10 May

Best Alternative To Yet Another Related Posts – Efficient Related Posts Plugin

efficient related posts plugin


Yet Another Related Posts (YARPP) is a great WordPress Plugin that displays a list of related posts and/or pages on your site & feeds based on a unique algorithm. I was using this plugin for a very long time until I came to know about Efficient Related Posts Plugin.
Actually, most of the current related post plugins such as YARPP build the list of related posts on the fly whenever a post or page is loaded which consumes lot of resources, wastes CPU cycles, and ultimately increases your page load time.

related posts plugin

Efficient Related Posts Plugin fixes that issue by creating/updating database of related posts only when a post is created/updated.
This means that if the query is slow ( which happens less often), it is the post writer that will have to wait rather than the user.

I started using Efficient Related Posts Plugin few days back and I clearly noticed decrease in page load time on my website.
Now talking about Algorithm, I still feel that YARPP has a much better algorithm than Efficient Related Posts Plugin. But as it can reduce the page load time and speed up your processes, it’s worth giving a try.