08 Mar

Top 5 New iPhone Apps 2015

Check out Top 5 New iPhone Apps 2015:

1) Wikiwand

This new Wikipedia client is an amazing app that makes it more easy to navigate and search wikipedia website. The design emphasizes photos and makes even the longest and densest articles easy to get through.

Free, iOS


2) Camu

The best filter application on iOS right now. Some of the filters are even good than instagram. And it also doesn’t cut your photos like instagram. You can add filters in the videos too.

Free, iOS

3) ‘uHealth’
uHealth uses eye-tracking technology to try to help you improve focus and concentration (the thought process behind this is that concentration can be tracked by detecting small eye movements).

Free, iOS

4) FitStar Yoga
FitStar expanded its fitness-app lineup with FitStar Yoga, which brings the company’s personal-trainer approach to yoga. Choose your experience level and workout intensity, and the app guides you through a series of yoga poses with detailed videos to walk you through each step.

Free, iOS

5) Humin
Humin is an amazing application that aims to reinvent your address book by reorganizing your contacts list. Do check this out.

Free, iOS