27 May

Top 25 Tumblr Blogs To Follow or Waste Time On Internet

draw nyc


Tumblr is a microblogging platform & social networking website, which allows users to post multimedia & other content to a short-form blog, called “tumblelog”. So, if you are looking to waste time on Internet or having some laugh – then it is perfect place for you.

draw nyc

Check out Top 21 Tumblr Blogs To Follow or Waste Time On Internet:

1) Texts From Dog

One of the best Tumblr Blog, about Text Messages From A Dog. Yeah, it’s weird but hilarious.

2) One Tiny Hand

A great blog about pictures of celebrities with one tiny hand.

3) White Whine

Huge collection of First World Problems. Updated daily.

4) Pleated Jeans

Find some of the best original graphics on this blog. Check out the full website too.

5) Awwccupy Wall Street

Check out the Occupy Movement’s cutest protestors.

6) I Love Charts

Amazing collection of charts.

7) What Should We Call Me

Funny GIFs with funny descriptions.

8 ) Dog Waiting For Their Humans

Heart touching photos of dogs waiting for their humans.

9) Growing Up Heroes

User submitted photos of people growing up as heroes.

10) Tastefully Offensive

Always funny. Updated daily.

11) Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Huge collection of photos of awesome people hanging together.

12) 9Gag

The most popular memes website is on Tumblr too.

13) Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber

Like or Hate Justin Bieber? Check out this blog.

14) Absolutely Madness

Best funny pictures from all over the web. Updated daily.

15) Draw New York

Amazing drawings of people in New York with real background.

16) Barney Blog

If you love Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, do check out this blog.

17) Love Quotes

Amazing Love quotes.

18) Newspaper Blackout

User submitted newspaper blackout poems.

19) Geeky Stuff

Check out cool geeky stuff on this blog.

20) Anti Duck Face

Huge collection of Funny Duckface photos.

21) Feminist Ryan Gosling

Hey girl. Feminist theory cards from your favorite sensitive movie dude-turned-meme.

22) Jesus is Jerk

Funny Memes of Jesus.

23) Funny Wildlife

Cute, beautiful and funny animal pictures from all over the web.

24) Political Cartoons

A Huge collection of funny political cartoons.

25) Clients From Hell

A collection of anonymously contributed client funny stories.

If you know any other cool Tumblr blog, do suggest us in comments.