some of the main features of this plugin:

– Support for Google Analytics
– Custom Post Types
– Advanced Canonical URLs
– ONLY plugin to provide SEO Integration for WP e-Commerce sites
– Automatically optimizes your titles for search engines
– Automatically Generates META tags
– For beginners, it works out-of-the-box. Just install it, etc.

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4) SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links is a great plugin to provide SEO benefits for your website in addition to custom keyword lists, nofollow links and much more. It helps to get your blog posts internally linked or add affiliate links to other websites.

See Also: Add ‘Nofollow’ To All Links With This WordPress Plugin

5) Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps plugin will generate a special XML sitemap to help search engines better index your website.

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6) Greg’s High Performance SEO

This plugin helps you to configure over 100 separate on-page SEO features. The best part of this plugin is that it loads under 700 lines of code per page load as compared to other SEO plugins such as “All in One SEO” which loads around 2000 lines of code per page view. It saves CPU Consumption and provides high performance SEO at its best.

15 Jun

The Cheat Sheet For How WordPress Themes Work ( Infographic )

analogy of wordpress theme

World famous WordPress developer and web geek Joost de Valk shared this highly informative Infographic about the Anatomy of a WordPress Theme.

The Infographic serves as a “Cheat sheet for How your blog works” and provides basic information about all the files in your WordPress theme. It’s a highly useful infographic especially for new developers who are just getting into web development and this will provide an easy understanding of the WordPress Themes.

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analogy of wordpress theme

For more detailed information about this Infographic, visit Yoast website.

13 Jun

Overview: Facebook Official WordPress Plugin

facebook wordpress plugin social publishing


Facebook finally announced its official WordPress plugin to simplify integration of Facebook into your WordPress website. The plugin allows you to easily cross publish content on your profile and Facebook page. You can also choose to mention your Facebook friends as a part of the post which means more distribution of the website.

facebook wordpress plugin social publishing

In addition, you can use the Recommendations Bar, which allows the users to click and authenticate to enable social reading.

The following social plugins are also available as WordPress widgets:

1) Activity Feed: Shows readers their friends’ activity on a particular website.

2) Recommendations: Personalized suggestions to the readers for pages on a website.

3) Comments Box: SEO enabled comments. It means now search engines can index your comments. But this comment system will hijack your default comment system such as Disqus or WordPress.

The plugin will support internationalization and will also work on mobile devices. It’s a great move by Facebook as WordPress powers 16.6 percent of the web with more than 600 million unique visitors per month. Now you don’t need multiple third party plugins as this plugin completely make your website social in a couple of clicks only.

Download the Facebook WordPress Plugin here.

Do give it a try and share your thoughts in comments.