02 Apr

Top 11 Resources To Get Cover Photo For Your Facebook Timeline

timeline cover photo

Facebook recently launched “Timeline” – Tell your life story with a new kind of profile. This new Timeline Profile gives users an opportunity to express themselves with a big cover photo behind your profile picture.

The size of the cover photo is 851 by 315 pixels.


timeline cover photo

Let’s take a look at Top 11 Resources to get awesome cover photo for your Facebook Timeline:

1) First Cover: The leader in Facebook cover photos for your timeline profile with thousands of Facebook covers to choose from! Regularly Updated and many categories to choose from!

2) Cover Junction: CoverJunction is a great site for creating, sharing & discovering the highest-quality Facebook Covers on the web. Just connect your Facebook account with their app and start building awesome Cover photo.

3) CoverTimeline: Huge Database of Cover Photos.

4) Picscatter: Great site to generate cover photos which also includes beautiful collages based on your facbeook friends or likes or albums. Now Picscatter iPhone and Android app is also available.

5) CoverPhotoMagic: Cover Photo Magic is a Free FB Application with which you can create a personal Cover Photo based on your Facebook albums or choose from over 200 designers templates in a simple 2-step process.

6) TheSiteCanvas: ThesiteCanvas is a free app to build your cover photo by choosing from variety of layouts.

7) Facebooktimelinebanners: Choose from huge database of facebook cover photos which includes Memes, Quotes, Beauty, Military, etc.

8 ) MyProfileCover: Huge Database of Cover Photos.

9) CoverPhotoz: Huge Database of cover photos.

10) CoverPhotoFinder: Connect your Facebook account to this app to add great cover photos to your Timeline profile.

11) Facebookcoversgalore: Another great database of Facebook Cover Photos.

All these resources are great to create your own awesome Facebook Cover Photos. Though if you’re good with Adobe Photoshop, I’d recommend to use that to build your customized cover photo.