31 Oct

Social Media Guide For Small Businesses

Social Media is the new revolutionary platform for businesses. It has completely transformed the way we connect with customers and generate new leads. There are so many social media sites these days that it gets confusing for businesses where to start with. Every social network is unique and important in its own way. So, it’s really crucial to integrate the use of Cross Channel Digital Advertising Solutions for the all-round development of your company.

Social Media Guide For Small Business

1) Facebook – To Engage with customers

Personal networks are for school and college buddies. When people use Facebook – they tend to be in a casual mindset looking to socialize, be entertained and kill time. They are just passing the time away.
Users on Facebook expect to see updates from friends & family, information & updates about their personal interests and entertainment content.
To be successful on Facebook, you have to align your strategy with the mindset of users. If you’re going to distract casual mindset of users by talking only about your brand, you are most likely going to fail. Instead, share humorous content and updates surrounding your industry to get users attention and in no time they will start engaging with your brand.

Few Tips for Facebook Marketing:

– Humor Sells.
E.g. Indian Ecommerce startup bewakoof.com is doing great in terms of engagement and traction by sharing humorous content on their Facebook page.

– Target Emotional Quotient of users.
E.g. Spring in the Air, a flower supplier based in Florida shared a letter from a Mother to her daughter just before Mother’s Day this year. In no time, the post went viral and has received 82,475 likes, 477,113 shares and 23,232 comments till now. Before this post, their Facebook page had less than 2,000 fans and now they have more than 16,000 fans.

– Engage in conversation. Reply to comments and wall posts. Ask Questions. (Read: Top 5 Tools To Increase Engagement on Facebook)
– Share rich media content such as photos and videos to get more likes and shares.

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2) LinkedIn – To Generate new leads

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is the network for professionals. When people use LinkedIn – they are looking for new opportunities, current news and insightful discussions. People may not spend much time on LinkedIn as much as they do on Facebook but whatever time they spend, they are looking to gain something out of it.

Few Tips For LinkedIn Marketing:

– Participate in conversation on LinkedIn groups. Solve a problem and people will notice you.
– Do not spam your wall or LinkedIn groups with irrelevant updates.

3) Pinterest – To increase visibility of your brand

Pinterest is the next big thing in Social Media. It gives brands a chance to showcase their creative side. Users on Pinterest are hungry for creative and visual content. More than 70 per cent of Pinterest users are female, so you have to keep this in mind while developing your strategy for Pinterest.
Recent reports show that Pinterest provides more referral traffic to other sites than Google+, LinkedIn & YouTube combined.

Few Tips For Pinterest Marketing:

– Use hashtags so people can easily discover your content.
– Pin only original and creative content.
– Add detail information and links in the description of your pins.

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4) Twitter – To Share Links & Current news and for Better Customer Service

Twitter is the best news channel. Unlike Facebook or LinkedIn, you can use your Twitter wall to share all kind of information.

Few Tips For Twitter Marketing:

– Do not use affiliate links in your tweets.
– Do not spam your followers’ inbox with messages to sell a product or service.
– Use hashtags as it will make your tweets more searchable and visible in various applications people use to find trending topics.
– Follow people with similar interests to increase your followers.
– Give quick response to customers’ queries.

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5) Google+ – To organize hangouts and make your content Search friendly

Google+ is the new social network from Google. If used properly, it can give your content a huge boost in search rankings. The main idea behind launching Google+ is to make search more social and around your friends. Apart from that, you can also use it to organize hangouts with your followers and customers.

Few Tips For Google+ Marketing:

– Increase your followers that will benefit you more in search rankings.
– Increase “+1” on your content.
– Include keywords in the profile description and your posts.
– Include hashtags for better search visibility.
– Organize hangouts to connect with your customers in a more personal way.

6) YouTube, Reddit and StumbleUpon – To Go Viral

YouTube is the biggest video sharing website on the web. Many brands became successful only due to their presence on YouTube. Have you heard the story of Orabrush Tongue Cleaner?
After spending thousands of dollars on traditional advertising, a man created a video for just $500 to explain the benefits of Orabrush and posted on YouTube. Within the first few months, the video went viral and now he is running one of the most successful businesses across the United States.

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StumbleUpon is a discovery engine to find cool things on the internet. It allow users to find and rate web pages, videos and photos on the web that are personalized to their tastes & interests using peer-sourcing and social-networking principles. If your content goes viral on StumbleUpon, it can easily bring 1-2 lacs visitors on your website within the time frame of 3-5 days.
Stereomood.com is a web based application that allows users to listen to music that matches a certain emotion they’re currently in. This simple web service received more than 4, 00,000 hits from StumbleUpon itself within the first few months of its launch.

Reddit is a kind of social bookmarking site where registered users submit content (links, photos, videos, etc.) and other users vote the submission with up or down to rank the content and determine its position on the website’s pages and front page. Just like StumbleUpon, it can also bring huge amount of visitors to your website if your post reaches front page of the website.

7) Tumblr – To Showcase Personal Side of your company

Tumblr is a micro blogging platform & social networking site where users post multimedia content to their blogs. As a business, you can showcase the personal side of your employees and business on Tumblr.
Check out the Tumblr blog of Mashable at mashablehq.com where you can find behind the scenes look at Mashable from within its headquarters.

Social Media is a great platform that allows brands to connect with customers directly. The ultimate goal of Social Media marketing should be to turn your customers into personal evangelist. And all this can be achieved only through integrated use of different social media platforms.

09 Oct

8 YouTube SEO Tips To Rank Higher in Search Results

YouTube SEO

YouTube is the most popular video sharing site on the web and the second largest search engine after Google. Yes, it’s bigger than Yahoo and Bing search. Everyday, millions of people search for relevant videos on YouTube and Google. And there lies an big opportunity. As most of the people upload videos without taking account any factors for video SEO, you can rank higher in search results by using following well proved techniques.

1) YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool:

YouTube SEO

YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool

The first and foremost rule for successful YouTube SEO is the keyword research. YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool will suggest you keywords to choose for your videos along with the information on monthly searches on those keywords in a given location or through out the world. You should also use Google Keyword Suggestion Tool along with YouTube tool to decide more relevant keywords for your videos.

2) Include Keywords in Video filename:

The next thing you should do is to include topic keywords in the video file name that you upload. The name of the video file should match the keywords you’re targeting. For example, if your video is about Non veg cooking – then your video file name should be something like “Non-Veg-cooking.mpeg”. Do not upload videos with name such as “Mov123.mpeg”.

3) Include keywords in the Title:

Just like On-Page SEO techniques for any webpage, include your keyword in the title and try to put it at the start and end of the headline for better SEO results. But remember, title should be enticing enough to increase your CTR(Click Through Rate). YouTube algorithm also takes into account CTR of videos to rank them in search results. Don’t just include keywords for the sake of it. Your title/headline is the first impression of your videos.

4) Include keywords in the descriptions and Tags:

Description- Description gives search engines more information about your videos. For better keywords relevancy, always include keywords and variation of keywords in the description. You can do so by explaining more about your videos or you can also add the complete script of your video in the description for Google and YouTube to index it. It is recommended that you should also put a URL back to your website.
If you are putting a URL link in the description, use http:// before the URL or else it will not work!
YouTube only allows approx. 22 words for the description before the (see below) button. Try to put URL and your keywords early in the first 22 words.
Tags- I would recommend to use 6-10 appropriate tags for each video and do include keywords in the tags also.

5) Improve SEO with Closed Captions

At the bottom right corner of videos, you can notice a “CC” button which stands for Closed Captions. You can see the captions of any video by clicking on “CC” button. Google is using a speech-to-text conversion technology which will convert your video voice over into captions. But the results won’t be accurate.
So, it is always advisable to upload your own caption transcript file than letting YouTube automatically transcribe the audio itself.
YouTube uses a speech recognition feature that will automatically detect each line of your video and matches it to the transcript file. That means you just have to upload the transcript file and the captions will automatically appear exactly in sync with the video.

Google and YouTube indexes the captions of videos to determine the relevancy of keywords in the video and rank them higher in search results.

6) Authoritative YouTube Channel:

If you’re uploading videos to a new YouTube channel, your videos won’t rank higher in search results as compared to new videos by a authoritative channel in the same niche. This is similar to a new website SEO – fresh content by a new blog Vs fresh content by authoritative website such as mashable.com.
So, build your subscribers and upload lot of relevant videos to improve your YouTube channel SEO. And just like a website, upload videos regularly for better SEO results.

7) Off-Page SEO Techniques:

Just like Off-Page SEO techniques for any webpage, try to get many backlinks for your videos from high PR sites all over the web to rank higher in YouTube and Google search results.
To increase backlinks, share your videos on social networking and social bookmarking sites. Blog about it and ask other bloggers to write about your videos.

8) More Engagement Means Better SEO:

Try to increase engagement on your videos. Get more likes, favorites, & comments, respond to comments and ask readers to subscribe to your channel. YouTube takes all these factors into consideration while ranking videos in search results.
Update: According to a recent announcement, YouTube now will reward engaging videos that keep viewers watching in order to decide the rankings of videos in YouTube search. So, it’s not enough to get someone to click on your videos, you have got to get them to actually watch if you want your work to rank higher in search results. YouTube’s analytic will now include a “time watched” feature.

So what are the techniques you’re adopting to improve the search ranking of your videos? Do share in comments.

11 Aug

Social Media Recruitment: Why it is important? ( Infographic )


Social Media is the new destination for recruiters. There are more than 1 billion people on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. More and more companies are using social media these days to target candidates and find the best talent. This type of recruitment is called Social Recruitment. It is all about engaging with people and hire the most qualified talent.

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Hirerabbit, an Online Social Media Recruitment Software company via Mashable, put up these two amazing Infographic about recruitment on YouTube & Facebook and why it is important.

YouTube Recruitment

Facebook Recruitment - Social Media

05 Jul

Check out London 2012 Olympics Official Music Video


The official song of the London 2012 Olympics is out now on YouTube. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has posted this amazing music video on its YouTube channel. The song titled “Survival” is written and composed by English rock band Muse specifically for the games.


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The video looks great with some iconic moments shown through out the video. Watch the video to pump up and gear yourself for the world’s largest sporting event this summer.

Do share your thoughts about the video in comments.

10 May

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions For Amazing YouTube Experience

YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform where you can find videos related to almost everything. But there are some features that are missing in YouTube and it is full of annoying ads. Check out these Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Amazing YouTube Experience:

google chrome youtube extensions


1) Magic Actions for YouTube™

Magic Actions for YouTube is an awesome extension for Youtube! Sexy Backlight, Mouse Wheel Volume Control, Automatic replay Button, Cinema Experience where the entire page will be dark except video, Auto Wide, Hide Annotations and many more features!
This extension also supports embedded YouTube videos on Facebook, and other sites.

2) Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights will fade the entire page to dark, so you can watch the video as if you are in the cinema. Similar feature is also present in Magic Actions for YouTube.

3) YouTube Options for Google Chrome™

With YouTube Options for Google Chrome™, you can disable all the annoying things in YouTube & other video sites such as disable ads, annotations, & auto-play; change resolution, optional flash pre-buffering, display size,etc.

4) Lyrics for YouTube™

Lyrics for YouTube™ display the lyrics of any song on YouTube. This extension only works on YouTube videos. Just click on the extension’s icon & the lyrics of the song will magically appear right next to the video.

5) Youtube Thumbs

YouTube Thumbs will animate YouTube thumbs on mouseover so that you can check whether a video is interesting or not. Amazing extension.

6) Search on YouTube

With Search on YouTube, you can easily search for YouTube videos related to the webpage you are looking at. Search trailers, music videos in a couple of clicks!

7) YouTube Feed

YouTube Feed notifies you whenever new videos are available in your YouTube Homepage Feed. It shows videos that your subscriptions or friends have uploaded, liked, Favorited, commented on, etc.

8 ) Stop Autoplay for YouTube

Stop Autoplay for YouTube will not play any YouTube videos automatically until you click the play button. But it allows pre-buffering.

9) Skip ads on YouTube

Skip ads on YouTube will add a button on the YouTube videos with which you can skip the current advertisements & start the main video.

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10) YouTube™ Ratings Preview

YouTube™ Ratings Preview Shows the likes & dislikes bar over every video thumbnail in YouTube so that you can find out its rating before watching it.

15 Mar

Top 5 Best Websites To Download Youtube Videos in Any Format


YouTube is one of the most largest & popular video sharing site on the web. There are millions of great videos ranging from movies, songs, tutorials, interviews and much more to watch on the site and you can also upload your favorite videos to it.

Most of the time, you may stumble upon videos that are really useful to you and you want to download for the future references. Sometimes, you really love some songs and want to download that song directly in the mp3 format.
For these purposes, there are some websites that allows you to download YouTube videos into any format onto your computer. And not just Youtube, these websites allows you to download videos from all the video sharing websites.



2Conv is my personal favorite website to download mp3 directly from YouTube videos. And not just mp3, you can download videos in other formats too. It is simple to use and works very fast.
The best thing I like about this website that all the mp3 downloaded from this website works perfectly in my iPhone. Else most of the time, converted mp3 from such sites usually don’t work in iPhone.
So, to download mp3 and videos from YouTube videos in high and best quality – 2conv is the best website for you.



Keepvid is another popular website that lets you to download videos from multiple websites in any format.



Savevid works exactly like Keepvid but it also shows popular downloads on the website.





Zamzar is another great website which is not just limited to convert and download videos but also helps you to transform your songs, images and documents into different formats.

So, all these websites works great and perfectly do what they are supposed to do. I’ve told you my favorite among these. Which one you’re using?

24 Feb

YouTube Is Now Available In Four More Indian Languages

youtube hindi

Youtube, the leader in online video, has opened its doors to four more Indian languages, viz Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, & Telugu.

These four languages are spoken by almost 200 million Indians. This also takes the total of available languages on YouTube to 58.

Prior to adding these languages, Youtube was available in 5 Indian languages viz Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Bengali, & Tamil.

YouTube is not only adding more language support. The site is also working with various creators to produce content in these languages.

For Telugu, Youtube has more than hundres films of Tollywood cinema, as well as partners like vegetarian cooking channel Gayatrivantillu who make videos for the web & have a growing global audience.
For Kannada, Shemaroo Kannada & Anand Audio bring you music, drama, comedy & more to your homepage guide.
For Malayalam, there are channels like Metro Matinee Videos & Hungama Malayalam.

For news, YouTube’s partners with TV 9 which provide news in both Kannada & Gujarati, and TheTimesKerala which offers clips in Malayalam.

12 Feb

Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen [ Viral Video of the Week ]

Want to see a father shoot 9 bullets into his daughter’s laptop because of a note she posted on Facebook?

Read this first.
On 8 Feb. 2012, Tommy Jordan posted a eight-minute video on his Facebook account describing his disappointment about a note her daughter posted on Facebook.
Actually her 15-year-old daughter posted a note on Facebook in which she complained about her parents behavior for forcing her to do too many house chores and making her life hell.
Though she’d hide the post using privacy settings from her parents but her father saw the post from their Dog’s Facebook account.

Here’s what Tommy Jordan posted on his Facebook account:

“Parents and Kids… watch.
Today was probably the most disappointing day of my life as a father and I don’t know how to correct the situation. Since I can’t seem to make any headway with my daughter on Facebook, I chose instead to remedy the problem permanently.”

Here’s the video’s description he posted on YouTube:

In the last 4 days only, the video got more than 18 million views on Youtube, more than 63,000 likes on Facebook and more than 26,000 shares on Facebook.

Watch the video and see yourself:

What do you think of this video?
Was it a right decision by Tommy Jordan to post such a video about her daughter behavior?

28 Jan

Fake Viral YouTube Video Leads to Multi-Million Dollar Soccer Transfer

If you have not understood the power of viral videos on Youtube, read this. A moderately- talented soccer player, Stewart Downing was signed by Liverpool for $31 million in 2010 after watching a viral video in which Stewart was kicking a football into five different trash cans from 30 yards away. But the video was fake. 8)

The video was posted by Stewart’s previous club, Aston Villa.

After watching the video, Liverpool Management Team’s John Henry & Tom Werner said, “Ohh my God, this player is brilliant, we have got to figure out a way to make a deal with him’.”

Liverpool Chairman, Tom Werner later said in an interview: “We later found out of course that the footage was somewhat doctored but we were so excited about Downing joining Liverpool.”
Read the full interview here.

Watch the viral video:

16 Nov

Success Story : How a man used YouTube to build a multi-million dollar business

When Dr. Bob Wagstaff invented the Orabrush tongue cleaner, he never thought people will not accept the product. He tried all the traditional business methods and strategies to sell his product but all in vain. He invested $ 40,000 in TV commercial, approached retail stores to keep the Orabrush in stores and he even offered patent to other companies but nothing worked. He got only 100 orders and people did not notice the Orabrush in stores.

Then Dr. Wagstaff took the advice of Jeffrey Harmon, a local college student, & started marketing the tongue cleaners on YouTube. With a $500 budget, they produced a video and posted on the site.

The commercial-style video explained the benefits of Orabrush and explained that ninety percent of bad breath comes from bacteria on the tongue—hence the solution, the Orabrush tongue cleaner and within first few months, the video went viral, getting 16 million views.

Building a brand on YouTube
After the first video, Harmon took on the role as CMO and began creating regular webisodes, introducing new characters like Morgan, the dirty tongue. Harmon then used more YouTube video ads to reach more people.

After 2 years, Orabrush had sold more than a million tongue cleaners to people in 40+ countries. The Orabrush brand became so popular that local pharmacy store managers began contacting Orabrush directly, citing requests from customers who had heard about the brand online. This fall, Walmart began carrying the Orabrush tongue cleaners in its 3,500+ stores across the United States. And this week, CVS/pharmacy has added the Orabrush tongue cleaner to more than 7,000 stores across the country.

orabrush story

These days Orabrush is taking a new approach to drive even more sales in stores. One of the first businesses to use YouTube TrueView video ads, Orabrush has created tailored endings to their videos that direct the viewer to the closest CVS/pharmacy carrying the Orabrush.

: Google

07 Nov

News RoundUp: Firefox 8, Disney & Youtube, Tablets and Others


Firefox 8 is available to download now

The next version of Mozilla’s Firefox web browser will be officially released on Tuesday only, but users can download the update from Mozilla’s servers now.
Download the Windows version of Firefox 8 here
Or Visit this Link : ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/8.0/

Disney & YouTube Signed a Deal

Disney Interactive Media and YouTube have signed a deal to invest a collective sum of $10-$15 million to develop three original video series for distribution on Disney.com & YouTube.
Read full coverage here.

TabletWorld.in launched to offer online ordering service for Tablet PCs

TabletWorld.in has been launched to provide information & reviews on Tablet PCs from different brands.
The website is launched by Delhi based EasyTech Solutions and users can also buy Tablets from the site on discounted deals.

India to have 121 million internet users by December-end: Report

As per the annual I-Cube Report jointly published by IAMAI & IMRB, India’s internet user population is expected to touch 121 mn users by Dec. 2011 from 100 million in September this year.
Read full report here.

31 Oct

News RoundUp: Youtube, Blackberry, E-Commerce, Apollo & Others


Youtube launches Channels

Youtube is expanding their channels by introducing channels created by famous personalities from different fields like TV, music, film, sports, media companies or Youtube existing partners.
These channels will have something for everyone, whether you’re a sports freak, comedy lover, mom, a music fan or a pop-culture crazy fan.
For a sneak peak, click here.

RIM sets up facility in Mumbai to help Indian Government in surveillance efforts

RIM (Research In Motion) has set up a facility in Mumbai to help the Indian Govt in lawful surveillance of its services.
India Govt can submit the name of a suspect they want to investigate, & Blackberry will provide decoded messages for that person if it satisfies the legal authorization.
Last year, Indian govt threatened to shut down BB encrypted email & instant messaging services because it could not be wiretap because of its encrypted form.

Rs. 5 crore KBC winner fear of abduction?

Sushil Kumar who won the KBC big prize of Rs. 5 crore fear of abduction as he returns home to Bihar next week. The fear arises in the Sushil’s family because of the several abduction cases in the State.
This raise question on the CM Nitish Kumar efforts who claims that kidnap cases have reduced in Bihar during his tenure.

New Mobile Numbers Might Begin With 5,6 & 3

DoT forwarded a new proposal to issue new mobile numbers with digit 3, 5 and 6 that will free 2.75 billion mobile numbers. The initial proposal to issue 11 digit numbers has been put on hold for the moment.
The Telecom department(DoT) has also accepted the short-term solution from TRAI to issue nos in the 7 & 8 series that will free 650 million nos to meet the demands for next 2.5 years.

Apollo Hospitals launches robotic technology for stroke treatment

Apollo Group has launched “stroke Robot” that will provide quality care to the patients who are staying at remote places.The RP-7 remote presence Robot will help the doctors to monitor & guide the patients who are living in far places from cities itself.

It is the 1st such technology in India and US Food & Drug Administration is the only one to give a clearance for this device.

GNBIndia.com launched as a group buying ecommerce site for financial products

GNBIndia.com has been launched as a group buying website to get discounted deals on loan products.
Presently the service is only available in cities like Delhi/NCR, Jaipur and Mumbai.