11 Jun

5 WordPress Plugins To Protect Your Content From Being Copied

stop-plagiarism protect your-blog-content


If you are a blogger, you must be aware and annoyed by the fact that many a times your content is being easily copied by other websites without giving you proper credit. And with constant changes in Google Algorithm these days, you may also notice that sometimes the copied content is even ranked higher in search results. Though it is impossible to completely protect your content from being copied but you can take protective measures.

stop-plagiarism protect your-blog-content

So, I have compiled a list of 5 WordPress Plugins To Protect Your Content From Being Copied:

1) WordPress Prevent Copy Paste Plugin

Personally, I am using this plugin to protect the content from being copied. There are four options viz Posts protection(It means you can disable selection of texts), Disable Right Click Option(To protect your images being copied), Protection by CSS(to protect the content even without JavaScript) and Home Page protection. Though, I have enabled Right click option because else it gives bad user experience as you can’t open content in new tab.

2) Simple Feed Copyright

It adds a copyright notice at end of full text articles in RSS feeds – “Copyright Year. Blog Title. All Rights Reserved”. Your Website title is linked to your website Url. With this WordPress plugin, now RSS scrappers will always link back to the original source.

3) Watermark My Image

Watermark my Image WordPress plugin lets you to automatically watermark your images, by placing a simple, and customizable watermark beneath the original images (just like the 9GAG watermark). You can also try Transparent Image Watermark Plugin.

4) iCopyright Toolbar

iCopyright plugin lets you adds article tools such as print, email, share & replublish and an Interactive Copyright Notice to enable sharing, tracking, licensing, syndication, & monetization of content.

5) CopyLink

CopyLink places automatic links on text copied from your blog.

6) Add Copyright Banners To Your Posts

Add Copyscape copyright banner to your posts at a highly visible location to warn potential plagiarists against stealing or copying your blog content.

7) Bring My Blog Visitors Back:

Now turn your RSS Feed into automated marketing machine with this plugin from MaxBlogPress. It offers multiple features such as Add custom content to the header and footer in RSS Feed, add comments in RSS Feed, add social sharing options, add related posts on your RSS Feed, etc. Buy this at an introductory price of $67.

07 Jun

7 Free WordPress Plugins To Generate Sitemap For Your Blog

sitemap wordpress plugins


A Sitemap is a XML file which contains list of pages(URLs) of a website  along with additional metadata about each URL such as (when it was last updated, how often it usually changes, & how crucial it is, in comparison to other URLs on the website) so that search engines can easily crawl your website. In short, A sitemap is a complete index of your website. Creating sitemap will help major search engines to better discover your website and show in search results. Read Google’s Guide To Sitemaps.

sitemap wordpress plugins

Check out 7 Free WordPress Plugins To Generate Sitemap For Your Blog Posts, Images, Video or Mobile Website:

1) Google XML Sitemaps

The most popular WordPress plugin to generate sitemap of your website. This plugin generate a special XML sitemap to help various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to better index your website or blog.
With this sitemap, it’s very easy for the search engine crawlers to see the complete structure of your website & retrieve it better in search results.
Apart from that, it also notifies various search engines every time you post something on your website.

2) Google XML Sitemap for Images

This plugin is developed by India’s First Professional blogger and legend in this field – Amit Agarwal. The Image Sitemap plugin will generate a sitemap for your WordPress blog with all the image URLs that are used in your posts & pages so that major search engines can discover images on your website easily.

3) Google XML Sitemap for Mobile

The Mobile Sitemap plugin will generate a sitemap for your WordPress blog with URLs that serve your mobile web content and helps in better indexing of mobile version of your website by search engines.

4) Google XML Sitemap for Videos

This plugin will generate an XML Sitemap for your WordPress website using all YouTube videos that you have embedded in your blog posts or pages. If the video that you have embedded has been removed from YouTube, that information in the sitemap file will also be ignored by search engine bots.

5) WP Archive-Sitemap Generator

It is another simple plugin that Generates Archives/Sitemap based on your posts & pages.

6) RPS Sitemap Generator

A simple and lightweight XML sitemap generator with Multisite awareness.

7) XML-Sitemaps

Generate XML, HTML, ROR or TEXT sitemaps of your website online.

06 Jun

7 Free WordPress Plugins To Push Your Email Marketing Campaigns



Email Marketing is the best and cost effective solution to stay in touch with your readers, customers & potential clientele. Here is the list of 7 Free WordPress Plugins To Boost Your Email Marketing campaigns. All these plugins are packed with useful features which you can use to kick start your Email marketing campaigns. Suggestions are welcome for more useful WordPress Plugins for Email Marketing.


1) What Would Seth Godin Do

This amazing plugin implement famous marketer Seth Godin’s idea and welcomes new visitors with a special message & invites them to subscribe to your mailing list.
You can also customize the message, its lifespan, & its location on the post page.

2) AWeber Web Form Plugin

AWeber is an email marketing campaign service that helps website owners to stay in contact with their website visitors and readers. AWeber web form plugin helps lets visitors subscribe to your mailing list easily on your blog. Read more about how to set Aweber account here. The cost of using Aweber starts at $1 for first month. The best alternative to Aweber is Google Feedburner which is free to use(but lacks some features).

3) Socialize

Socialize is an awesome WordPress plugin to selectively add actionable social bookmarks such as social sharing options and Subscribe to our Email option to your posts. Read full review about Socialize Plugin here.

4) Email newsletter

Email newsletter wordpress plugin lets you send HTML Email to registered user and also to the comment posted user free of cost. This plugin also provides contact form which can be used for feedback from the users.

5) Newsletter

Newsletter is one of the most popular WordPress plugin to add a real newsletter service to your blog. In seconds. For free. It provides many tools such as subscription widget,statistics, and custom settings for the newsletter and subscribers and is really a boon in the field of email marketing tools for WordPress.

6) WP Autoresponder And Newsletter Plugin

With WP Autoresponder you can easily create email newsletters, follow up autoresponders & provide custom subscription to blog via e-mail.

7) ALO EasyMail Newsletter

ALO EasyMail Newsletter is an amazing WordPress plugin that allows you to send custom newsletters, and to gather and manage the subscribers list. Apart from that, it has many more useful features to make it a perfect plugin for Email marketing campaigns.

10 May

Best Alternative To Yet Another Related Posts – Efficient Related Posts Plugin

efficient related posts plugin


Yet Another Related Posts (YARPP) is a great WordPress Plugin that displays a list of related posts and/or pages on your site & feeds based on a unique algorithm. I was using this plugin for a very long time until I came to know about Efficient Related Posts Plugin.
Actually, most of the current related post plugins such as YARPP build the list of related posts on the fly whenever a post or page is loaded which consumes lot of resources, wastes CPU cycles, and ultimately increases your page load time.

related posts plugin

Efficient Related Posts Plugin fixes that issue by creating/updating database of related posts only when a post is created/updated.
This means that if the query is slow ( which happens less often), it is the post writer that will have to wait rather than the user.

I started using Efficient Related Posts Plugin few days back and I clearly noticed decrease in page load time on my website.
Now talking about Algorithm, I still feel that YARPP has a much better algorithm than Efficient Related Posts Plugin. But as it can reduce the page load time and speed up your processes, it’s worth giving a try.

01 May

15 Under Construction/Coming Soon WordPress Themes

under construction or coming soon wordpress themes


Today we are showcasing Top 15 Under Construction/Coming Soon WordPress Themes to promote your website even before it is launched.

1) Placeholder (Free)

under construction or coming soon wordpress themes

Demo * Download

2) Ready2Launch (Free)

under construction or coming soon wordpress themes


3) WP Blueprint (Free)

under construction or coming soon wordpress themes


4) WP Launcher (Free)

under construction or coming soon wordpress themes


5) BeBack Theme (Free)

under construction or coming soon wordpress themes

Demo * Download

6) Changing Room (Free)

under construction or coming soon wordpress themes

Demo * Download

7) Ice Breaker (Free)

under construction or coming soon wordpress themes


8 ) TempSkin (Free)

under construction or coming soon wordpress themes


9) Coming Soon (Free)

under construction or coming soon wordpress themes


10) Cool Under Construction Theme ( Price: $8)

under construction or coming soon wordpress themes

Demo * Purchase

11) Digital Under Construction (Price: $5)

under construction or coming soon wordpress themes

Demo * Purchase

12) WP ParkIt (Price: $59)

under construction or coming soon wordpress themes

Demo & Download

13) WP Wrench (Price:$5 )

under construction or coming soon wordpress themes

Demo * Purchase

14) im2 Under Construction/Maintenance Template (Price:$18)

under construction or coming soon wordpress themes

Demo & Download

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15) Ultimate Coming Soon Page Plugin (Free)

under construction or coming soon wordpress themes

The Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin allows you to quickly set up a coming soon page for your site.


27 Apr

How To Add Google Custom Search To Your Website

Google custom Search engine


Google Custom Search Engine is the best option to create a customized search experience for your website. Though all the WordPress themes provide a default search engine box but why not have the most powerful search engine technology powering your search on your website?

Google custom Search engine

Here are some reasons why you should use Google Custom Search Engine:

– You can make money using your Adsense ads in search.
– Powered by Google Powerful Search Engine Technology.
– Include one or more websites, or specific webpages in Search results.
– Customize the look & feel of the search results to match your site.
– You can set up Google Analytics with your search engine to see what users are searching on your site.

Step by Step Guide To Set Up Google Custom Search To Your Website:

1) Go to Google Custom Search.

create Google Custom Search  Engine

2) Click on “Create a Custom Search Engine”


3) Fill all the details for your Search Engine. The first one is Name of your search engine. You can choose any name and description for your search engine. It will not affect any results. But while choosing sites to search, you need to find out the right URL formatting. If you want your search engine to search the entire website including sub-domains, choose this formatting – *.youngblah.com/*. You can include as many websites you want to include. And click on Next.

style of custom search engine

4) In this step, Choose and Customize a Style for Your Search Engine. You can change more advanced settings in the next step. So, Click on Next.

custom search engine

5) Now your code is ready. To change more advance settings such as Look and Feel, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, etc. – Click on any of the options given below the code as shown in the picture above.

6) Get the Code with changed Advanced settings.

7) Paste the code anywhere in your website where you want Search Engine to appear.

Have you tried Google Custom Search on your website?
Questions are welcome.

24 Apr

Importance of Using Proper Permalinks In SEO



What is a Permalink?

Permalinks are the permanent URLs to your individual blog posts, categories & various other lists of your blog postings. A permalink is used to link to your article or or how you might send a link to your article in an e-mail message. The URL to each post is permanent, & never change — hence permalink. e.g.  “http://yourdomainname.com/category/post-name/”


Why to Use Proper Permalinks?

Using right structure for Permalinks can help a great deal in Search Engine Optimization(SEO). The proper way to set up Permalinks is to include the keywords in it which could help you in Google rankings and it would also be easier for people to read the Permalinks, thus increases the Click-through rate(CTR).

Types of Permalinks and How To Change Permalink Structure?

1) Ugly permalink – http://yourdomainname.com/?p=123

2) Pretty permalink – http://yourdomainname.com/category/post-name/ or http://yourdomainname.com/year/month/day/post-name or http://yourdomainname.com/post-name/

permalinks wordpress

The default setting for Permalinks in WordPress is “http://yourdomainname.com/?p=ID Number”. But this default URL structure does not benefit the reader & blog owner at all.
To change the pretty permalinks for your WordPress blog, select ‘Permalinks’ from Settings in your WordPress dashboard.
The best SEO permalink structure includes ‘category’ and the ‘post title’ in the URL.
It looks like this: “http://yourdomainname.com/category/post-title”. But avoid using category in the URL structure if your domain name and slug is long as that might lead to a very long URL which is harder to share & will not benefit you much in Google.
Some bloggers including me also use URL structure with just the post name: “http://yourdomainname.com/post-title” which is also great for SEO, so you don’t need to worry if you are using this.
You can change the permalink structure anytime & WordPress will do a 301 redirect from the old URLs to the new ones but be careful as changing Permalinks will push your pages out of Google’s index for some time, thus decreasing your Traffic.

How To Safely Change Your WordPress Permalink Structure

1) Yoast: You can use Yoast’s redirect tool to safely change the WordPress Permalink Structure.

2) Advanced Permalinks: Use this plugin to keep the same URL for all your old posts & then create a new permalink structure for new ones.

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22 Apr

WordPress Stats ( Infographic )

wordpress stats infographic


WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the web which dominates the top 100 blogs of the world. It is used by 72.4 million sites around the globe as of March, 2012. There are 19,000+ free plugins available for WordPress which have been downloaded more than 285,000,000 times.

Check out more amazing WordPress stats in the new Infographic by Yoast:

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wordpress stats infographic


17 Apr

Add ‘Nofollow’ To All Links With This WordPress Plugin



PageRank is a very important factor if you want your blog to rank higher in Google searches. There are many factors which affect your PageRank which we won’t go in detail now. But I will only discuss two factors here – Inbound and Outbound Links.

First one –  PageRank is directly proportional to the number of unique pages that are linking to your website. If you have high number of backlinks from the sites with good PageRank, you will have a high PageRank.


Another factor which affects PageRank is Outbound Links – Links from your website to another websites. If you have many outbound links to another websites, it can also affect your overall Pagerank. So, it is always advisable to add “nofollow” to rel-attribute to most of the external links on your website. Keep the PR juice reserved for your own pages and you can also remove the no-follow attribute from guest writer’s links, or links to your other personal blogs, or links to high-authority websites like Google, Techcrunch, etc.

Now if you have a old website/blog and you haven’t add the ‘Nofollow’ tag to outbound links in your old posts, there is a WordPress plugin to do that automatically.
WP External Links is a great plugin to automatically add “nofollow” to rel-attribute to all the external links on your website. You can also add settings like Open external links in a new window/tab, XHTML strict, set icon, set title, add class and many other.
It is a SEO friendly plugin which works like a charm.


08 Apr

5 Awesome Tumblr-Like WordPress Themes



Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website which allows its users to post multimedia & other content to a short-form blog, called “tumblelog.” The site is growing at a tremendous speed with more than 47 million blogs as on March 1, 2012. There are so many great themes available for the Tumblr platform that you would like to use those themes for your WordPress too.

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Here is the top five Tumblr-Like WordPress Themes for 2012:



Demo * Download

Vintage Camera(Free)


Demo * Download


buttercream wordpress theme

Demo * Download

Notes (Price: $39)

notes wordpress theme

Demo * Download


bonpress wordpress theme

Demo * Download

Grido ( Price: $39)

Grido WordPress Theme

Demo – Grido * Themify – Grido

Crisp WordPress Theme (Price: $70 With 2 Bonus Themes)

Crisp-Tumblr Like-Wordpress-Theme

Demo & Download

Wumblr WordPress Theme (Price:$39 )

Wumblr WordPress Theme

Demo * Download

01 Apr

Review: Awesome Socialize Plugin To Add ‘Call To Action’ Box

socialize plugin

socialize plugin

Socialize is an awesome WordPress plugin to selectively add actionable social bookmarks to your posts.
For the quite some time, I was using Floating Sharing Plugin on the left side of the post. But as I prefer clean look for my blog, I searched for a replacement of that plugin. And I found “Socialize WordPress Plugin“.

With this plugin, you can add bookmarks in two places:

– Inside the content (aligned left or right).
– In a ‘Call To Action’ Box below the content.

The best thing about this plugin is that there is an additional panel in your posts admin also that allows you to customize bookmarks for individual posts. This encourages more shares, comments and subscriptions on more relevant posts.

socialize call to action box

Another good thing about this plugin is that you are also provided with a ‘Call To Action‘ Box at the bottom of your posts that asks readers to subscribe & comment. The text of the ‘Call To Action’ Box can be edited in the ‘Socialize Admin Page’ & on individual posts/pages. You can also selectively display social bookmarks in this box the same way you go about inserting bookmarks in content.

Overall, it’s a great plugin to increase engagement with your readers.
Do check it out and share your thoughts in comments.

30 Mar

How to Fix Google Rich Snippets Errors for WordPress

google snippet testing tool

google snippet testing tool

Recently, when I tested my website pages on Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool – I found the following three errors.

Warning: Missing required field “entry-title”.
Warning: Missing required field “updated”.
Warning: Missing required hCard “author”.

You may also find these errors, so here’s the fix for all these errors.

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Fix “Entry-Title” Error

Go to Appearance> Theme Editor in your WordPress Dashboard.
Open Single Post(Single.php) file.
Hit Find(Ctrl+F) in your editor and look for the_title(). Your can see it’s surrounded by an H1 or H2 tag.

entry title

Replace it with this. Just add class=”title entry-title” in the H1 tag.

entry title google rich snippets

Fix “Updated” Error

This error occurs because Google rich snippet wants to know when was the post updated. So, search for class=”date” in the single.php file and replace it with class=”date updated”.
In my case, it is class=”post-date updated”.

post date update google rich snippet tool

Fix Missing Field hCard Author Error

This tells Google who is the author of the post. Search for the_author() in the same file, and just modify the code like this:

vcard google rich snippet testing

Add the span class “vcard author” and “fn” and don’t forget to close it with </span> tag.

Now check the page again in the Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool and all the errors are gone.


Note: Editing single.php applies for single post alone (Home page still remains the same with warnings).  But I’ve also noticed that Google is showing author information even on pages with warnings.

The codes explained above may not work for everyone. So, you can ask any issue you’re facing in comments.