17 Aug

The Best And Worst Times on Social Media

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Are you looking for ways to get maximum visibility and responses on Social Networks? Want to increase click count on your links posted to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr?
Link shortening Service bit.ly has released a data on the best & worst times to share links on popular social networks.

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The best time to post links on Twitter is between the hours of 1 PM and 3 PM ET which will give you the highest click throughs, especially on Monday to Thursday. Meanwhile, avoid sending a tweet with a link after 8 PM on Monday to Thursday and after 8 PM on Fridays.
The life of a link posted on Twitter is around 2.8 hours.

The peak traffic times for Twitter are 9AM To 3PM(Monday-Thursday).

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The best time to post links on Facebook is from 1PM to 4PM which results in the highest click throughs. The peak time of the week is on Wednesday at 3PM. Links posted after 8PM & before 8AM achieve less attention.

The peak traffic for Facebook traffic comes mid-week, 1PM to 3PM. Usually traffic on Facebook starts to increase around 9AM, but it is better to wait until 11AM.
Though the traffic fades on Facebook after 4PM but Links do result in good amount of clicks around 7-8 PM also.

Just like Twitter, bit.ly suggests not posting the links on Facebook during the weekend if you want to go viral.

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Tumblr is totally different from Facebook and Twitter. On Tumblr, you should wait until at least 4PM to post links. Links posted after 7PM receive more clicks over 24 hours than content posted mid-day during the week. Friday evening is also an optimal time to post on Tumblr.

Bitly traffic from Tumblr is highest between 7-10 PM on Monday & Tuesday, with similar traffic on Sunday.

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Each Social Network has its own behavior patterns and culture. You need to understand these patterns and should publish your content just at the right time to get maximum engagement. But always remember, post content is equally crucial to grab user attention.