02 Mar

Tech News RoundUp: Zynga, Microsoft, Apple and HTC


Zynga launches Zynga.com

Zynga announced launched a new site, Zynga.com, where users can play social games directly without logging on Facebook.
It is a big move by Zynga considering the fact that Facebook gets 12 % of its revenue from Zynga, & Zynga gets more than 90 % of its revenue from Facebook.
But that doesn’t mean Zynga will withdraw games from Facebook and it will continue to use Facebook Credits as the virtual goods payment system even for Zynga.com’s users.

But it is definitely a good move by Zynga as a long term strategy to increase its revenue and build a stand-alone website and brand.

Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview Hits 1 million Downloads Within 24 Hours

Microsoft’s new Windows 8 Consumer Preview, hits one million downloads within 24 hours of its launch.

Microsoft Developers team who is building Windows 8 tweets about it, “One day later… 1 million downloads of the consumer preview”.

It is a great start for the most anticipated windows from Microsoft. And if experts are to be believed, it can be a big threat for Android OS for tablet platform.

If you have not downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview yet, follow the link here.

More Loopholes in Apple iOS

After reports of various apps storing your address book on their servers, the New York Times reported that apps without permission can access your photos as well.
After a user on iPhone gives an application permission to have access to location info, the app can copy the user’s entire photo library, without any further warning/notification, according to various app developers.

This is a much bigger threat than the address book loophole.
Apple have not given a comment on this issue yet.

HTC Partnered with TomTom To offer maps and Turn-by-Turn navigation

Tom Tom, one of the largest player in map & navigation devices business, has tied up with HTC to provide the maps, & turn-by-turn directions for a range of HTC smartphones in India.

TomTom has 100 % coverage of more than 5,000 cities & towns across India.
The TomTom Maps will be additional feature in the HTC smartphones along with Google Maps and Bing Maps